My facial expressions in response to Trump Trolls and Hillary’s Health

Episode One of The Bobby Hall Show.

This video is about how Trump supporters troll me in respose to my support of HIllary and her health after she came down with pneumonia and had to leave a 9/11 event early on September 11, 2016 in New York City.


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hillaryclinton_2016_328x253-328-254I am working on a new project to show the many reasons (positive reasons) we all support Hillary Clinton. I’d love to include messages from as many of your, especially the “Twitter Army” as possible. Whether that’s quoting your tweet, sending me a testimonial or sending me a video to consider including.

It’s time for Bernie Sanders to Bow Out and accept his ticket home!

If you asked me just a few months ago how the primary season would shake out I would never have guessed we would be where we are today. After the Indiana Primary, Governor John Kasich and Senator Ted Cruz respectfully dropped out of the Republican race leaving the nomination in the hands of none other than the xenophobic, racist and sexist candidate that is Donald Trump. This has been so upsetting to some in the Republican Party that House Speaker Paul Ryan announced today that he is not ready to endorse Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

None-the-less, after months of infighting and publicly hating each other the candidates did what they thought was best for their party, but mostly for the ideals they feel they share most with their frontrunner Donald Trump over the democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. Even the morning of the Indiana Primary Ted Cruz was taking brutal swings at Trump, but still stepped out of the race when the cards showed he was not going to win.


Yet when you look at the Democrats the race is still chugging along. While Bernie Sanders requires 101% of the remaining delegates left to be allocated he refuses to drop out of the primary. He, somehow, sees this impossible accomplishment as possible. Why? Because he thinks he can flip delegates and his supporters keep sending in their money to him.

The reality is that Bernie Sanders needs 101% of the remaining delegates from the remaining primaries to win. That comes out to 944 out of the 933 remaining delegates, which is statistically impossible. Not just statistically impossible, but Hillary will win some of the remaining states (if not all) and the remaining delegates will be split. Following Tim Robbins, a Bernie Sanders surrogate, insulted Guam you can even assume she will get a majority of their 12 pledged delegates in addition to most likely sweeping California.

With that being a REALITY you have to accept the fact that Hillary only requires 163 more delegates to get to the magic number of 2383. That number drops after every single primary. Bernie Sanders is proving to be nothing more than a self-ego boosting elitist who pounds the ground like a petulant child when he doesn’t get his way.

Yes, I know a bunch of you will respond saying the primary was rigged, but you won’t find a sympathetic ear from me. The inability for the Sanders campaign to educate it’s supporter base to register as democrats to vote in democratic primaries is on the Sanders campaign. The voters who did not register correctly need to take responsibility for that. The argument that all American’s should get to vote is also a ludicrous thought. No one has ever prevented you from your constitutional right to vote for the next President of the United States. Nope, not a single person or party. A party primary is where a party selects their candidate to run for President. Candidates have an option to run in the major political parties or not to. Jill Stein is a great example of someone who didn’t fit the major party platforms so is running on her own. Bernie Sanders made the choice to switch from an independent (which he is running for senate as in 2018), but instead decided to run as a democrat. He was fully aware of the rules set by each individual state. He also publicly announced he only ran as a democrat for the media attention and money. These are all choices Bernie Sanders made and his supporters need to accept or point the finger of blame at him.

And yes, 120,000 democratic voters were ousted or purged from registration in New York, but those voters represented supporters of both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Oh and it was a republican who made this move and has since been punished for it.

The argument that super-delegates should be forced to side with the candidate who won their respective state is also a voided argument. According to ABC News, even if super-delegates voted for the winner of their state Bernie would still not get the edge. The super-delegate totals would go from 520 for Hillary and 39 for Bernie to 374 for Hillary and 147 for Bernie.

Another way to look at this is 4 scenarios proposed by Sanders and/or his supporters:

  1. Current Rules: Hillary Clinton is the clear winner.
  2. As I stated if super-delegates had to vote the way their state went Hillary still wins.
  3. If we had the same rules as the Republicans do for their party primary and had winner take all states Hillary wouldn’t just be winning, but the race would have ended already.
  4. If super-delegates were removed from the equation all together, the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination would be lower and Hillary would still win. If eliminated the new majority of pledged delegates needed would be 2,026. Bernie would require 66% of delegates remaining and Hillary would only need 34%.

All in all nothing is rigged. In fact, there is nothing more democratic than the candidate with the most popular votes, pledged delegates and super-delegates in a party primary winning that party nomination for President and moving on to the general election.

The trophy generation needs to wake up. There is no trophy for the loser in politics. This  isn’t a little league game and your mommy can’t fix it for you. You just have to accept reality and align with a candidate who best fits your beliefs… Or you can just not vote if you feel so inclined, but that is a shame if you truly care about progressive and liberal issues. If you truly cared about the issues then you would help defeat Trump in the general election which HAS started.

Bernie can keep limping along pretending like he will get something out of this, but all he is getting out of this is hurting the party that embraced him. The loser of a primary doesn’t get to set the winners agenda. Hillary Clinton didn’t make demands like that of President Obama and the 2008 election was much closer! It’s a reality Bernie will have to face soon. I can’t wait for him to return to the senate to find all of his leadership positions gone.

The Truth about #MEMEGate and I’m def. Not feeling #TheBern. Sick of being bullied by #BernieBros

This election has gotten out of control. I have been under Bernie supporter attack for the past 24 or 48 hours. I don’t even know how long it has been. They accuse me of taking someone’s artwork or meme to Get Out the Vote for Bernie Sanders and altering it to support Hillary.

Now the internet and social media are full of memes that get alterd and shared. This is an everyday happening. Most people in my twitter feed came to my defense and most just found the entire situation hilarious. It’s a meme! It’s a twitter picture. It’s a get out the vote picture. What is the big deal.

Not to mention, I didn’t even alter the original. I found it on twitter while searching hashtags. I don’t remember which one, but I am sure it was something like #WIPrimary, #WisconsinPrimary or #Wisconsin. Something relating to the election because that was what the meme was about, to get the vote out for the democratic primary.

We all repost memes.

The creator of the original meme with Bernie Sanders face on it tweeted me with an insult telling me if I was going to rip off his work to at least do a better job. I tried to explain I just reposted a meme I found. Naturally, the faceless profile of the Sanders supporter didn’t believe me. Soon he and a couple of his followers were sending me constant tweets asking where I found the picture then.

I replied honestly, “I found it on Twitter.”

That wasn’t good enough. They wanted the person responsible for altering the picture. Well, I didn’t know who was. I just found it randomly, saved it and reposted it. Just like them, I could have searched and searched to see the original posting date, but at this point I was getting trolled and attacked by multiple Bernie supporters. I didn’t want to force someone else to have to experience this. That’s what happens. Why should someone else have to be harassed and bullied? Someone I don’t even know who may not have even altered the meme or picture either? I didn’t have it in my heart to try and search some innocent person out to feed to the trolls.

“You are just like Shillery, a thief with no skill or talent.”

“You suck! At least do a good job if you are going to be a Hillary criminal”

I try to defend myself and I’m called things like faggot. The tweets got mean, personal and random since none of them were true. I never altered the picture so my design skills couldn’t have been in question.

The tweets just came and came. I made light of them as most of my followers did. Then they got aggressive so I started blocking everyone. One after the other they do start to chip at you a little. None-the-less it’s just twitter.

I woke up today thinking it would subside, but of course constant Bernie supporter attacks, “You shouldn’t steal people’s property.” It’s a meme on twitter. Everyone reposts them. Find me a meme on twitter that hasn’t been reposted more than once?

Then out of the blue I get an email from a Hillary group I respected:

Next time though don’t rip someone design no matter how pissed off you are. It’s gonna bite you in the end. Also im ho it makes it look like a cheap act and we are above that. They tagged us in the tweet so in some way it felt it came from us

They didn’t ask me what happened. I wasn’t pissed off. I just wanted to post a get out the vote meme for Wisconsin and I did when I found one I liked on Twitter that someone else had posted first. They didn’t try to listen to logic. They just heard the call of the BernieBro attacks and accusations and joined in the BernieBro attacks.

I reposted a MEME. There are countless memes on the internet. It was a get out the vote poster. I shouldn’t be in tears. I did nothing wrong.

Everyone needs to take a step back and remember we are progressives. We are liberals. We are all fighting for positive change. We are all fighting for love and kindness. What is the crime with reposting a Get Out the Vote poster or meme? Even if someone altered it for a different candidate? That’s what progressives are for, getting people to vote regardless of candidacy.

I feel heartbroken and letdown by my own people. I want this election to go back to what it should be, bettering America. Ending this silly childish new game of campaigning that has become the Bernie Sanders campaign.


Bernie wants Free College, Hillary wants Full Education Reform

subMAHLER-articleLargeOn the issues I like to think realistically, pragmatically and about the entire country when I am trying to select who to vote for when I am voting to elect the next President of the United States of America. Obviously education in this country has been a hot topic for decades. Educating our citizens, our workforce, and our future leaders is one of the most vital issues we have to tackle and one of the issues we continue to struggle with 240 years after the independence of this great nation.

Parents can’t afford preschool! It often costs more than rent. Inner-city schools and rural schools often can’t afford text books, paper, computers and basic necessities. Teachers are under paid, but often have to buy classroom supplies out of their pockets. The best and brightest teachers are often lost to corporate America for better paying jobs. Student dropout rates are still alarmingly too high. The list of issues goes on.

One of the popular topics that Senator Bernie Sanders touts on the campaign trail is his promise to make college free if he is elected president. I have found this idea to be ridiculous on a number of levels. Fiscally it doesn’t make sense to me. He will have to raise taxes, along with his other lofty ambitions, a reality. Government will grow by 40% by some estimates. Yet, that’s not why I have come to you today. I have come to you today to say college tuition isn’t a topic we should even be discussing at this point.

We have a systemic problem in our public education system from kindergarten to 12th grade. Until we resolve these issues we can’t tackle higher education (a privilege). We are leaving children behind, something Senator Sanders seems to be forgetting.

IMG_4190I decided to head over to his campaign website to see what he has to say about education reform. Color me surprised to find out that he has nothing to say on the issue. The only topic relating to education he touches on is college tuition. Why? My guess is because college students can vote and he is trying to appeal to their wallets.

His approach to education is one-dimensional and only discusses college tuition and  making it tuition free and debt free. That is not enough. It does not tackle the issues facing America’s education system.

The problem I see here is that we don’t need politics as usual. A revolution is not won by politics as usual and is not defined as politics as usual and political tricks. It’s won by change and change we can believe in.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities “most states provide less support per student for elementary and secondary schools than before the Great Recession.” They go into great detail about how our county continues to struggle to put into place needed reforms at the k-12 level like “hiring and retaining excellent teachers, reducing class sizes, and expanding access to high-quality early education, many states have headed in the opposite direction.” Mostly due to budget cuts.

We need to fund our public schools. We need to find money in our federal and state budgets to start paying teachers and to attract the best and brightest. States are struggling to pay for public education and as their funds dwindle the federal government has cut their aid to states.

If we cannot afford to help public schools at the k-12 level how can we pay for free college for all Americans? We simply can’t, especially if we can’t resolve the systemic problems currently facing our education system. For instance, how can we even consider worrying about covering college for students if we can’t guarantee students will even make it to their high school graduation day?

According to “over 25% of high school freshman fail to graduate from high school on time.” That is unacceptable! “1 in 3 minority students (32%) attend a dropout factory, compared to 8% of white students.”

We need to focus on this issue first. If we focus on free college tuition first we are focusing on issues for the privileged, the middle and upper class only and that to me is a travesty. We are leaving our friends, families and neighbors behind. We are one country regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status and/or where in the country you live.

IMG_4191When you head over to Hillary Clinton’s website you find a candidate that is trying to make change and reform around education at all levels from K – 12 and at the college level.  Hillary Clinton plans to address issues such as k – 12 education, early childhood education, campus sexual assault, college and much more. She is a candidate that knows you can’t be a single issue president. College tuition isn’t the only education issue needing to be discussed and looked at by our great nation.

Hillary Clinton will:

  • Invest in early childhood programs like Early Head Start.
  • Ensure that every 4-year-old in America has access to high-quality preschool in the next 10 years.
  • Provide child care and scholarships to meet the needs of student parents.
  • Make high-quality education available to every child (of all ages) – in every ZIP code – in America.
  • Ensure that teachers receive the training, mentorship, and support they need to succeed and thrive in the classroom.
  • Ensure students with disabilities have the resources and support they need throughout their school years.

Yet, for those concerned college students Hillary has their backs too!

  • She will fight to ensure no student has to borrow to pay for tuition, books, or fees to attend a four-year public college in their state.
  • Enable Americans with existing student loan debt to refinance at current rates.
  • Hold colleges and universities accountable for controlling costs and making tuition affordable.

And one of the things I find missing from Bernie Sanders College Plan that only speaks about tuition is an ongoing issue we have seen repeatedly in the news of campus sexual assault. This is something Hillary tackles in her campaign issues head-on as a champion for women’s rights. She will:

  • Provide comprehensive support to survivors.
  • Ensure fair process for all in campus disciplinary proceedings and the criminal justice system.
  • Increase sexual violence prevention education programs that cover issues like consent and bystander intervention, not only in college, but also in secondary school.

Hillary is a woman who approaches the world with a comprehensive view of issues. She looks at the entire picture and figures out how we can fix the problem from beginning to end.

It’s time those who think free college tuition is the revolutionary idea to change the United State’s education issues to look around at the rest of the country and see what will make a real difference for the entire country and not just a handful.

It’s time to elect Hillary Clinton as president!


Let’s keep track of Sanders deceptive campaigning practices!

Bernie Sanders now has plenty of Scandals!

Let’s keep track of Sanders deceptive campaigning practices!

If you were to follow the ads released by the Bernie Sanders Campaign you would think that his campaign has received endorsements from:

Where in this type of campaigning do we see a political revolution? It’s politics as usual and that’s what you get from a politician who has been in the game for 30 years. He isn’t new to politics, he isn’t launching a revolution and if he is it is the slowest 30 year revolution known to mankind.

In reality he is playing dirty politics forcing the Clinton campaign and her supporters to hold him to task. No more can he claim a positive and clean campaign. No more will we sit by and allow him to pretend his career has never seen a scandal. It’s time America opens our eyes and sees the truth that he has a pattern of deceptive campaigning as stated by the Clinton Campaign:

  • 2/11/2016: Falsely claimed the endorsement of Brenda Romero
  • 2/7/2016: Used images of Veterans in ads without permission
  • 2/7/2016: Used images of the Clergy in ads without permission
  • 2/4/2016: In TV ad, falsely touted endorsements he didn’t receive from New Hampshire Newspapers.
  • 1/29/2016: In TV ad, falsely touted endorsements of Des Moines Register when the paper actually endorsed Hillary Clinton.
  • 1/28/2016: Campaign staffer posed as Culinary Union members to deceptively gain access to Union Dining Halls.
  • 1/28/2016: Sent mailers, falsely implying the endorsements from AARP and League of Conservation Voters.

All of these instances are detailed here! Or you can turn to Google to do your own research on the issue. I ask that you in fact check this out.

Bernie has thousands of supporters lining up behind him due to his messages of change, trust and hope. This is nothing but the same old trash we don’t want in politics from democrats!

New Hampshire Voters and Hillary: Can she do it?

hillary_clinton_2015_campaign_photo_logoWhen Monday’s Iowa Caucus rolled into reality I was blown away by one thing that kept being repeated on CNN. The volume of undecided voters on both the Republican and Democratic side of the caucus. It baffled and still baffles me that people will show up to vote without knowing who the heck they are voting for.

In the year 2016 there is no excuse to not be fully educated on all of the candidates running for president. We have the internet and the 24 hour news cycle. We have mobile phones that bring the news to our fingertips. Social media lets us have constant updates as to what is playing out in the political world. You can go to every candidates website and hear their platforms. You then can take it upon yourself to vet out the candidates platforms, fact check their platforms and see if they are viable in the political arena by simply googling the heck out of them.

Basically all your questions can be answered for you before you go to vote. That’s why I was shocked at how many people said they were undecided when they arrived to vote on caucus night in Iowa.

Now we are approaching the first in the nation primary in the great state of New Hampshire. Are we going to have the same number of undecided voters? According to CNN the state is a different beast and while the polls are calling for the candidate I support, Hillary Clinton, to lose by a wide margin, at least CNN claims New Hampshire voters tend to arrive to the polls knowing who they want to vote for.

Likely Democratic voters are far more likely than Republicans in the state to say they’ve made up their minds about the race, with 64% saying their choice is locked in, while just 41% who say so on the GOP side. Just 17% of likely Democratic voters say they are still trying to decide.

Thank you New Hampshire democrats for educating yourself before arriving to vote, even if I don’t agree with the candidate you are voting for…

Now, do I think Hillary has a chance at winning New Hampshire? I feel confident that New Hampshire will be different than Iowa for a number of reasons. First off, we won’t have to sit through the archaic caucus system. There won’t be a coin-gate controversy. People will vote and go home. It’s pretty straight forward. We will see a clear winner and a clear loser of that particular primary, at least I think we will.

The other thing with New Hampshire is that while 64% of democrats are decided before arriving at the polls to vote, it doesn’t mean Hillary will lose. Now, I’m not getting my hopes up, but I’m also not counting her out.

In 2008 Hillary was behind in the polls and was expected to lose New Hampshire in the primary to Barack Obama. In a surprise upset she won. Why is this? There are a number of reasons, but one in particular. The thing that can help Hillary Clinton and make for a surprising evening is that New Hampshire does not have a closed primary meaning those not registered with a specific party can vote in either party primary (but only one). Independents are welcome to vote in either primary, Republican or Democrat.

Hillary, who has attracted people on the left and center of the political spectrum can really gain some ground here. Especially since the Republican Party is running Donald Trump as number one and Ted Cruz who leans to the far right in second. The democrats have a super liberal democratic socialist as their second candidate. This can really alienate independent voters. Where will they go?

My hope is that they may fall into the middle ground or Hillary country.

Hillary also had a strong Democratic Town Hall performance on CNN Wednesday evening. CNN claiming a win for Hillary.  She came out strong on foreign affairs. She swung hard when asked about military engagement. Hillary didn’t miss a single beat when trying to connect with women, mothers, daughters and grandparents. She proved she will challenge Wall Street even if some people felt she stumbled on her reasoning for speaking for Wall Street firms and accepting three speaking fees (heaven forbid she work while not in office). She also blew me away with her religious and spiritual conversation. All-in-all she proved she has the experience and persona to be president.

On the other hand I personally felt unmoved by Bernie Sanders, particularly when he spoke about spirituality and religion. I’m also unmoved by his broken-record foreign policy response. There is more to foreign policy and foreign affairs than casting one vote for the Iraq war years ago. I would love to hear him express further knowledge of the world and how to engage with it as the leader of our country.

If things don’t work out for Hillary the next few days then we will lose New Hampshire as we know we might. If that happens then we will do what I suggested Trump and Sanders should have done after Iowa. We will pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and keep pushing forward for Hillary. She will take Nevada and South Carolina followed by the White House. I have no doubt.