Obama’s Budget won’t be heard by Congress, How does Bernie plan to pay for his programs?

Bernie-NRD-600Republicans, in my opinion, have been holding our country back. As we watch President Barack Obama attempt to pass the new budget in hopes of moving our country forward we  watch as they refuse to even attempt to work with him. That’s right, the house and senate republicans won’t even hear the budget proposal from our president.

As CNN states, it has been standard practice dating back to the 1970s for “the Office of Management and Budget Director or another high level administration official to present the president’s entire budget in a hearing before Congress.” Yet, the House and Senate budget committees have made an unprecedented move and have decided to not hear the budget proposal at all.

“Rather than spend time on a proposal that, if anything like this administration’s previous budgets, will double down on the same failed policies that have led to the worst economic recovery in modern times, Congress should continue our work on building a budget that balances and that will foster a healthy economy,” said House Budget Chairman Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga.

This is another example of the longstanding and growing lack of bipartisanship on the side of the republicans in Congress in which they will not work with democrats and a democratic president on approving a budget. Republicans have grown increasingly driven to pass budgets that only align with their fiscal beliefs and views.

This creates a host of problems in the present, but what it also does is raise a bunch of questions for the electorate as we continue the 2016 election process and even more so the 2016 democratic primary.

As we all know we have two candidates battling it out for the democratic nomination: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders has proposed a number of lofty programs including universal healthcare and free college for all.

He has admitted that all of his programs will drastically increase the government’s budget and require tax increases, two things the republican led House and Senate will not have anything to do with. President Obama has never suggested programs near as radical, but his current budget won’t even get reviewed! How does Sanders expect to have his budgets reviewed or even looked at when he is proposing such substantially higher expenditures for the United States?

How does Sanders expect to work with Congress when they refuse to work with a democratic president and when they refuse to come to a bipartisan budget now before Sanders has even introduced his lofty ideals? When you cast your votes realize what can and cannot be done. Hillary Clinton will not make promises she cannot deliver on!