CBS Big Brother 16 Episode 13 Recap 7/23/2014

Wednesday night episodes of CBS Big Brother can either be very exciting or very boring since it is the day that airs the Veto competition.  This week Brittany and Victoria were faced with the reality of having to fight for their life, as far as the game goes, to win the power of veto to take themselves off the block.

Game Moves, Alliances and Secret Friendships:  We can’t talk about last night’s episode without acknowledging the alliances in the house and where the power is at.

The Bomb Squad exploded leaving in its dust a new and leaner alliance called the Detonators.  This alliance consists of Christine (right place at the right time), Zach, Frankie, Derrick and Cody.  You will notice that Amber and Caleb are no longer part of the group.  This alliance realizes that Caleb and Amber aren’t good for their overall game so they didn’t let them know that they were giving their alliance another chance.

The Girls in the house still aren’t doing a great job of banning together.  If Amber, Brittany, Victoria, and Jocasta joined together they could stand a fighting chance to have at least one of them last until the top four.  Instead they are working against each other helping the Detonators stay on top of their game.

Donny still has it out for anyone who was a member of the Bomb Squad, particularly Caleb.  He wants Caleb out as soon as possible and with good reason.

Nicole, Hayden and Christine are keeping a pretty low profile. I can’t blame them. Let the Detonators implode on their own without any help.

Brittany and Caleb formed an interesting friendship. Signs pointed to a secret alliance between the two.  Brittany went as far as to pick him to play in the Veto competition after they had a meaningful heart to heart.  This left the audience asking, “Will Caleb support Brittany or the former members of The Bomb Squad?”

The Veto Competition: The main point of Wednesday night’s episode was to air the veto competition.  This week’s competition was one of those completely luck based games.  The contestants were asked to try and kick a ball into a basket using a leg kicking contraption. Each basket had a number in the bottom of it. The player with the highest number in each round wins and continues to the next round. The player with the lowest score lost and had to pick a prize from the prize table and was out of the Veto Competition.

It was a bit of an interesting competition.  Brittany got a little too excited and over shot causing her to score a zero early in the game.  She was unable to save herself from the block.  Victoria lasted all the way to the end before she kicked her ball too hard and didn’t score either. She reluctantly took the prize of the Veto even though she knew that Caleb could pick it since he won the competition.

The Detonators expected him to take the Power of Veto from Victoria so that Cody could keep the nominations the same.  Brittany expected him to take the Power of Veto and use it on her.  In the end, he took the $5,000 cash prize and left the Power of Veto with Victoria.

Instead of choosing a side he threw his hands in the air.  I’m sure he thought not taking the veto would be best for his game. He wouldn’t piss off his former alliance members by not removing their target, Brittany, from the block while also not taking it to keep the nominations the same.

imagesThis backfired and put a rather large target on his back.  Now Cody was faced with choosing a replacement nominee.  Ultimately he had to choose between Donny and Caleb.  After much tormented thought he turned into a scared child and nominated Donny.  Why? Mostly because Derrick and Zach thought it was the only possible move. I still agree with Cody, Caleb should have been put on the block. This was their chance to get him out. It will bite Cody in the but if Caleb wins HOH next time.

Zrankie: Hints at an ongoing showmance continued in a confusing way last night.  The air showed in the matter of seconds a clip of Zach inviting any girl to go on a trip with him to Germany, which he won during the veto competition.  Then they followed it with a clip where he states that he will be taking Frankie on the trip with him.  What a game this boy is playing.  More to come on this relationship in a Zrankie dedicated posting later this week! Stay tuned!

P.S. if you missed Cody’s modeling days check out my blog from yesterday here! 

The Real Gay Showmance on BB16, Cody Calafiore and his Fans

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to talk about one of the under talked about homoerotic reality tv show romances.  No, I’m not talking about Frankie Grande and Zach Rance, although I will be talking about them later today or tomorrow.  Today I am talking about the homoerotic showmance between the stunningly flawless Cody Calafiore and pretty much every gay fan of CBS Big Brother!

When Cody waltzed into the Big Brother house I’m pretty sure mouths dropped and drool dribbled from a number of the gay men who watch the show.  Not to miss an opportunity, Big Brother has made sure that Cody has been featured in a number of highly sexy and homoerotic scenes and shots since the beginning of the season. It’s as if a new form of showmance has begun with fans wagging their tongues at the innocent faced heart-throb.

I’m not complaining! Would you complain about having to watch this on TV?


Yet, after looking at him for a while I started to question his professional role as a Sales Account Executive.  With his face I believe he would make a good sales person.  Then my friend sent me a link to an article on Instinct and I realized that Cody’s face isn’t the only thing that will help him sale a product.

That’s right boys, Cody Calafiore has modeled for the gay favorited underwear brand CN2.  Man can he sale products.

Cody really stands out in the house this season.  He hasn’t shown a lot of game play yet, but his game has been going smoothly.  He is attractive 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  He is comfortable in his sexuality, as a straight man to clarify.  He isn’t a jerk like some of the other men in the house like Devin Shepherd and Caleb. All and all he is a nice guy with a talent for attracting attention to himself.

2014-06-19_2256 cody big brother thumb cody big brother3 (1) cody big brother5 cody big brother6 rtvgams

Show pictures:

bb1603jt Screenshot-2014-06-27-20.26.23 cody-calafiore-big-brother cody-calafiore-big-brother-16 tumblr_n80n8qXlhb1txis9uo1_500

It’s Big Brother 16 Episode 12 Recap Time!

It’s a new week in the Big Brother house and things are… well kind of boring, but moving along.  To start I should note that Devin Shepherd, the devil with the mile long grin, was voted out of the house last week in what was a highly anticipated move by the house.

Devin tormented houseguests and annoyed viewing audiences as he stomped around the Big Brother house like a tyrant regardless of his being the Head of Household (HOH) or not.  Now that he is gone maybe the house can realign itself and become interesting once again.

Sunday’s mark the announcement of two new HOHs, four nominees to the block, the Battle of the Block competition and a lot of behind the scenes drama.  This week delivered on most of those things.

In rather lackluster HOH competition two of my favorite houseguests took the HOH titles, Cory Calafiore and Frankie Grande.  After passing a dozen eggs along chicken wire the pretty duo came out on top edging out their fellow houseguests. This not only means that both of them are probably safe for the week, but both of their pretty faces will get a lot of screen time this week. I know I’m not complaining!

Team America: Another interesting twist this season that also seems to be getting a bit boring is Team America.  As Donnny, Derrick and Frankie continue their secret alliance that was decided on by fans of the show they must also keep their own individual games in mind.

This week America challenged the trio to nominate a houseguest who is seen as a physical threat.  The trio immediately pegged Amber as a physical threat and added her to the nominations. It was a pretty weak decision because there are much stronger players in the house, but at the same time it was the safest decision. The strong competitors in the house include:

  • Caleb
  • Frankie
  • Zach
  • Cody
  • Amber
  • Hayden

The only person on that list that could have been nominated next to Amber as a strong competitor could have been Hayden. There was no reason not to nominate him besides a fear of retaliation. That’s why I see the choice of Amber as a weak one. There were few options, but they went with the easier of the two.  I still hope that Caleb gets back doored in the end. The only issue with that is that the game will continue to lose the exciting personalities on the show.

Nominations: Initial nominations are often boring.  You can’t do much with your initial nomination because you don’t want to piss anyone off who might end up staying in the house. With two chances to pull yourself off the block this season after the initial nominations it’s no wonder that weaker competitors get nominated on Sunday’s.  This week was no different.

Cory nominated Brittany and Victoria.  Victoria is the houses new Pow Pow,  doesn’t win many competitions and isn’t much of a social game player either.  Nicole asked last week, “where is Paola when you need her?” Well, she manifested in the form of Victoria… except I do think Paola could have been a good competitor if she had been given the time.

Photo compliments of  Amber and Jocasta
Photo compliments of
Amber and Jocasta

Frankie played it pretty safe, while also playing strategically.  His nominations consisted of Amber and Jocasta.  Amber has been unintentionally stirring up drama among Frankie’s alliance so it makes perfect sense to me that he put her up.  She distracts Caleb, distracts Cody, causes tensions between Zach and Cody and to top it all of is a fierce competitor. So fierce that she took herself and Jocasta off the block by winning the Battle of the block!

Battle of the Block: When the Battle of the Block competition was added to the Big Brother game this season I really thought it would liven up the show.  No more nights with nothing but watching the houseguests attempt social games.  Now every episode has a competition.

It turns out that the Battle of the Block is kind of a boring and pointless game. It does add a twist, but the initial excitement around it has dissipated.

None-the-less we do have the added competition. This week we saw the four nominees for eviction compete on a chess board where they were required to move around the board like a knight in a chess game. Jocasta worked her way into a corner pretty quickly, it looks like preying isn’t the best strategy for winning a competition in the Big Brother House.  She is lucky Amber rocked it out saving the both of them. Jocasta went into some type of tongues at the end. I don’t even know what was coming out of her mouth.

If there was a God he would send her home so that we don’t have to watch her any more. She seems like a nice person, but totally annoying on television.

That leaves us with a few other interesting tidbits about Big Brother 16.  Check out my future BB16 blogs this week that will discuss:

  • Zrankie is still alive and well, stay tuned for a new post catching you up on the show-man-mance.
  • Cody has a past in modeling for the gay favorited underwear brand CN2.
  • My two blogging passions collided last week when Big Brother partnered with FitBit!

Crazy Devin Shepherd continues his rampage

Feeling a bit swamped I have no time to write this morning. None-the-less I feel like I have to write something because last night’s episode of Big Brother was off the hook! Full of twists and turns as you would expect during a week where the house is controlled by an unstable HOH like Devin Shepherd.

We all know he entered this week with Brittany as his target for very personal reasons.  This started to backfire on him as some of The Bomb Squad and other houseguests realized that strategically Paola was the better person to vote out.  With Paola and Brittany still on the block after The Battle of the Block all hell began to break loose in the house as people took to Brittany’s defense.

I hate to break it to Devin, but the house has a point. Brittany is a strong competitor and really not a threat to anyone’s game as of right now. If handled correctly she could be a good ally for many in the house. unfortunately for Devin he hasn’t been handling her correctly.

Brittany showed some great social game as she worked to win over Devin.  She might not like the guy, but she knew the necessary evil.  Knowing he is a parent and holds that over everyone’s heads she tried to relate to him on that level and it seemed to work.

TO make matters better for Brittany, Devin called a Bomb Squad meeting that ended up in an explosive nature.  From what I can see the Bomb Squad is divided:

  • Amber, Cody, Zach, Frankie, Christine

standing against

  • Devin, Caleb

The issue is that Devin is in power and is unstable.  Zach and the other teammates spoke up to Devin and quickly found out that he is not a team player and will not condone contrary opinions.

In a shocking move Devin removed Brittany from the block and placed Zach on the block for disagreeing with him.  Game changing move.

The Bomb Squad has exploded and tonight’s episode should air exactly what the fall out will be. Devin now has the largest target on his back of all season.

The way I see it is that if Devin really wanted to be bold and say “F You” to all those who disagreed with him, wanted to keep Brittany, but also he wanted to prove a point of his power… he should have removed Paola and replaced her with Zach. That would have put the player he wanted out, Brittany, up against an alliance member. He would have got Brittany out and stirred the pot. At least he could have won something in that scenario.  Now he just stands to have Paola leave and Zach on attack mode.

I also feel like he is setting a horrible example for his daughter, something he feel passionately about. Showing his daughter that colleagues, friends or allies cannot have a dissenting opinion makes you seem a bit like a dictator or tyrant. Your alliance members aren’t out to get you until you make them.  You aren’t the leader of the alliance, you are a team.  Their opinions, even if contradictory to yours, should matter.

Tonight’s episode is sure to be explosive and you won’t want to miss it!

Devin and Frankie as Devin argues with Zach and Caleb in Wednesday, July 9th's Big Brother episode on CBS.
Devin and Frankie as Devin argues with Zach and Caleb in Wednesday, July 9th’s Big Brother episode on CBS.

Zankie! – Zach and Frankie on Big Brother gettin it on?

Okay, I try my best not to read blogs that follow the live feeds. I couldn’t help but read this one when it came up in my newsfeed. Frankie and Zach may have a Big Brother showmance? I can’t wait to see it play out.

It’s going to be a summer of will they or won’t they.  I honestly think I may have to retract my “no live feeds or spoiler blogs” just for the sole purpose of searching for updates on this budding relationship. Stay tuned!

Big Brother Highlights

Big news coming from the house this morning. Zankie — the showmance between Zach and Frankie — might be for real. Here’s the transcript of a conversation that happened between Cody and Brittany:

Zach Frankie

Assuming the feeling is mutual (which it seems to be) and that this isn’t all just some sort of elaborate strategy, we might get to see our very first male/male BB showmance. I’m not the only one who loves these two together. If/when they kiss, the internet will explode.

Here’s the full conversation between Brittany and Cody:

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What did you think of Julie Chen’s look during episode 2 of CBS’ Big Brother 16?

julieI’m a bit behind schedule and I need to catch up. Since CBS’ Big Brother is on three nights a week I have no time to waste.  Let’s get to it then. What did you think of Julie Chen’s look in episode two, part two of the season premier of season 16 of Big Brother on CBS? As a recap, she wore a flowing greek looking dress that radiated like the sun.  This episode she didn’t stray far on the color wheel, but I have to admit she nailed it again from head to toe.

First, pink is my favorite color and she already gets points for the hot pink color choice.  I also like the asymmetrical cut at the top. Very modern and fresh. The hair is sharp, polished, but still young and flirty.  If my vote counts for anything I think she hit it with a win yet again. Julie Chen is now 2 wins out of 2 episodes!

What do you think?

CBS Big Brother 16 Season Premier Part 2: 8 New House Guests and the Twists!

Photo by CBS Big Brother
Photo by CBS Big Brother

I have to start with the twist this season. Big Brother has completely reinvented the game.  Out with the old and in with the new.  If these contestants came in thinking they had a game plan on how to strategically win this game they are going to have to spend any resting time scrambling to figure out how to combat the new rules.

First off, there are going to be two Heads of Household each week.  Each HOH will select two people to go up on the block for eviction.  That means a total of four people will be at risk of going home each week.  The four on the block will then compete in a new game called the Battle of the Block. That means those who the first HOH, Frankie, nominates will have to battle who the second HOH, Caleb, nominates.  The winning set of two will be safe from eviction and can step down off the block.  Their win will then take away the title of HOH from whoever nominated them.

Say what?  The house guests must be freaking out, but as a viewer I couldn’t be more excited.  The show was getting to a point where the smarter players were coming in knowing exactly how to manipulate the other players, win games and basically how to steamroll through the show.  It was becoming a bit of a carbon copy year after year.  Yes they tried bringing back All Stars, which I loved, but the actual game play remained the same. Now we are in for a treat.

How will these changes affect game play?  How will it change the way alliances work? No one is safe unless you are everyone’s favorite. At least that’s how I see it right now.

In addition to a shocking announcement about HOH and the Block Julie Chen also announced the Team America surprise.  Team America will be a secret alliance chosen by the viewers.  The team will consist of three of the people in the house. The first is our blue haired Joey.  I guess she has won over America’s hearts very early in the game.  I would love to see Frankie on this team.  Mostly because I have wanted Frankie and Joey to team up. I think they will be fun to watch.

Lastly, last night’s second part season premier introduced us to the remaining eight contestants.  Here is what I think so far:


brittanymartinez_bioOkay, just stop it right there.  There is no way this gorgeous 29 year-old is the mother of three children.  As Cody said, “her body is bangin.” Well, he said something like that anyways and it is true.  That shows some dedication and drive. It takes a lot of effort to keep a tight body after childbirth, especially after birthing three children.  She must have some strength in her.

Brittany is also recently out of a ten year marriage.  That should add an interesting element. I’m guessing we are going to see a lot of homesick tears for her children and some emotional mood swings.  Just a guess, I’ve been through a divorce.  It’s only natural.

Other than that I didn’t get much from her.  I think, if anything else, we should watch her for signs of forming a showmance.


calebreynolds_bioMy first impression of Caleb was that I immediately thought he was going to be a close-minded, self-centered, douche-bag of a guy. I think I am only partially right.  He didn’t seem to close minded when Frankie jumped on his back for a piggyback ride.  Yet, he does seem really confident and cocky.  His personality is confusing for me because I love his, cut the bullshit, personality.  At the same time he comes off as a bit full of himself.  He is going to be fun to watch as he interacts more with the other cast mates.

As far as the game goes, well he is going to have a pretty large target on his back right out of the gate. He won HOH and did it in the most cocky of ways. As everyone else struggled to hold on to a rolling log he held on with one hand and made jokes scratching his ear and teasing the other players. I guess, if he is that strong and he has the brains to match he is in line for the money. Let’s just hope he has the brains to match and surprises me by being a consistently nice guy.

None-the-less I think we can count on his delivering on his promise to be a lion and roar.  I can’t wait to see him roar!


christinebrecht_bioMy barista from Arizona.  I’ve written a lot about baristas and coffee as of late.  You would think she would have caught my fancy right away. Well, as far as Big Brother goes she didn’t catch my attention.  She is quirky, cute and seemingly a good person.  Don’t we already have that with blue haired Joey?

She describes herself as being hilarious. That’s when you know your humor isn’t funny, but annoying. If you have to tell people you are hilarious you most likely aren’t. Sorry sweetie.

When it comes to game play I don’t see much hope for her either.  She seems like a sweet alternative chick who is in love with the game. I do appreciate that about her. I mean no ill will toward her personally when I say she just comes off as a weak contestant. I don’t see a lot of physical strength and not a lot up top.

I hate writing about these people so early in the game. I hope she proves me wrong!


derricklevasseur_bioThe cop from Rhode Island.  He stands a chance at playing a good game.  He has some strength, although guys like Caleb, Cody and Devin blow him out of the water.  He has training under his belt that can help him read the other competitors. That will definitely come in handy, especially since he lied about what he does for a living.

Other than that I don’t have much to say about this guy.  He isn’t one of my favorites, but I don’t dislike him. My guess is that he will be a floater. He isn’t a threat, but he isn’t weak. Good luck Derrick!


haydenvoss_bioThe surfer who currently lives in Long Beach, California.  He immediately showed us he is friendly and can play a decent social game. I don’t think he is even trying. He just has that goofy personality.  Work with what you got kid.

He also proved to us early on that he can really bring it in the physical competitions having given Caleb a run for his money in last night’s HOH competition. I’m not that interested in Hayden as a cast member, but I have a feeling he will be around for a while.  He should play it careful though because he has already put a target on his back with the other strong physical competitors in the house.


jocastaodom_bioDon’t get me started on this woman.  Her personality makes me want to vomit.  First, what was that reference to sleeping with random men and women about? Did I miss something or miss hear something? And I get it, she is a motivational speaker and minister. What she really is, is annoying.  She just wants attention. It’s obvious from the way she talks to the flashy pointless bow ties she wears. I kind of count her as the pointless cast member. Get her out early and stop wasting our time. I’m also sick of her fake smile. It was episode one and I was ready to scream. She just rubbed me the wrong way.

I also saw no game in her. Yes she is a fan of the show, but who cares. She didn’t seem to work fast to find alliances or friends.  She doesn’t seem to have much physical strength. She is a wash in my eyes, but we will see. Maybe she will prove me wrong.


This girl is pretty funny, mostly because I don’t think she means to be.  She is attractive in an exotic kind of way.  She seems a little lost in the house, but obviously does want to win.  She attempted to form an HOH alliance with Frankie, but that failed when she was the first to fall out of the HOH game. I didn’t get much from her, besides that she is pretty social.  I think we have another social player on our hands. If not a social player then a pretty floater. The guys will probably keep her around for a while.


zachrance_bioHis picture should tell you all you need to know about this guy.  I first thought Cody was going to come off as a douche, but he actually came off as a pretty nice guy.  I think thought Caleb would come off as the douche, and while he did in his way, he still came off as a nice guy.  Zach on the other hand gave me the impression he was going to be a douche and then he came off as a douche.  Very self-centered and egotistical. I guess he knows what he has to offer since he describes himself as a con artist to be funny.  He could make it a decent distance in this game if he can at least get the guys banded together, otherwise with all the new twists in the game I see him going home early due to his personality.