The Truth about #MEMEGate and I’m def. Not feeling #TheBern. Sick of being bullied by #BernieBros

This election has gotten out of control. I have been under Bernie supporter attack for the past 24 or 48 hours. I don’t even know how long it has been. They accuse me of taking someone’s artwork or meme to Get Out the Vote for Bernie Sanders and altering it to support Hillary.

Now the internet and social media are full of memes that get alterd and shared. This is an everyday happening. Most people in my twitter feed came to my defense and most just found the entire situation hilarious. It’s a meme! It’s a twitter picture. It’s a get out the vote picture. What is the big deal.

Not to mention, I didn’t even alter the original. I found it on twitter while searching hashtags. I don’t remember which one, but I am sure it was something like #WIPrimary, #WisconsinPrimary or #Wisconsin. Something relating to the election because that was what the meme was about, to get the vote out for the democratic primary.

We all repost memes.

The creator of the original meme with Bernie Sanders face on it tweeted me with an insult telling me if I was going to rip off his work to at least do a better job. I tried to explain I just reposted a meme I found. Naturally, the faceless profile of the Sanders supporter didn’t believe me. Soon he and a couple of his followers were sending me constant tweets asking where I found the picture then.

I replied honestly, “I found it on Twitter.”

That wasn’t good enough. They wanted the person responsible for altering the picture. Well, I didn’t know who was. I just found it randomly, saved it and reposted it. Just like them, I could have searched and searched to see the original posting date, but at this point I was getting trolled and attacked by multiple Bernie supporters. I didn’t want to force someone else to have to experience this. That’s what happens. Why should someone else have to be harassed and bullied? Someone I don’t even know who may not have even altered the meme or picture either? I didn’t have it in my heart to try and search some innocent person out to feed to the trolls.

“You are just like Shillery, a thief with no skill or talent.”

“You suck! At least do a good job if you are going to be a Hillary criminal”

I try to defend myself and I’m called things like faggot. The tweets got mean, personal and random since none of them were true. I never altered the picture so my design skills couldn’t have been in question.

The tweets just came and came. I made light of them as most of my followers did. Then they got aggressive so I started blocking everyone. One after the other they do start to chip at you a little. None-the-less it’s just twitter.

I woke up today thinking it would subside, but of course constant Bernie supporter attacks, “You shouldn’t steal people’s property.” It’s a meme on twitter. Everyone reposts them. Find me a meme on twitter that hasn’t been reposted more than once?

Then out of the blue I get an email from a Hillary group I respected:

Next time though don’t rip someone design no matter how pissed off you are. It’s gonna bite you in the end. Also im ho it makes it look like a cheap act and we are above that. They tagged us in the tweet so in some way it felt it came from us

They didn’t ask me what happened. I wasn’t pissed off. I just wanted to post a get out the vote meme for Wisconsin and I did when I found one I liked on Twitter that someone else had posted first. They didn’t try to listen to logic. They just heard the call of the BernieBro attacks and accusations and joined in the BernieBro attacks.

I reposted a MEME. There are countless memes on the internet. It was a get out the vote poster. I shouldn’t be in tears. I did nothing wrong.

Everyone needs to take a step back and remember we are progressives. We are liberals. We are all fighting for positive change. We are all fighting for love and kindness. What is the crime with reposting a Get Out the Vote poster or meme? Even if someone altered it for a different candidate? That’s what progressives are for, getting people to vote regardless of candidacy.

I feel heartbroken and letdown by my own people. I want this election to go back to what it should be, bettering America. Ending this silly childish new game of campaigning that has become the Bernie Sanders campaign.