I’m starting to wonder. Where are the responsible gun owners?

Many of the second amendment defenders like to argue that those who comment murder or mass murder are unbalanced, mentally ill and in the minority. They argue that most gun owners are stable and responsible. Yet, most of us over the past few days since the Orlando shootings who have been using the hashtags that go along with Gun Control and advocating for gun control have experienced massive amounts of hacking attempts on our Twitter, Facebook and email accounts.

I am not alone in this. Countless of my friends, colleagues, family and followers on Twitter have said the same thing. I have to ask, if you are so stable then why are you so unable to disagree with me in a civil way? Why aren’t you able to see me argue for gun control and say, “well that guy disagrees. I should donate to the NRA and lobby my representative in DC to continue to support the legislation in favor of my beliefs!” Instead you seem to be going with the thought process of, “These people disagree! I’m going to show them by hacking their accounts!”

Okay, there is nothing mentally stable about that. It’s insane. You are not stable. You are not decent and you are not rational. You are the exact type of irrational person that shouldn’t own a gun. If you are so angry at a person that they have to change their passwords multiple times a week you have a problem with your mentality. You need to seek help. There is nothing wrong with needing to seek help. I see a therapist once a week. It’s like good hygiene really nowadays.

Let’s go a step farther though. Do you think hacking my Twitter account or the Twitter account of my friends or followers is going to help change our views on gun control. Do you think hacking my account or attempting to and making me change my password five times in one week is going to have me wake up one day with an awakening and say, “you know what… I think I am going to support the purchase of AK-15s and AK-47s for now on!”

No, that’s just crazy talk. The only people who should have those weapons are our men and women in uniform. The men and women who are trained to protect us and keep us safe. The men and women I trust and honor and respect. The men and women like my father. The men and women like the ones who kept us safe during the LA Pride parade this past Sunday (thank you to all who were there watching out for us)!

The more crazy all of you “responsible gun owners” get with your “logical” attacks the less responsible gun owners I really think are out there.

Let us grieve – #OrlandoShooting

Since the Orlando shootings I have wanted to write, but I have found myself unable to write more than the restricted text length of a tweet because of the rainbow of emotions I experience in the matter of one minute every minute of the day. I’m sad and torn apart.

How could this happen. How could a man see two men kissing and resort to murdering 50 unarmed innocent people? How can this person enter a venue for expressing love, pride, celebration and jubilation and shoot over 100 people? How can this one person cause fear in people across an entire nation at events, public places, parades, festivals, clubs, and bars? How do we live in a country where a man who, at least for a while, was on a terror watch list and was still able to purchase an assault weapon? How do we live in a country where a man with a history of spousal abuse is able to purchase a firearm and work for a federally contracted security firm and hold a weapon for that firm?

How do we live in a country where a tragedy of this nature turns into a political debate in under 12 hours? How do we live in a country where politicians turn a tragedy to a story about them? How do we live in a country where politicians like Rick Scott try to deny that a massacre was not a hate crime when the shooter said he saw two gay men kissing then went into a gay night club and shot 100 gay men and women? How do we live in a country where people are more worried about the right to own assault rifles then letting the mourning actually mourn? My questions are endless. My pain is deep and my anger is soaring.

Yes, a lot of those who are distraught over the Orlando shooting took to social media to shout out in anger over gun laws, over the fact that a man who was once under FBI investigation was able to legally purchase an assault weapon and that we still don’t have sensible gun laws that could have prevented him from purchasing this rapid fire weapon so easily, yet I still don’t understand the need for the far right to attack. Of course people are upset. Of course people are going to vent their frustration. Let them. Let us!

After the Charleston, NC shooting the same thing happened and no one took your guns away. No legislations were enacted. After the tragedy in Sandy Hook the same cries were made and nothing happened to your guns.  It’s a form of grieving, yet you second amendment buffoons can’t see through your hatred of the left and your obsession with life taking weapons to see that people are grieving. If this was a random Monday, then fine. Polarize and argue your politics.  Until then, can you open your hearts up a little and leave people alone?

The gun control fight will continue, but for a few days give us space to be angry and yell and cry. It’s a fair request. Have a heart.

I don’t know anyone searching you out saying, you know what… let me find a gun loving 2nd amendment toting person to harass today… No. All I see are people tweeting each other messages of love, messages of agreed outrage until we are attacked by your disagreement. Back off. Go tweet with your loyalist who actually care about your views on guns and that you love holding a powerful life taking weapon. Until then respect our right to feel hurt.

Respect us. Respect our right to be angry that this man legally purchased a gun that could shoot massive amounts of people in seconds. In my world, you don’t need an assault rifle or military weapon to kill Bambi for dinner.

The last thing we need right now in our grief is people sending us insults and angry messages. A woman with the twitter handle @msalott whose twitter bio reads, “Christian due to Grace of God thru Jesus Christ! Wife and Mother and Proud Grandmother who believes in my Country and it’s greatness! Donald Trump supporter!” sent me countless tweets attacking me on my views on guns, my grief, and slams on Islam and Muslim’s as well as personal insults then asked me why I was just looking to hate her…

Lady… if you are going to send me messages of attack out of the blue, let me remind you, I don’t search for people to tweet. I respond when tweeted to only. But, when you are going to send me messages of attack out of the blue you best believe I am going to hate you. You best believe in my grief and anger I am going to educate you on my views and you should also know my anger is going to grow at the hypocrisy of you labeling yourself as a Christian and not having the respect to understand and allow people to grieve in the face of tragedy. These people are disgusting. These people are heartless. These people are not American.

Let us grieve. At the very least remember the names of those who were lost because maybe that will make you think twice when you are so nasty:

  • Edward Sotomayor Jr., 34.
  • Stanley Almodovar III, 23.
  • Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, 20.
  • Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22.
  • Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera, 36.
  • Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz, 22.
  • Luis S. Vielma, 22.
  • Kimberly Morris, 37.
  • Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, 30.
  • Darryl Roman Burt II, 29.
  • Deonka Deidra Drayton, 32.
  • Alejandro Barrios Martinez, 21.
  • Anthony Luis Laureanodisla, 25.
  • Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, 35.
  • Franky Jimmy Dejesus Velazquez, 50.
  • Amanda Alvear, 25.
  • Martin Benitez Torres, 33.
  • Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon, 37.
  • Mercedez Marisol Flores, 26.
  • Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado, 35.
  • Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez, 25.
  • Simon Adrian Carrillo Fernandez, 31.
  • Oscar A. Aracena-Montero, 26.
  • Enrique L. Rios Jr., 25.
  • Miguel Angel Honorato, 30.
  • Javier Jorge-Reyes, 40.
  • Joel Rayon Paniagua, 32.
  • Jason Benjamin Josaphat, 19.
  • Cory James Connell, 21.
  • Juan P. Rivera Velazquez, 37.
  • Luis Daniel Conde, 39.
  • Shane Evan Tomlinson, 33.
  • Juan Chevez-Martinez, 25.
  • Jerald Arthur Wright, 31.
  • Leroy Valentin Fernandez, 25.
  • Tevin Eugene Crosby, 25.
  • Jonathan Antonio Camuy Vega, 24.
  • Jean C. Nives Rodriguez, 27.
  • Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala, 33.
  • Brenda Lee Marquez McCool, 49.
  • Yilmary Rodriguez Sulivan, 24.
  • Christopher Andrew Leinonen, 32.
  • Angel L. Candelario-Padro, 28.
  • Frank Hernandez, 27.
  • Paul Terrell Henry, 41.
  • Antonio Davon Brown, 29.
  • Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz, 24.
  • Akyra Monet Murray, 18.



A Letter on Racism from a Black HS Student

12654509_970609056350048_2529371753163006438_nAfter posting my opinion on the issue I wanted to share what has gone on back home in Springfield, Virginia at the high school I graduated from back in 2004. What better way than to let the source speak for herself. After obtaining full permission from Ms. Hill to quote her post I have decided not to paraphrase it, but instead to post it as she intended. The racial injustice speaks for itself:

I am a 17 year old junior at West Springfield High School in Springfield, Virginia. I am involved in Black Student Union (BSU), a new club here at WSHS. Every year at my school we hold a MANDATORY ATTENDANCE Black History Month assembly in the month of February. In prior years it has been handled by teachers or leadership. This year however due to leadership not wanting to be involved and the creation of the BSU we were allowed the great opportunity to put together this assembly to educate the school community on our history and culture.

We have put in many hours during and after school to make this assembly the best it could possibly be under the impression we would have two 30 minutes shows during the school day which the whole school was required to attend.

Yesterday, February 9, 2016, we were informed that unlike years before the Black History Month assembly would consist of one show for an hour that would be OPTIONAL ATTENDANCE for students and teachers. This morning at 7:30 am members of the BSU, including myself, talked to the principal and an administrator about why the change was put in place, why were not informed of this change earlier, and to voice our concerns and opinions regarding the sudden change. We all sat in the conference room for about 30 minutes discussing the issue.

They did admit that they were wrong in this situation because they failed to tell us it has been an OPTIONAL assembly from the start. For that we were all very grateful. However when asked about why this assembly was made OPTIONAL while every other assembly has been and will remain MANDATORY we did not get a straightforward answer. At this point we were all frustrated with the direction this conversation seemed to be going. Though disheartened, annoyed, frustrated, blatantly disrespected we continued to conduct ourselves as young adults to the best of our ability. We had no outbursts of the emotions we were feeling, no one cut the adults off while they were talking, we stayed in order the whole time.

Our principal still found reason to believe we were being “hostile” towards him. This is where the problem really started. He then went on to tell us how the teachers would rather us spend our learning seminars in class for educational purposes. To my knowledge learning seminars are NOT supposed to be for teaching but a time for students to study materials given to them beforehand. By him saying this we took it to mean him nor the teachers believed a Black History Month assembly would be educational. The majority of our school’s race is white. They use the words Nigga, Nigger, and Negro on a regular basis. They ask questions and make comments about our hair, our black features, our backgrounds, that should NEVER even be a thought to come out of their mouths. They have set stereotypes about us that make us seem much less than we are. We are categorized as “them” or when being talked to “you guys” “your kind/type” or “your people”.

This is what we tried to explain to our principal to get him to understand why this is a necessary educational assembly. Black people our outright disrespected everyday in our school. A kid walked around the school for an entire day with a confederate flag shirt on that read “Redneck Lives Matter”. Nothing was done to stop him. We also brought this issue up in the meeting. The answer we got from our principal was “This is Virginia. The confederate capital”. This is when our administrator began to talk. She also apologized for them “dropping the ball” but also stuck with the principal on how the assembly was made to be OPTIONAL from the beginning.

Once again we asked why is this assembly OPTIONAL when every year before it’s been MANDATORY and why is the Black History Month assembly the only OPTIONAL assembly this year. The answer we got was even worse than the principal’s. She told us that she wouldn’t want anybody to sit through anything they were not interested in and how education comes first. Two very wrong statements on her part. We are forced to sit through many things in school that we are not interested in which are not in any way educational. The homecoming assembly and pep rally for example. I know quite a few students who would rather not be sitting in the gym watching the dance team performance or the sports teams be presented. But these assemblies and pep rallies are MANDATORY. We cannot opt out and choose not to go though we are not learning anything that will benefit us in the future. The same way that we are not able to not go to useless pep rallies we should not be able to not go to an educational assembly.

At the end of the meeting we were told that they will “try” to see what they can do to make this assembly MANDATORY but once again education comes first. The Black History assembly is educational. Our school NEEDS to know who we are and who we are not. We are not all thugs in jail. We are not all ghetto or ratchet. We do graduate and become doctors and lawyers even presidents. We are every bit as important as any other race.

Today in that meeting we felt as if we were being told that we do not matter enough to be able to show the whole school who we really are. Today we were disrespected by our principal and administration. The BSU has been working from the start to educate the school and try to make them see US as a people and not what they hear on the radio or see on the news or in movies or on tv. All we want to do is be recognized for who we really are as young black people. Today we were told that most likely we will not get the recognition we deserve because we aren’t as important as the dance team or people on sports teams. This isn’t about a show or an assembly it’s about West Springfield High School not caring about their Black community. The BSU will not stop until we get everyone to listen to what we have to say. Black People matter too. Please share to get the word out about what is happening at my school.


That is what Ms. Hill has to say. It breaks my heart. I wrote the principal and shared with him how I feel. I hope you will do the same!

West Springfield High School – Racial Injustice for Black History Month

Dear Mr. Mukai,

As a former graduate of West Springfield High School (WSHS), class of 2004, I was very disheartened to hear that the current administration does not find Black History Month to be educational or a valuable lesson for the current student body. Every year, as you know, WSHS has hosted a MANDATORY Black History Month Assembly. However vague and brief the assembly was it was an opportunity for the few black students at the school to highlight the struggles their ancestors have experienced throughout history.

I couldn’t have been more impressed to learn that the Black Student Union (BSU) at West Springfield was able to secure an individual who marched alongside Dr. King in Selma to come and speak about his experiences as a protester during the Civil Rights Movement with all of the students at your institution. Yet you sat in a room of black students at your school and said education was more important. How is this experience not educational and of the utmost importance?

When I was a student at West Springfield High School the administration valued cultural and racial differences. It embraced celebrating the diversity in which we all were being raised around. That is one of the things I loved about the annual Black History Month assembly and the high school I attended.

In a time when we watch people around the country scream racial slurs, we see racial unrest and even issues like xenophobia it seems that the Black History Month assembly would be ever more important at a predominantly white affluent school like West Springfield High School.

As J.H. Clarke said:

History tells a people where they have been and what they have been, where they are and what they are. Most important, history tells a people where they still must go and what they still must be.

 A school that allows students to wear the confederate flag as clothing because Virginia is the “capital of the South” is a school that should learn to educate students on all sides of the issues. It is a school that clearly has students that need to be educated on where we still must go and still must be as a people.

There is no doubt, as is said on countless sites about this issue and by the BSU that white students constantly use “words like Nigga, Nigger and Negro on a regular basis.” and ask questions to black students about their “hair, our black features, our backgrounds, that should NEVER even be thought to come out of their mouths. They have set stereotypes about us that make us seem much less than we are.”

If you wonder why Black History Month is important and a day to teach about race and the related struggles look right there.

When you have students taunting black students with shirts of the confederate flag or shirts that read “redneck lives matter” I almost wonder if the administration needs a sensitivity training seminar to realize the systemic issues going on within your school. In the past two years I have heard many alarming issues coming out of your halls that weren’t there when I was a student. From our former band director being sent off to prison for soliciting students for sex under your roof to disenfranchising black students, something has to be done!

I stand with the students and will loudly and proudly do so. I hope you will do the right thing and reinstate the mandatory assemblies.


Bobby Argabrite (formerly Whetsell as a student)

Fairfax County School District
Fairfax County Superintendent

Trump, The Childish Politician

20150817-Donald-TrumpThe first votes have been counted. Iowans have caucused and their voices have been heard. Good Lord people are not happy about it. On the Republican side we have Trump is claiming outright fraud. On the Democrats side of the aisle we have Bernie Sanders considering a recount.

The entire night I was biting my fingernails and gasping for air as the results trickled in. As I watched the commentators on CNN discuss the different voters they spoke with I thought one thing. We really need to educate our citizens. I kept asking myself so many repeated questions. How are people arriving at the caucus sites undecided? Do they not educate themselves before arriving? How can people support candidates with no political experience and no experience in how Washington works? How do people not understand how congress works and how the president works with congress to get their initiatives passed?

When they finally were announced I realized one thing. Education needs to be an even bigger focus of our nation than it already is.

The night resulted in Donald Trump losing the Iowa Caucus in a huge upset to Ted Cruz with Rubio right behind him in third place.

GOP Iowa Results

It came as a surprise to him, but not just to him. It came as a surprise to the media, the Republican’s and many others. Trump was polling ahead of the other candidates and had his ego telling him he would win. So what happens when Donald Trump loses something he expects to win? He throws a tantrum.

This is the problem with non-politicians running for political office. They don’t get the realities of elections. Polling isn’t the reality of how election results will turnout. You can’t depend on what polls say. In 2008 Hillary was expected to lose New Hampshire and she won. You never know what will happen in primaries or elections and a true politician knows that and handles it with grace in public.

None-the-less we got to watch the equivalent of a petulant child meltdown in public and on social media over the loss of 1 out of 49 state primaries/caucuses. Never in my life have I seen a politician behave this way.


First off, yes Ted Cruz is flamboyant, but when did politicians start using insults like that? And when did we start wanting people who aren’t politicians in political office? People with no experience in politics, without experience running a country, running government jobs, in a powerful government position. It makes no sense. He is an embarrassment. Name a first world nation whose leader behaves like this in public!

He continued with a rant on fraud, yet has no proof of fraud.




20150817-Donald-TrumpListen Trump ( and Sanders for that matter), Iowa is one state. When you lose the first state out of many you need to be mature about it. You need to show you have the political chops and know how to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move on to the next primary.

Childishly lashing out is pathetic. It’s for the school yard, not for national politics. The fact that Trump is still playing well on a national political stage is beyond me. It scares me to death and it leads me to believe one thing… We need to invest more in our education system.

How did we get to a place where so many people are voting for a man with no experience and leading a campaign based on hate, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, ignorance and inexperience… lack of education. How are people still supporting Trump for president after watching his childish meltdown post Iowa Caucus? Lack of education is the only answer I can come up with. If you knew that a president of the United States should never act like that then you wouldn’t vote for him.


Refugees are human beings. We should accept them into the US!

downloadIt’s no secret that I wholeheartedly believe that the United States should accept Syrian refugees and help them resettle here in the land of the free, the brave and the land where you can dream of a better tomorrow.  Since the Paris Attacks in November which were then followed by the attack in San Bernardino the debate as to whether the US should accept Syrian refugees has ignited a firestorm across the country.

Some fear that terrorist will use the refugee resettlement program as a way to sneak into our country while some of these people still realize not all Muslims or Syrians are terrorists. Others fear all Muslims out of a pure xenophobic and discriminatory belief system want to enter our country with negative objectives in their hearts (which I couldn’t disagree with more).

I was recently presented with a question and I wanted to give it some steady thought and dedicated time before I hastily responded. I was asked the following:

Okay so lets assume we have 10,000 refugees come into the country. But let’s be conservative and not get crazy with the numbers. So lets not suggest that 10% or even 5% of the refugees sympathize with ISIS. Lets say just 2.5% sympathize. That’s only 250 people.

Do you feel 250 members in a 2nd Amendment country is a good idea knowing that 22 other Arab nations have not taken a single refugee for fear of national security issues. (Google how many the Saudis have resettled refugees).

I should start by saying this is from a Twitter follower who I do not know in person, but have grown to respect over time, even though we sit on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Now with that said we can continue.

The person that asked me this question approached me with a correct number. The Obama Administration is prepared to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next year. After that first sentence I leave any understanding of where the rest of the question or figures come from. This person and I disagree on a lot of points being that I come at everything from a liberal slant and he comes from a conservative slant. He isn’t going to be shocked to find out that I am baffled here with the rest of his question, at least I think he won’t be.

“Lets say just 1.5% sympathize. That’s only 250 people.” Here he, along with a lot of Americans and conservatives, have a natural assumption of a few things:

  1. That refugees aren’t in fact fleeing war-torn areas where their families are being murdered, tortured and bombed. These people seem to think the refugees aren’t trying to escape a world that those of us living in a privileged first world country could never imagine.
  2. The other assumption that there are 250 people aiming to enter the country through the Refugee Vetting Process is absurd because of the length of time the vetting process takes and because of the volume of refugees. To put a number like 250 or 500 or even 5 refugees are likely to be terrorists via this process is an impossible figure to come to in my opinion. There is no basis for that assumption or conclusion in my opinion.

There are 4.2 million Syrian refugees. 850,000 of which attempting to move to Europe, 10,000 of which Obama wants to allow into the United States. They then must go through a minimum of an 18 month vetting process. With ISIS’ need to cause immediate fear and terror my belief is that the refugee vetting process isn’t going to be the direction they would take. Not to mention single men and women or couples without children who have traveled to areas of unrest will standout in the very in-depth vetting process singling them out to our government which I have full faith in.


2nd Amendment

This Twitter follower and friend also asked me if it is appropriate to allow possible terrorists sympathizers into a “2nd Amendment country” and at the same time supports the 2nd Amendment like a lot of conservatives. In one instant he retweeted this:


If you are a liberal you can probably tell where I am going with this, but let me get my thoughts together here. Let’s start from the bottom up. If we took control of our out-of-control gun crazy country we could ease the fear my friend here has of this being a 2nd Amendment country and possible terrorist sympathizers gaining access to guns. If Republicans and the NRA would stop standing in the way of bills, such as the one trying to make it illegal for people on the no fly list to buy guns, then we would be making huge strides in making this country safer. We would also be making giant leaps in helping to prevent terrorist sympathizers, both from abroad and homegrown, gain access to guns.

We need to close the gun show loophole by requiring criminal background checks on all purchases taking place at all events where firearms are being sold. We need to make sure all gun sales in America are being tracked and all those purchasing guns are being given background checks and being monitored for our safety. The safety of the American public. We need to ban military style weapons. Since when did you need an assault rifle to hunt for deer or birds? You don’t!

We can have our 2nd Amendment, but it’s time we take a hard look at the realities of the 2nd Amendment and what it entails. Why do we need to be an armed country as if we aren’t under constant threat of invasion? Do you know who is in constant threat of invasion and assault in their homes? The Syrian Refugees if they can’t flee Syria and have to stay in their homes over run by ISIS.


No Arab Nation is Taking Syrian Refugees:

Turkey has taken 1.9 million refugees overwhelming the country. Lebanon has taking 1.1 million refugees increasing the population by 25%.  Jordan has taken 629,000 refugees while Egypt has taken 132,375 refugees. Neighboring Iraq, a war town country itself has taken another 249,400 refugees. The United Arab Emirates have taken in 250,000 refugees.

The simple fact is that many Arab nations are accepting Syrian refugees. In fact The countries that are, for the most part, are members of the 1951 UN treaty on refugees and have been holding up their end of the deal. The Gulf countries not participating have given their responses with claims of helping over 500,000 refugees via funding of the other Arab nations, non-classification of refugees as refugees and other responses along those lines. Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, or Bahrain accept Refugees flat out? You’ll have to pick up the phone and give them a call. In the meantime though I’d take a good look at the way the world is coming together and helping humanity. A handful, four countries, aren’t participating in a movement doesn’t mean we have to join forces and stick our nose up at those in need.


I wish Rosie O’Donnell would step up her feud with Donald Trump again!

Rosie-ODonnell-Mike-Tyson-Live-On-Stage-Opening-Show-Las-Vegas-Nevada-April-14-2012For as long as I have been aware of who Rosie O’Donnell is I have had a love and hate relationship as far as my opinion on her has gone.  Yet, as I look back at who she is and what she stands for I don’t know that my judgments of her have been fair.

Rosie has had an impressive career that I have rather enjoyed over the years.  To top it off she has taken the fruits of that labor and funneled a lot of the money she has earned into charities without expecting recognition for her charitable work. In 2006 Tyra Banks pointed out on her show that most people don’t realize that at that point Rosie had given over $100 million to charity.

I personally work in the nonprofit world.  It’s my belief that if you have the means you should give back to your local, national or global community. As long as you have a passion, you should support that passion and help make the world a better place. Something Rosie has done time and time again.

She has human issues from health to family troubles. That’s no different than any of us. The only difference is her issues get dragged through the media. So yea, I probably have been too hard on her.

I think my issues with her in the past have stemmed from her harsh outward persona.

With that all said I have always appreciated her public feud with Donald Trump. I still remember watching her fight with Trump begin in 2006 when she shared her opinions on him after the Miss USA drama of Tara Conner’s drug use. Not to mention her decision to also call him out on his bankruptcy filings and similarities to a snake oil salesman.

Year after year, Donald continued to jab at her. Mostly on Twitter. My guess is because he knew if he attacked her it would get him in the press. Funny enough if you look at the timeline of their “feud” most of the time Rosie takes the high road. She tells him to get list, take a hike or just calls him an ass and leaves it at that. Good for you girl!

Following the first republican debate of the 2016 presidential primary season after Donald Trump again insulted Rosie she simply replied on Twitter by saying, “Try explaining that to your kids.”

The primary season had just begun. No one in their right mind, besides some red necks I’m sure, were taking Trump seriously in this debate. I don’t think Trump was taking himself seriously at the time. Of course she didn’t have more to say of her feuding partner.

Now, months later Trump has proven himself to unfortunately be a real candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. It makes me sick to even write those words!

According to Edge Media, when Rosie was recently asked about Trump’s campaign she simple had to say:

It’s a nightmare…That’s my quote

I want to say, good for you girl. Stay above it and stay out of it so he doesn’t attack you. Rosie has enough going on. She has some major issues going on in her personal life and she doesn’t need drama with this crazy man.

With that said, someone needs to stand up to Trump. We have a man with one of the largest platforms in the country, if not the world, spouting of the worst rhetoric we have heard in a long time coming from a presidential candidate.

From xenophobic comments, to racist comments, to islamophobic comments Trump is doing nothing but further dividing a nation in turmoil. In a time where our country finds itself divided we need a leader who can bring us together. We need a leader with compassion in their heart. That is not Trump. We need a leader that can see the bigger picture. We need a leader that can pull people of all backgrounds regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion and socioeconomic status to the table. This is something Trump cannot do. He feeds hate. He feeds anger. He feeds divisiveness and distrust.

Rosie has an interesting opportunity. A voice that a lot of people don’t. She is well versed on the issues and politically involved up until recently. She is experienced in the talk show world and in battling Trump in the public arena.

It’s obviously not her wish or desire to debate Trump or engage with him and I respect that. None-the-less I do wish she would take a stand and use her voice and platform to say enough is enough. She is a strong woman. An impressive woman and a woman people listen to. A woman I respect and I think others do too. Trump is out-of-line and it’s time we put an end to a presidential candidate spouting off:

  • Racist commentary in a time of racial unrest in our country. In a time when we are seeing increased protest, racial violence and dissatisfaction across our nation.
  • Xenophobic comments in a time when we are having a public debate in the face of a global humanitarian refugee crisis. We may not all agree on what the solution is, but having a political candidate yelling and feeding fuel to the fire from one of the largest podiums in the country is hurting our nation more than helping.
  • Nazi like commentary which sets us back decades and pushes forward Nazi sympathizer mentalities and supports KKK and skinhead type organizations across this country is unacceptable.
  • Islamophobic commentary that should never be spoken by a presidential candidate. No candidate should ever single out a specific ethnicity or minority group. We are a nation of immigrants that welcomes all people. If Trump is too ignorant to realize that he shouldn’t be running for president.

I’ve wished for weeks that the right person would step up and take him on in the media. I’ve wondered who that would be. Could it be the Republican Party? No, it can’t be because Trump will just keep threatening them. Could it be Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? No, neither of them could do it to the fullest extent because they have to keep a certain reputation as candidates. Could it be someone in the media? No, Trump goes after the media and we saw what he did to Megyn Kelly.

I do wish Rosie would challenge him. Maybe she could take some of the spotlight off of his campaign. Maybe she could make him look stupid to those who support him. Maybe I am just desperate for any opportunity to take him down because he is almost scarier than George W. Bush getting a third term.

It feels like Trump has a strangle hold on our country. Everyone from the media, to his fellow candidates to celebrities and anyone else with a voice that will be heard seems afraid to challenge him. I’m sick of this dictator. He does not represent America and what we stand for. It’s time we speak out against him. He is a nightmare is not enough anymore even if his candidacy could be the best thing for the Democratic Party.