Big Brother 16 Episode 3 Recap & My Thoughts

105008_d0190bWhen I watch Big Brother on CBS I watch it without visiting any spoiler sites, without keeping up with the twitter feeds or after dark. I simply watch the show as it airs on CBS.  That is the recap you will get from me. The unbiased, undiluted view of Big Brother Season 16.

The HOH Room:

Episode 3 aired last night and it was full of surprises just as we have already come to expect out of the Season of the Twists! The show began by revealing the changes in the Head of Household (HOH) room.  With two houseguests getting the title of HOH this season that would need a new and improved HOH room.  I guess it crossed my mind before, but at the same time I didn’t think anything of it until Frankie and Caleb came bounding onto the television announcing the familiar call of, “who wants to see my HOH room!”  There may be two people holding the title of HOH, but there is one room to share.

This season of Big Brother has gotten larger and so has the HOH room.  The new room has two sleeping rooms, to sitting areas and one very nice bathroom.  Nothing really all that exciting.  The houseguests weren’t any more exciting than the room itself once up there either.  It’s too early in the game for the regular reading of the HOH letters from home.  If you are home sick after week one you might as well give up now!

Joey explaining the pressure of having two HOHs this year! Her face says it all!
Joey explaining the pressure of having two HOHs this year! Her face says it all!

What I did get out of the HOH room scene was that the houseguests are aware that this season requires a lot more sucking up.  As Joey said, contestants have, “to do a lot more song and dance because there are two HOHs, 4 nominees and twice the chance of going up on the block.”

Jocasta Odom:

This is one houseguest I can’t take my attention from, because she irritates me so much!  I would say what I normally say, “I don’t know why though.”  But for once I completely know why someone is irritating me.  Yes, her ties are annoying.  Yes, to me her constant need to discuss religion is annoying.  I think she has a right to her beliefs and I support that right completely.  I just don’t need to hear about her prayers every time she is on the screen.  What really is irritating me though is how clueless she is.  She seems the most lost when it comes to figuring out how to play the game this season. She flat-out noted this in the diary room in commentary the editors decided to splice in at the beginning of the show when the houseguests were going to tour the HOH room.  We didn’t need her to explain that she is lost though.  It can be seen by the simple fact that none of the other houseguests seem to be paying much attention to her.  She doesn’t have an alliance and as far as friends go, she doesn’t seem to have any of those in the house yet either.  Maybe those of you watching to the live feeds have a different impression, but as I said, I only watch the show as it appears on CBS.

Paola, a houseguest who I thought was going to be strong but now am thinking isn’t, slyly asked Jocasta if she thought there were any alliances yet in the house.  We know Paola is aware of two already since she is in two alliances, but Jocasta seems to be clueless without any idea of what is going on around her.

Sorry Jocasta but everyone else in the house seems to be in one or more alliances already and has left you behind.  First there is the alliance of Nicole and Christine.  I’m not sure what they call themselves, but I am going to call them Clueless.


The show took a turn for the random by letting us watch all the house guests in the yard.  This featured Nicole and Christine in a very intimate conversation about trust.  The new nerd alliance, Clueless, was officially formed.  I like both girls as far as their personalities go.  They are quirky and cute.  What more can you ask for? Oh yea, some entertainment.

Simply put, I was so bored of their conversation. The only thing remotely entertaining was the fact that they seemed pretty clueless, hence my choice of name for them.  They think they are better than the other girls in the house because they shop at Wal-Mart and can talk about things other than makeup.  It irritates me when people make commentary like this.  Just because people care about their appearances doesn’t make them dumb.  You may be able to talk about other things besides makeup but your conversation noted how attractive the cast is.  You are pretty much on the same level as everyone else.  They seem to be a bit close minded, but that’s okay.  They will be floaters throughout the entire season kept around with Jocasta until the more powerful players need to cut someone without putting a target on their back.

The Bomb Squad:

Frankie and Caleb decided to try to work together early in the episode.  This was predictable since they are both HOHs as of the start of the episode.  Caleb felt confident in their decision to work together as did Frankie, but they quickly realized that an alliance of two wasn’t good enough.  There is strength in numbers so Caleb and Frankie invited Devin and Derrick into their new alliance.

The thought was to make it an all guys alliance and Devin pounced on the opportunity. He immediately wanted to bring Cody into the mix. Derrick on the other hand was more hesitant.  While he entertained the conversation and went along with the guys he had a different tune in the diary room:

“To trust somebody with your life in this game is ludicrous.”

I couldn’t agree more.  He displayed hesitation as well he should have.  I said it last week and I will say it again.  Early alliances are a waste of time.  You don’t know who you can actually trust.  I know that I am not good at judging people at first glance.  I don’t think many people are. It takes time, energy and effort to learn if someone is trustworthy or not.

The Bomb Squad was rounded out with two additions.  Cody, at Devin’s delight, and Zach.  Zach came at Zach’s own delight.  He felt he was needed in the strong guy alliance because he is also a guy who brings the added bonus of brains.  I think I just vomited inside of my mouth.

Frankie seemed very excited about his alliance of men.  He had a plan to infiltrate a jock alliance before even entering the house and this fell right in line.

They think they have brains, strength, numbers and stealth on their side.  Caleb prematurely declared, “the girls in this house are not smart, nowhere near to pick up on anything” when referring to The Bomb Squads ability to stay a secret among the 6 members.

Well, I agree.  The girls in the house haven’t shown me much brains or balls yet, but I think they have it in them.  If they don’t have it in them then they can count on Devin to ruin the guys master plan.  Devin, what were you thinking?

As I said, Devin seemed a bit too eager to join a guy alliance.  Probably the most eager out of everyone.  What I saw in his face was the excitement of a child.  It hit me, he is a super fan who has just had the best thing in the world presented to him.  He feels strong and in control.  To his own detriment, he let it go to his head.  It’s my opinion that the creation of The Bomb Squad is the downfall of Devin.

Shelly Moore, Big Brother 13
Shelly Moore, Big Brother 13

First he has already backstabbed one of his first alliances with Donny. He is still playing Donny, but none-the-less has outwardly stated that he doesn’t have Donny’s back like he is leading Donny to believe.  He also runs the risk of becoming that annoying parent of this season.  Remember Shelly Moore from Big Brother 13?  It’s cute to say you are in it for your children once or twice, but don’t make a habit of it. Sympathy from the viewing audience can quickly turn to annoyance if you aren’t careful.

Oh Devin, I don’t think he will make it far enough in the game to annoy the audience though.  He let his excitement get the better of him.  Yes, making big moves is how you win the game, but it’s not the only thing you need to win the game.  You need to think strategically, never screw your alliance, and never get caught in a lie.  He screwed his alliance.

As fast as the alliance was formed it started to see shock waves when Devin decided to make big moves without consulting his alliance first. While Caleb was sleeping peacefully at 4:30 am he was woken abruptly by Devin who informed him that he:

  1. Thought there should be girls in the all guys alliance to get intel from the other side of the house; and
  2. He thought those girls should be Amber and Christine; and
  3. He told them about the alliance, who was in it and all of their secrets.

Christine and Amber didn’t know how to respond or what to think. Christine went as far as thanking him for letting them know… but he probably should have.  Like Cody and Derrick, the girls went along with the alliance to save face.

Later in the morning when the others are awake Devin walks in and let’s Derrick and Franking know about the new members. He didn’t ask he informed as if he were the captain.  You could see agitation written all over Frankie and Derrick’s faces.  Cody walked in and immediately showed his frustration with Devin bringing in half the house into the squad.  He refers to him as a loose cannon.  He is.  If he doesn’t get back doored this week then he will be out soon enough.  No one can trust him and as Derrick said, “he is putting a large target on his back.” By the end of the episode I think every member of The Bomb Squad was questioning why they had ever decided to work with Devin.

The Nominees for Eviction: 

Brittany and Victoria at The Battle of the Block Big Brother Bash after being nominated for elimination by Frankie.
Brittany and Victoria at The Battle of the Block Big Brother Bash after being nominated for elimination by Frankie.

Pretty much, both Caleb and Frankie want to make as little waves as possible in the first week of evictions.

Frankie wants to put up the first two people who fell in the second competition.  Brittany and Victoria were nominated.  Frankie claimed it was because they were the first two to get out of the second HOH game.  Victoria was livid.  Frankie and her decided on night one to work together.  If he didn’t want to make waves, then putting her up wasn’t a smart idea.  He tried to pull it off, but his efforts were fruitless.  She didn’t buy it and their allegiance to each other has ended, even if he doesn’t realize it yet.  Luckily for him, he doesn’t really need her.

Paola and Donny preparing for The Battle of the Block after being nominated by Caleb!
Paola and Donny preparing for The Battle of the Block after being nominated by Caleb!

Caleb argued for one guy and one girl being nominated by both to keep suspicion of their being a guys alliance to a minimum.  He nominated Paola and Donny. Donny handled it with grace knowing they hadn’t had a chance to bond and he was the first guy to fall in the HOH challenge.

The Battle of the Block:

The game this round was The Big Brother Bash.  On go they had to start swinging in large . One side had a vase full of berries in it and the other had a champagne fountain.  One team member must catch champagne in a champagne glass, swing to meet their teammate in the middle and pass the champagne from their glass to their teammate’s. The first team to fill up their vase so a berry falls out would win.

Victoria and Brittanywon taking themselves off the block and dethroning Franking as HOH.  Dethroning sounds so painful! Regardless, I want to see Brittany go farther in the game and Frankie seems plenty safe so I am happy with the results of the game.  Donny and Paola remain on the block.  Caleb remains HOH.  All we have left is the veto competition!

Will Paola or Donny win and get taken off the block?  We will find out soon enough!

What did you think of Julie Chen’s look during episode 2 of CBS’ Big Brother 16?

julieI’m a bit behind schedule and I need to catch up. Since CBS’ Big Brother is on three nights a week I have no time to waste.  Let’s get to it then. What did you think of Julie Chen’s look in episode two, part two of the season premier of season 16 of Big Brother on CBS? As a recap, she wore a flowing greek looking dress that radiated like the sun.  This episode she didn’t stray far on the color wheel, but I have to admit she nailed it again from head to toe.

First, pink is my favorite color and she already gets points for the hot pink color choice.  I also like the asymmetrical cut at the top. Very modern and fresh. The hair is sharp, polished, but still young and flirty.  If my vote counts for anything I think she hit it with a win yet again. Julie Chen is now 2 wins out of 2 episodes!

What do you think?

Big Brother 16 Part 1 of the Season Premier!

big-brother-15-cbs-splashI’ve decided to add a new category to my blog.  The Big Brother Series Category, because the show is a huge part of my summer. Not only because it airs three days a week every week, but because it’s a social experiment that allows friends to gather and socialize. If you don’t watch Big Brother on CBS you don’t know what is missing from your summer lineup!  Everyone I know who watches it has the same story.  One of their friends enjoyed it or was on it so they started watching one season not expecting to enjoy it.  Before they realized what was going on they were hooked.  It’s just that type of show.

Last night was the first part of the Season premier. Julie Chen, who is the host the show, Introduced us to half of the cast and announced a number of new twists and turns for season 16!  My first impression is that we are in for an amazing summer of Big Brother.

Having a two-day premier and only introducing half of the house guests was a bit strange, but I did feel like it allowed me to get to know all the house guests pretty well since there was a small number of them.

Before I review my thoughts on the house guests to date, you should know two alliances have already formed. I’m always nervous of early alliances, but you know they are going to be formed.  The first is the entire house as it stands now. The first eight house guests have banded together.  On the down low all the women have formed a side alliance called The El Cuatro.

The El Cuatro:


amberborzotra_bioAmber was interesting.  I didn’t leave the episode remember a lot about her besides she was pretty and didn’t seem like she was going to be some attitude filled contestant. Maybe I am wrong.

She has already noted her attraction to one of the other house guests, but she is in for a rude awakening because his eyes are set on a different target.

She says she is pretty athletic enjoying a wide range of outdoor activities from running to kayaking.  That will be useful in this competition, especially if I were to make a blind assumption, which I won’t, but if I did I could assume she won’t be the brightest.  She is an esthetician from North Hollywood. I’ll refrain from making judgments on her mental capabilities until later in the show.

What we did see from her last night was fight and strategy.  She agreed to join the first 8 in a large alliance, but also joined the all female alliance of El Cuatro.  She has her bases covered for having her back watched out for so far.  That’s why I think it was a great strategy for her to fight out in the Head of Household challenge and drop when she was one away from becoming Head of House Hold.  She showed her strength for her alliances, but also didn’t put a target on her back.  Good job Amber.



Joey joins the cast from Seattle, Washington were she works as a makeup artist and hairstylist.  Seems like she will have some things in common with her alliance mate Amber.

She is a bundle of energy, beyond quirky, but I think she has a feisty side that will come out as the show progresses.  She wanted an all female alliance just as bad as the rest of them, but I am not to trusting of her allegiance yet.  Her and the gay male contestant Frankie seem to have a slight bond, which could pull her into a future alliance with him. We shall see.

I didn’t get much of a feel for her athletic abilities, but that probably means they aren’t the best.  I also am a little skeptical on if she will be one of the stronger mental players.  She says repeatedly in her bio that she wants to be known for being nice, yet her favorite contestant from last season was GinaMarie?  Don’t get my wrong, GinaMarie wasn’t the worst person on earth, but there were better people to be a fan of if personality is what matters to you.

She constantly noted her extremely liberal views.  I’m as liberal as they come, but there was a moment even I had to say, “Oh she is one of those liberals”.  Just a bit overly opinionated.  I can’t wait for some small-minded person to join the cast in the second part of the premier! With her feisty personality she is sure to butt heads with someone on the political front.


nicolefranzel_bioNicole, oh Nicole.  I don’t know what to think of her.  She describes herself as being nerdy, flirty and classy.  Well, she is definitely one of those attractive nerd types.  She seemed a bit out of her element and gravitated toward the  backwoods contestant named Donny Thompson.  I’ll explain why that is strange a bit later, but after the first part of the season premier all I got from her was that she was soft-spoken, had an interesting personality and was one to watch.  I think she will sneak up on us. She seems almost too innocent with her little accent and giggles.

Maybe I am wrong, but I am hoping her innocent girl act is just that, an act. Who is worried about ghosts in the Big Brother house? It’s a sound stage after all, not a house.  I hope she is just trying to trick the house guests early.


paolashea_bioMy first thought when I saw Paola was, “Oh no, another Aaryn Graves.”  For whatever reason, I can’t tell yet how I will like her.  She is a pretty girl and a pretty loud girl.  She thinks of herself as the queen, both back home and in the house.  She ignited the El Cuatro alliance and came into the house the name already decided.  That shows that she is trying to think strategically.

Early in the episode she also noted that showmances can be bad news, although one of the guys in the house is so hot she may just have to have him join her in the bed anyways.  Her thoughts, not mine.

So is all this strategic thinking pointing toward her being smarter than she looks?  Who knows? This girl had to do math with her fingers trying to figure out how much younger a 23 year old was than her. She could be street smart, but not book smart. That’s what I think you really need in a game like this.

I didn’t catch much of a bitchy vibe toward other contestants coming from her even if she seemed like a bit of a diva overall.  I’d add her on my list of contestants to watch and watch out for.  I think she was cast because she will make good television. That is obvious from the get go. Hilarious comments, silly behaviors, just a girl who will be fun to watch unless she changes her tune.



frankiegrande_bioI feel like I’ve met him before, but I haven’t.  Based on the first episode I think he is the type of gay guy that I would love to be friends with.  He has a sassy attitude with a winning sense of humor.  His facial expressions don’t quit and he has the body to keep up athletically with some of the muscle heads.

I have to admit I was not arguing when he tore his shirt off, along with two of the other male contestants, and did an ab workout in the middle of the house.  Like all the girls in the house, my eyes were pleasantly glued on the entertainment.  I know, I know I am engaged and love my man more than anything in the world, but you can look.

He seems smart, which is great. He will need that, but I am worried for him already.  He won the first HOH.  This puts a target on his head and is scary for him because of Julie’s first big announcement for how the game will work this year.  He is not safe, just because he is HOH! More to come on that in a bit.

I enjoyed watching him interact with the other male house guests.  Both  Cody Calafiore and Devin Shepherd handled it with grace when Frankie playfully touched their abs or noted how attractive they are.  He struck that balance of being himself without making the guys feel too uncomfortable.  The other guys struck the right balance of acting like there was no issue, because there wasn’t.  None-the-less not all straight men would let a gay man touch his abs.  I was all around pleased with this set of cast members.


devinshepherd_bioWell, what can I say.  Devin is one well-built man with what seems to be a great personality.  His story is a one that I love to hear.  He gave up his aspirations of playing pro baseball to focus on being a father.  I can tell already that he has one lucky daughter.

Devin is the guy that Amber seemed to be crushing on, but in a surprising twist Devin didn’t seem interested in Amber.  If he has a showmance he seems to want it with the blue haired Joey.  You know what?  I can kind of see that short blue haired liberal and this big-hearted, fully built man making a cute couple. I’d support it. It would be an interesting alliance if Joey, Frankie and Devin teamed up.


codycalafiore_bioThe sales account executive from Hackensack, N.J.  Let’s hope Paola can keep her hands off this fraternity looking stud. I was pleased with his personality, he seemed to fight pretty hard in the HOH competition and I have a feeling he is smarter than he looks.  Let’s hope he can resist sleeping with all the girls until later in the summer though.



donnythompson_bioOkay, where did they find this guy?  A school groundskeeper, why wasn’t I shocked even a little bit.  None-the-less I felt like kicking myself halfway through the episode.  Donny is adorable.  He looks like a redneck and acts like a midsize teddy bear.

When the other guys tore off their shirts and let Frankie lead an ab workout Donny said, “Oh now, I can’t do that, I can’t…”  My thought was to judge him before he spoke. I thought he was going to say something about Frankie touching the other guys or about them all being shirtless. I don’t know, I was expecting something ignorant.  Instead he just said he couldn’t do an ab workout.  Well Donny, neither could I! I must kick myself for assuming and anticipating something ignorant to come out of your mouth.

He also has made a side alliance with Devin, if you can call two people an alliance.  I more so think of that as two friends who secretly have each others back.  He also has the nerdy girl Nicole Franzel considering to work with him.  I think he is going to do better than I originally assumed. I hope he does. He won me over with his personality.


This season of Big Brother has some Big changes coming.  Thank goodness! Thank you CBS for switching things up.  Every season the series seems to try something new, but this season is full of some of the biggest unexpected changes that I have seen in years.

First, there will be two heads of households.  Second, one of the heads of households won’t be safe.  Third, they have already split the house in two.  What can we expect from this season?  The unexpected, but in a good way for once!

Hope you tune in tonight for the second half of the season premier of Big Brother 16 on CBS and let’s hope Rachel Reilly makes a guest appearance again this year. I just love her!

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