I’m starting to wonder. Where are the responsible gun owners?

Many of the second amendment defenders like to argue that those who comment murder or mass murder are unbalanced, mentally ill and in the minority. They argue that most gun owners are stable and responsible. Yet, most of us over the past few days since the Orlando shootings who have been using the hashtags that go along with Gun Control and advocating for gun control have experienced massive amounts of hacking attempts on our Twitter, Facebook and email accounts.

I am not alone in this. Countless of my friends, colleagues, family and followers on Twitter have said the same thing. I have to ask, if you are so stable then why are you so unable to disagree with me in a civil way? Why aren’t you able to see me argue for gun control and say, “well that guy disagrees. I should donate to the NRA and lobby my representative in DC to continue to support the legislation in favor of my beliefs!” Instead you seem to be going with the thought process of, “These people disagree! I’m going to show them by hacking their accounts!”

Okay, there is nothing mentally stable about that. It’s insane. You are not stable. You are not decent and you are not rational. You are the exact type of irrational person that shouldn’t own a gun. If you are so angry at a person that they have to change their passwords multiple times a week you have a problem with your mentality. You need to seek help. There is nothing wrong with needing to seek help. I see a therapist once a week. It’s like good hygiene really nowadays.

Let’s go a step farther though. Do you think hacking my Twitter account or the Twitter account of my friends or followers is going to help change our views on gun control. Do you think hacking my account or attempting to and making me change my password five times in one week is going to have me wake up one day with an awakening and say, “you know what… I think I am going to support the purchase of AK-15s and AK-47s for now on!”

No, that’s just crazy talk. The only people who should have those weapons are our men and women in uniform. The men and women who are trained to protect us and keep us safe. The men and women I trust and honor and respect. The men and women like my father. The men and women like the ones who kept us safe during the LA Pride parade this past Sunday (thank you to all who were there watching out for us)!

The more crazy all of you “responsible gun owners” get with your “logical” attacks the less responsible gun owners I really think are out there.