Bruno Mars is no Beyonce… His Halftime Show Was A Let Down!

bruno 2Honestly, I’m not the correct person to write about the Super Bowl game itself because I don’t know a lot about football.  None-the-less I have to say I was underwhelmed and disappointed.  Not only was I disappointed that the Denver Broncos lost since I was rooting for them, but I was disappointed because it was a pretty pathetic game.

There were no real exciting moments throughout the entire game.  No amazing plays to speak of at all.  Not even a touchdown dance worth reenacting.  What was with the 2014 Super Bowl?bruno

The other thing I was disappointed in was the halftime show.  This is something I have a little bit more knowledge in and pay much more attention to.  Bruno Mars let me down.  He was no Beyoncé, Madonna, Prince, Janet Jackson, or the many that came before him.

When I posted on Facebook yesterday:

Bruno… you were no Beyoncé… boring!!!!

beyonce 3There were a number of people that disagreed with me.  They loved his voice, music and stage performance. Okay, I can’t argue with you on that.  Bruno Mars has a great voice.  His music is both mainstream and catchy while also being original and fun.  He, himself, is very entertaining on stage.  You are taken back to the days of Jazz Bands and flashy suits as he and his band sway their hips back and forth.

yearsHe makes a great performer and can give a good show, but that’s not what the Super Bowl halftime show calls for.  I’m sorry but he was nowhere near as good as the legends that came before him.  The Super Bowl Halftime show isn’t just a concert.  Performers are not there to just put on a good show.  The Super Bowl Halftime Show is THE concert… not a concert. For many of us, it’s really the televised concert of the year.

It’s expected to be the best of the best.  The biggest, the badest, the brightest and most innovative performance of the year.  Remember when Beyoncé was performing and struck a pose and instead of a shadow behind her a fire was a blaze in her exact form?  I do!

madonnaDo you remember when Madonna fell to her knees singing Like a Prayer? Or do you remember Madonna’s performance at all because it was insanely amazing from beginning to end full of excitement, surprises and things you’ve never seen before done live! The same thing goes for Beyoncé!

Bruno didn’t deliver anything besides great songs sang with a great voice.  He got on stage, sang the exact same songs we hear everyday exactly how they sound on the album.  He danced exactly as he has done on every award show we’ve seen him on and then the show was over.

Let’s not ever compare The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Destiny’s Child Reunion.  Obviously Destiny’s Child kicked the Red Hot Chili Peppers butt.  They popped up on to the stage, literally straight out of the ground, and looked as fierce as they ever had.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers hobbled onto the stage shirtless and reminding us why some men aren’t meant to be shirtless at the beach.

Bruno Mars is a great artist, but when it comes down to it his halftime show was boring for a halftime show. Beyonce

Song of the Day – Say My Name by Destiny’s Child

Song of the Day – Say My Name by Destiny’s Child

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After a very great day yesterday laying out at the beach with friends and then an even better night out dancing with the same friends I arrived home in the early hours of the morning expecting to fall straight into bed.  Right before I was able to though, a little controversy popped up.

It’s not something I hadn’t already been discussing with friends, but it was something that I think is important to think about and is 100 percent my choice to make.   While I won’t explain how or why this came up last night, I have to decide on what name I want to go by.  I was born Bobby William Whetsell III, but when I got married I took my husband’s name.  My name was then switched to Bobby William Argabrite (although I never used the William).

Now that I am no longer married (well technically in the process of no longer being married) I have to decide what to do about my name.  For a while I thought I would just keep Argabrite.  It’s become my identity.  Then I started thinking that the name carries a lot of “shade” (to snatch a word from the song embedded below).

I think it’s time to start over from scratch.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, time for a new me and a new life.  Let’s distance me from Argabrite.  The main question under consideration is whether I should I go back to Bobby Whetsell or switch to my mother’s maiden name, Bobby Porter?  I considered my step-dads last name, which would make my name Bobby Hall, but it sounds too much like a butch hockey player.

I realize at the end of the day a name is just a name, but I am in the process of trying to find myself and redefine myself so I think my name plays a part in that.  For the time being I think I will just go by Bobby TBD since my name is to be determined.  It has a fun ring to it I think.

This controversy last night (which I am not really going to go into in this posting) and my previous thoughts on the topic have inspired the selection of Say My Name by Destiny’s Child to be today’s song of the day.  Not only is it a song with “name” in the title, which is just a fitting title for the issue on my mind at this moment, but the lyrics are in sync with some of the dramatics that I have gone through in the past few months.  It’s always a good day when you reach back to music from your past to dance around to in your living room.

Song of the Day – It’s A Survivor Mashup

Song of the Day – It’s A Survivor Mashup

On Friday’s I tend to embrace my gayest clothing I own and dress like the flamboyantly gay guy that I am.  Today’s outfit was nothing but a skin-tight baseball-tee (black chest with white sleeves) and a form fitting pair of Levi’s 511 blue jeans.  The jeans were rolled twice to sit a couple of inches above my ankles and were accented beneath the ankles with a pair of white Nautica boat shoes/slip-ons.  Oh yes, let’s not forget my black Manhattan Portage shoulder bag and black NikeFuel Band on the wrist.  So with this mental picture in your head let’s all just agree on this one thing, doesn’t get much more gay than that.

That is until I hit the street and start my commute.  My commute to work involves nothing more than my listening to music on my iPhone and my prancing down the street for 2.5 miles all the way to the office.  Every Friday I tend to follow the same routine and turn the music up as loud as it will go and turn on the most stereotypical gay fan favorites to put me in a good mood. While prancing and dancing down West End Avenue this morning one of the best songs ever flowed out of my headphones.  Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.

Later in the day my colleague sent me this picture quoting the song:

Staying true to my character I couldn’t contain my laughter and immediately posted the picture on my Facebook page to share with my friends and family.  Shortly thereafter my other friend reminded me of another version of the song that would keep my spirits high and gay as the workday draws to an end.  That song is actually two songs because it is a Glee Mashup.  Which, honestly, is in fitting with my embracing just how gay I am.  The mashup is of I will Survive (by Gloria Gaynor) and Survivor (by Destiny’s Child).

I haven’t watched any episodes of Glee since the second season, but regardless, this mashup can lift your spirits no matter what you are going through in life.  For me the mashup is helping to give me a little extra strength while I am dealing with a feeling of lacking confidence in myself.  Whether it is a lack in confidence in my looks, weight, personality, sex appeal or being alone, this mashup lifted me up a bit and had me dancing in my chair.  Truth be told I am overly confident in life, but some how I end up a bit anxious and skeptical at random points with everything me.  Even today while in a bright and cheery mood I needed the added encouragement from a mashup about survival.

This mashup is definitely keeping that prancing happy walk to work mood right on the surface so I can have a fabulous Friday afternoon and evening.