What did you think of Julie Chen’s look during episode 2 of CBS’ Big Brother 16?

julieI’m a bit behind schedule and I need to catch up. Since CBS’ Big Brother is on three nights a week I have no time to waste.  Let’s get to it then. What did you think of Julie Chen’s look in episode two, part two of the season premier of season 16 of Big Brother on CBS? As a recap, she wore a flowing greek looking dress that radiated like the sun.  This episode she didn’t stray far on the color wheel, but I have to admit she nailed it again from head to toe.

First, pink is my favorite color and she already gets points for the hot pink color choice.  I also like the asymmetrical cut at the top. Very modern and fresh. The hair is sharp, polished, but still young and flirty.  If my vote counts for anything I think she hit it with a win yet again. Julie Chen is now 2 wins out of 2 episodes!

What do you think?

Running for Life

Running for Life

What a different type of day!  I’m sitting at home after a long exhausting day of having a bit too much enjoyment.

My legs!

As you many know, if you read my earlier posting, I woke up and decided to approach my day a bit differently than I have in the past few weeks.  Today I decided I would try to function and live.

I did just that once I chugged down my unsweetened iced coffee.  Caffeinated and awake I began to function.  For starters I shaved my legs, that is not at all important for telling the story of my day, but it does explain the first picture I posted on Instagram.  Some may have wondered why I felt possessed to post a picture of my legs and now they know.

From there I put my Nike+ FuelBand and Nike+ SportsBand on my left wrist, grabbed my iPhone and Nike+ headphones and headed toward Central Park.  This was my first run in Central Park since moving to the Upper West Side.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve run in Central Park 100s of times over the past four years, but this is the first time starting on the north end.  Prior to moving up here I always started at the Columbus Circle entrance.

Let me tell you, it is a world different starting at the north side of the park.  Why?  A heck of a lot less tourist.  I

know, this city would be nothing if it weren’t for tourist so we really should, as residents, learn to embrace them.  With that in mind, sometimes you just want to enjoy a relaxing run through the park where you don’t have to jump all around tons and tons of people.

Picture from today’s run in Central Park

That is exactly what happened this time.  No jumping or dodging of tourist.  I hit the trails and headed straight toward the reservoir.  I ran at a full clip for four straight miles.  The sun was beating down on me draining every ounce of energy I had.  I knew very quickly that I had lived up to my mornings commitment to myself.  I was functioning. Albeit the sun started to wear me down toward the end.  I always approach running as if it is a race to the death.  I push myself as fast as I can go for as far as I can go… Something I know people like my mother would suggest I be a little smarter about.  I was always told growing up, “you don’t have to be the fastest, you don’t have to run the farthest, you just have to run forward.”

For the first time in at least a month, I felt alive.  From there the rest of my day was sunshine.  So much so that I decided to pay tribute and honor to this new approach to dealing with this stress, this stress and anxiety that I know won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, and go shopping.  I got myself some sassy yellow pants.

Yellow pants like sunshine from H&M

They made my day.  I feel like they are helping me to take a fresh look at life.  I have said for weeks I wanted to change myself.  Now I am.  I even went out for a drink with a friend.  I left the apartment.  It’s a step.

I don’t expect anything to be perfect or any of my problems to wash away or be pushed under the rug, but I do expect myself to do more than sit on the couch 24 hours a day 7 days a week (okay, I don’t expect myself to sit on the couch when I am not at work).

Tomorrow is a new day yet again. I will take everyday one day at a time.  My problems will still be here but I will work on them everyday.  I will learn from them everyday.  I will address them everyday. I will apologize for them everyday.  I know I am not perfect and never will be, but I can be happy again.  It’s funny when I think about it, but I can kind of apply the running mantra spoken about earlier to life, “I don’t have to be the fastest (or the best), I don’t have to go the farthest (I won’t be able to change over night), I just have to move forward.”

Snakes on 9th Avenue

Living in New York City is amazing. You will see just about anything and everything while living here. Unfortunately, that means you will also see some things you wish you wouldn’t have to see. Where am I going with this? Well, I guess you could say this is a second “fashion failure” post.

Yesterday was yet another beautiful August day. The sun was shining and the city was alive. Around 5:00 pm I began my walk home from work yet again. Without a care in the world I sauntered down the west side of 9th Avenue from my office on 59th and 9th. After just three blocks I saw a group of rambunctious teens walking towards me.

They were behaving like most groups of rambunctious teens left alone with no supervision. They were loud, taking up the entire sidewalk and slinging slurs at each other for fun. My first thought was to just avoid them, but I noticed they weren’t bothering anyone and mostly leaving everyone alone. I decided to continue my walk down the west side of 9th Avenue. As they got closer, when we were between 57th Street and 56th Street I noticed the guy that would be passing closest to me was wearing a rather bizarre and 3D outfit.

I focused in on the accessories wrapped around his next and left arm (the arm that was to come within inches of me when we passed a few seconds later). As he got right next to me so that we barely missed brushing each other I noticed that the accessory around his next was not an accessory at all but a living green snack coiled around his next. When I looked at his arm which was just inches from brushing mine I noticed that he was not wearing an accessory on his arm but another living red snake.

You have to understand one thing before I continue retailing this experience, I am terrified of snakes. I am terrified of snakes of all sizes and types. I do not discriminate based on whether the snake is harmless or not, I hate them all equality.

As this red snake came inches from me I jumped and let out a scream that would have done horror movies proud. All the teens busted out into a humiliating laughter. I assume this is exactly what they wanted to have happen as they bounced through Hell’s Kitchen.

Without hesitation I quickly continued moving south and scurried away from them as quickly as I could to not just put distance between me and the laughter but to put distance between me and those awful creatures.

For the rest of my walk home I got shivers up and down my body every few minutes causing me to shake like a dog that had just gotten out of a bath. I don’t get the need to own a snake as a pet. Why not own a rabbit or fish or dog?

Additionally, snakes are not meant to be worn as part of an outfit. Living things aren’t meant to be worn as part of an outfit (at least while they are still alive). This by far was a major fashion and social failure.