Mama Tits Educates Ant-gay Protesters at Seattle Pride!

Have you ever seen Tits explode?  Well I have and you don’t know what you are missing!

Oh, I’m sorry, get your head out of the gutter.  I don’t mean tits as in the slang word for boobs.  I am referring to the lovely and talented drag queen by the name of Mama Tits.  A woman with an eye on what’s right and a force to be reckoned with.

It’s taken years for me to learn that sometimes somethings are just not worth fighting.  A lot of people out there are stead fast in their beliefs no matter how ignorant or misguided they are.  There is just no getting through to them. One of the things I have learned that isn’t worth fighting is anti-gay protesters.  They are always going to hate.  None-the-less I do think it’s great when someone who has a platform and a large voice who can reach audiences stands up for what is right.

That’s exactly what happened at Seattle’s Gay Pride event.  Drag Queen, Mama Tits, took her microphone and confronted the protesters head on. Acting as a crusader she used a mature approach to the irrational group.

Instead of fighting blindly she stayed calm and stuck to the facts. Why don’t you read the bible before you preach about it?  That’s the question I got from the exchange.  Picking and choosing which parts of the bible you want to follow isn’t what any religion intended.

Mama Tits may not have gotten anything through to the protesters, but she did inspire people in the audience and people all over social media with her decision to address the protest. I applaud her and hope we have more voices like hers fighting the good fight for full acceptance and equality for the LGBT community.

Check out Mama Tits schooling these ignorant fools.  Nose to tits, words were said.

An open letter to Christian Homophobe Christine Weick

o-ANTI-GAY-facebookDear Christine Weick,

Earlier today I read an article about your Mother’s Day protest on the Huffington Post. I’m referring to the protest where you stood on a street corner holding a sign that stated, “thank your mom today for not being gay.” When I read it my first thought was to feel sorry for you.  That is also my last thought.  Obviously you are missing a few very important things.

First: Mother’s Day is about celebrating mother’s for all the good they do in this world. That includes you if you are a mother.  While I don’t agree with your beliefs I would never send a letter to your children saying “thank your mom for being ignorant.”

No mother is perfect, but for this one day we focus on the perfect sides of our mothers and all mothers. Even if we disagree with one thing like homosexuality.  Mothers sacrifice every day for their children whether they are gay or straight and whether their children are gay or straight.  Sexuality is one small aspect of a person. I thought someone who is educated in the bible would know just how big life and the world is.

I also have to ask, did you have something better to do with your Mother’s Day that might have been a bit more Christian? Why weren’t you spending your Sunday with your children? If you don’t have children why weren’t you spending your day with another woman who has helped shape your life? If there is no other woman in your life why weren’t you at church or elsewhere volunteering your time to help give mother’s who have less advantages in life than we do celebrate mother’s day? That’s what I would have done.

Two: That leads me into my second point.  You claim to be Christian, but you seem to have a completely misguided and cherry-picked view of what God thinks and what the bible teaches. You are quoted in this Huffington Post article as having made the following statements in regards to your anti-gay protests and stance against same-sex marriage:

Truth is hate to those that hate the truth, and this is the truth.

There’s a hell for people who don’t repent…same-sex marriage is the core degradation of our society.

James-2.13-mercy-over-judgement-300x300Really? Same sex marriage is the core degradation of our society?  Do you realize that the bible actually says “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it” (James 2 Verse 10). No sin is greater than another. All sins are equal.  Do you really think that same-sex marriage is the worst part of American society and the thing that is degrading our society the most?  You think same-sex couples getting married is worse than murdering a person or better yet, the ultimate sin of damnation and rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ? I’m pretty sure the last one is probably a bit more serious being that god makes the final decision on who gets into heaven and allows us to repent.  If you reject Christ you aren’t likely to repent so that would seem worse than homosexuality.  Although no sin is greater than another, so even my statement is inaccurate.

Another fair point I’d love for you to address is why you think you have the right to judge others and claim to know exactly how God feels on specific topics.  Remember in the bible it also states that you should “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” (Matthew 7 Verse 1).  I realize you have already been judged and will continue to be. Obviously Jessica Prince passed judgement on your disgusting behavior.

Thankfully I am not a church goer so I am confident that I am not a hypocrite by judging you.  With that said, you are a hypocrite. You can’t pick and choose what parts of the bible to follow. You really shouldn’t be judging and you definitely shouldn’t be deciding what sin is greater than another. If you truly read and support the teachings in the bible you would know, based on the two quotes from the bible above, that you in fact have some repenting to do yourself now.

Three: To use a cliché for a lack of a better way to state my point, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  Maybe looking at the venues in which you try to share the gospel and teachings of the bible could help you reach more people with the word of God while not pissing the world off. You’re bound to convert more people to Christianity and to convince more people to repent if you approach them in a respectful way.  We can all disagree, but we should be respectful and your recent Mother’s Day protest was not respectful.

It’s embarrassing for you and for all of Christianity when you march out on street corners acting like a Christian tyrant.  God didn’t come down to you and ask you decide what sin is the core degradation of society.  You may have your opinion, but to state it as a fact. Well, only God can do that. Only God can condemn a person and God… My God loves all he has created.

I beg you to reread the bible and educate yourself so you don’t keep making a fool of yourself.





I support Michael Sam! Derrick Ward and many others needs to be educated!

It’s not homophobic if you simply don’t want to see two men kissing on national television that is being watched by children.

That is a load of horse plop. It is homophobic, simple and true.

As Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on national television after becoming the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL, ignorance in the world of sports, online social media and America was thrust into light. It’s not shocking to me that there are people out there that aren’t comfortable with the homosexual community and I wouldn’t be taking to my blog if I wasn’t actually shocked by something.  We are a minority that is deeply misunderstood.

Pushing us underground isn’t going to work, so I have to ask that those who aren’t comfortable with homosexuality find a new approach and vision on how to move forward.  My hope is that we can all move forward side by side.

Sadly we aren’t there yet.  As soon as Michael Sam and his partner kissed tons of homophobic, uneducated people took to social media with comments like:

I’m sorry but that Michael Sam is no bueno for doing that on national tv. I’m fine with it being a new day in age but for him to do that on… Man U got little kids looking at the draft. I can’t believe ESPN even allowed that to happen.”

This was tweeted by former Super Bowl champion Derrick Ward.

Derrick, the reason your comment is wrong and not the actions of Michael Sam and ESPN is because they did nothing wrong while you spouted ignorance.  Kissing between two members of the same-sex, whether a real same-sex couple or a fictional one on a television show, has been around for years.  The better question is why should ESPN not air this kiss? Why stop airing kisses between two loving people now after such a long time of airing kisses just like this one?

will-and-graceEducate yourself Derrick.  The first kiss between a homosexual couple aired on network TB during LA Law on February 7, 1991. The second was aired on CBS’ Picket Fences between two teenage girls.  In 1994 on a Roseanne Episode titled Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Roseanne kissed Mariel Hemingway. In 1997 ABC aired an episode of Relativity with a lesbian kiss. Let’s not forget the beautiful moment when two men kissed on Dawson’s Creek in 2000. American daytime TV aired a kiss between two gay men on As the World Turns on August 17, 2007. Lastly, we should always remember the first network television kiss between two men in the 2000 episode of Will & Grace. (Information received from Fact Monster)

My question is why stop now? Simply because this is a sports channel and you personally find it unacceptable?  Children watch ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. Should they all pull all past and future television shows that air same-sex couples kissing? Of course not!

So why is the kiss between Michael Sam and his boyfriend such an issue? It’s an issue because you are making it one. Why is it homophobic? Well that is a question Robby Schultz asked:

It’s annoying that people can’t say anything about the Michael Sam kiss without people pointing at them saying homophobe.

It may be annoying that your ignorant tweets and those of people like Derrick Ward are deemed homophobic, but they are labeled as such for good reason. They are homophobic.

You assume because the sport at hand is a traditionally masculine sport that it’s okay to be hateful toward another person who isn’t like you and the majority of the world.  Basically all of these anti-same-sex kissing on television complainers would prefer to see the entire LGBT community suppressed. Silent and hidden away in our own little neighborhoods like West Hollywood, CA, New York City and other places that keep our lives hidden from view. Why don’t you just ship us off to some camp or island where we can be forgotten about and not seen by the masses? Oh wait, we learned that’s not right a long time ago.

Maybe it’s time we stop separating our sexual orientations so that our youth can learn that there is nothing wrong with gay people. Why can’t your kids see two gay men kissing?  It’s not contagious. We are humans just like any of you.  We love, we feel and we even kiss our partners like you do. Nothing is perverted about a loving kiss between two partners no matter what the sexual identity is of both partners.  You would never expect a kiss between you and your girl friend to be hidden from the public would you Derrick? Why should Michael’s?

It’s time to wake-up and realize we are all one. If you want to learn more about how to help end homophobia in men’s professional sports check out The Last Closet! This is a great group I have written about before here. Well worth a peek at their website.



Major League Sports – Get Involved to end homophobia

I would be lying if I said I had much of an interest in sports when I was a teen, but I find that to be a pretty big shame. As a youth and preteen I loved to play soccer. Not only did I love it, but I was rather good at it.

I think it’s in my blood because I am a highly competitive person. Being a competitive person I think it is healthy to have a sport to retreat to in order to release the energy I have to accomplish things. Not only that, but as a lonely and depressed teen I think sports would have been a great avenue for me to go down in order to find the types of friendships and supports that sports offer many of their members.

You may be thinking to yourself, “why does it matter if you admitted to not being all that interested in sports in your teen years Bobby?” Honestly, I think I lost interest in sports because of the attitude that surrounded me when I went to the first day of soccer practice my freshman year of high school. I was an outcast, which is strange for me because even as a depressed teen I was extremely social. I was depressed behind closed doors and smiles in public for the most part. The resistance to a flamboyant teen was what made me decide to leave the sport after day one.

Unfortunately, as a flamboyant gay male, the sports world isn’t always that welcoming. Never once in my teenage years did I feel that I was welcome in the masculine straight world of high school sports. The guys on our sports teams weren’t un-accepting of my sexuality overall, but they weren’t welcoming to me joining their world of sports either. The gays tended to be directed toward Crew, Track, Color Guard, Cheerleading or Dance.

The lack of acceptance isn’t limited toward flamboyant gay men though. It’s to the gay community in general. We learned this recently when Yunel Escobar from the Blue Jay’s baseball team wrote gay slurs on his face at a game.

While the sports team suspended him for three games and directed the income he would have received for those games to the You Can Play cause fighting to end discrimination and a lack of acceptance in sports today, it none-the-less happened. Sports are a culture of misogynistic and homophobic behaviors. Behaviors that I find ironic in a world where heterosexual men smack each others behinds to express their support for one another.

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association supported the punishment given to Escobar because they support respect for all fans, they don’t have the same fast and appropriate response when they are asked to speak to The Last Closet. The Last Closet, according to their website, is “a grassroots movement and campaign to end the prevailing silence around homophobia in pro sports and to encourage professional athletes, commissioners, team owners and other members of the sports world to consent to in-depth interview about this subject”.

The Last Closet has reached out to executives in all professional sports leagues to discuss homophobia in sports and the importance of ending homophobia in sports particularly in hopes to help end suicide, depression and a lack of inclusiveness in the sports world for those who have to hide who they are. They reached out to the Commissioner of Major League Baseball who refused to open up this dialogue. I wish to call on the MLB to extend their support to an overall effort to stamp out homophobia in sports, not just when the MLB is under fire for an isolated public incident.

I agree fully with The Last Closet when they say that it’s important to have the heads of professional sports to take part in a project and conversation highlighting homophobia in sports and how to end it because, “as leaders of their respective sports leagues they are in the unique position to change the culture of their sport and make it more inclusive”.

Men in sports who are gay but not out could serve as role models for younger athletes showing them that there is nothing wrong with coming out and playing a sport. Professional sports accepting and treating gay athletes with respect and dignity will show heterosexual youth to be inclusive and accepting of gay youth who want to partake in their sports. In return sports teams will help gay youth struggling to find a place to belong to be apart of teams, which serve as a social unit for people as they grow.

I’ve decided to take part in the League Commissioners Campaign at The Last Closet. To take part all I have to do is write a letter, as directed on their website at, to the commissioners of the professional sports leagues. I will be telling them about why I think it’s important to take part in the Last Closet’s mission and how I think it will help struggling youth like some of those who inspired the It Get’s Better Project.

It’s important to have more players in professional sports and the entire professional sports world stand with players like Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo who publicly supported the legalization of gay marriage. His stance sets him as a positive role model in today’s world where we are fighting for equality, respect, love and acceptance for the LGBT community.