1/2 of America Elected a Bigot, We Elect to Protest!

People keep asking me on Twitter and Facebook why I bother to sign petitions for things that seem 100% unlikely to affect change in the world in the way I hope they will.  Someone told me not to speak out on a topic that bothered me, cyber bullying, because he thinks it just repeats the message of the cyber bully as opposed to highlighting that there is an issue of cyber bullying which was my intent. I’m here to tell you after eight years of the Obama Administration I know firsthand that is not how things work.

If the Republican Party has taught us anything it is that America allows you to speak up when you disagree, to act when you see something you disagree with and to protest when you do not like the actions of government representatives. They’ve spent the entire eight years that Obama was in office trying to implement obstructionist games into politics.

dumptrump1Now I am not advocating for obstructionist politics. I am advocating for citizen interaction and citizen participation in politics. A lot of Donald Trump supporters seem to think the majority of Americans have spoken and that the majority of America has accepted the Trump brand of bigotry. A brand that bans Muslims, builds walls to keep Mexicans from entering our country, defiles women, demeans and discriminates against the LGBTQ community and much worse.

I hate to break it to Trump’s supporters, but that is not the case. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so after some soul-searching I have realized that America isn’t so bad. We are fractured, but not broken. We are wounded on the battlefield, but we are not dead. We are limping, but we are able to walk.

With that in mind, we must continue to fight. It’s all we have. We must continue to use our voices. As J.K. Rowling once said, “I think it’s important that scared gay kids who aren’t out yet see hate speech challenged.” Yet, I think we should take that a step farther and say to all the scared kids of America, to the scared Latino, Muslim and other children out there in our country scared of President-elect Trump need that we are with them.

The 24 hour news cycle, the media really wanted to bring in the money with Trump’s idiocy throughout the campaign and tap into the anger of his electorate. Well know they are going to see the anger of the other half of America as we begin to show our frustration, our pain and our fear for the direction America is headed in.

America has elected a man who has told very large populations of Americans that we are simply not good enough to be a part of this country. America has elected a man who has told a very large part of this country that we do not deserve to be treated as equal human beings.

With his promise to pass an LGBTQ discrimination law he promises to allow businesses, healthcare providers, employers and even landlords to deny services to us. Sound familiar? Our country is moving backwards, but instead of basing this discrimination on the color of our skin it will be based on who we chose to love.

To add to this pain many people will be torn away from their families and deported from our country if he revokes some of President Obama’s executive orders or implements some of his promised Immigration Reforms.

His rhetoric has already started to cause horrifying effects on individuals across the country. It was reported on Twitter by a writer for the Guardian US Zach Stafford that 8 transgender youth committed suicide after learning Trump was elected President.

In Los Angeles, California Trump supporters followed a gay man out of a bar screaming “we have a new president you fucking faggots,” according to U.S. Uncut and then beat the man unconscious.

This election has gone beyond party politics. For those men and women
who voted for Trump because 4ede778b-eb94-41fe-af0a-079ce91a2226-large16x9_aptopixelectionilli_dimathey couldn’t see past party politics or abstained from voting at all over party politics, you failed to look at the larger picture. That people’s lives which hung in the balance.

When a man is endorsed by hate groups and runs his campaign on a message of hate it should be our moral obligation to stand in his way. 46.6% of Americans stayed home and didn’t participate in this election. We need to ask why.

Why didn’t 46.6% of Americans say?

  • An endorsement by the KKK is too much for me. This man can’t be my president!
  • Tapes of this man demeaning women and crudely wanting to grab them by the privates is too much for me. I can’t allow him to be president.
  • A man calling to round-up Muslims, put them in a database, ask them to wear a symbol in much the same way Hitler required Jews to do in Nazi Germany is too much for me. I must vote against him.
  • The blatant bigotry toward Mexicans and Latinos is too much regardless of my immigration views. I must vote against him.

Where are our values America?

Now there is one particular action we can take today to show our dissatisfaction. It probably won’t change anything, taking us back to my opening statement as to why sign a petition if the end result is not changing anything. I ask you to look at this petition because it will send a message that we are not happy with the way things have ended in the 2016 election.

The New York Post wrote an article titled, The one scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House By Laura Italiano that says:

“There is technically nothing stopping any of the electors from voting their conscience and refusing to support the candidate to whom they were bound, or from abstaining from voting altogether.”

You can sign the petition asking Electoral College Electors to make Hillary Clinton president on December 19th. As of the time of this posting the petition already has 1,181,102 signatures sending a pretty big message that we are not going to accept bigotry in the oval office. The popular vote went to Hillary Clinton and we expect a better America than the one Trump proposed to us throughout the election.

Love Trumps Hate