#GaysForTrump… HARD PASS #ImWithHer because I Love Myself

#GaysForTrump keep trolling me, but I am educated and know why I am with Hillary Clinton. On November 8th Vote for Hillary Clinton #VoteIRL#ImWithHer

This is pretty astounding. #GaysForTrump they keep going. I expected it. Asked for it even. Come on. Once I started getting trolled online the costume came to me. But then I get this ridiculous commentary on one of my Halloween pictures on my Facebook page. So I had to respond both in writing and via YouTube above.

First of all. You couldn’t be more tacky to put up a billboard in Florida days before the election trying to tie Trump to the tragedy of Pulse Night Club. The election, Trump and the tragedy that occurred at Pulse Night Club months ago have nothing to do with each other and your desperation to try and pull it all back together is sickening.

Also, it’s a billboard. It’s not performing. It isn’t speaking. Take a picture. You don’t need a silent video of it on YouTube or maybe say something in the background. It’s a non-moving billboard buddy. No one needs to watch a video of a tacky billboard that uses our pain for your wannabe political gain.

You also try to pull in the typical #GaysForTrump argument that you won’t support Hillary because she wants Muslims to Kill the gays in one of your videos. You do realize the official newspaper of the KKK endorsed Trump this week? https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/the-kkks-official-newspap…/

The KKK is no friend of ours, the LGBTQ, community. They are more likely to pull us out back behind a bar and beat us to death here at home than our Muslim brothers and sisters. In their endorsement the KKK mocks Caitlin Jenner and the Transgender community out right. But you look the other way #GaysForTrump . Here at home Muslims are our friends.The KKK is not. Not where I was raised. Not how I was raised. Radical jihadist are our enemy. There is a difference to those of us who are educated and understand.

You also argue in one of your video links below that the liberals just want our vote so we should come over to your party and Trump. The GOP has the most anti-LGBTQ platform in history. As the New York Times put it, “It repudiates same-sex marriage, despite strong support for this constitutional right in the nation at large. The party invokes “natural marriage” and states’ rights for determining which bathrooms transgender people may use, and it defends merchants who would deny service to gay customers.”

So I will firmly tell you I will never come over to your party of hate and ignorance. I will stand strongly and firmly in front of my friends and argue my case as to why they should never as well.

Trump’s “anti-LGBT team” include. among many, Tony Perkins, Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz, James Dobson, Marco Rubio, Mike Pence and Sam Brownback.

In December Trump loudly spoke out in support of the Religious Freedom Law. He openly supports North Carolina’s Discriminatory HB 2 law.

Don’t get me started on the horrid person he picked as his running mate who couldn’t care less if you or I as gay men in America were alive.

Mike Pence is widely known to be anti-LGBT, but go ahead and proudly pretend that Hillary is the anti-LGBTQ candidate. Pretend the woman who stood with us at pride and who sang in triumph when we won equality is the one who hates us….

But you are wrong. Pence signed Indiana’s Notorious Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Bill Into Law providing a defense for individuals and businesses who cite their religious beliefs while discriminating against LGBT people as if we were lesser than our fellow Americans. WE ARE NOT.

Pence opposed nondiscrimination protections for transgender students, but the real kicker is that he believes and supports conversion therapy.

So Trump Gays. You can waste all the money in the world on your billboards and silent still YouTube videos as if we aren’t in 2016 with technology that allows sound and movement in movies today…

But the LGBTQ community is largely with Hillary and no matter how much you push out your ignorance you aren’t going to change that.

Good luck, good night and may your God be with you because you clearly need him to be.