Michael Bloomberg should stay out of the 2016 Election!

funy-cover-smallThere is one thing that I think is pretty clear, the American public is frustrated this primary season. The 2016 election is off to a frustrating start with the Republican field having an unimaginable number of candidates and the Democratic party having a contentious battle as we see our final two candidates battle it out for the party nomination.

Voters on both sides of the political spectrum are antsy to see how the primaries end up and which candidates get to claim the party nominations and run in the general election. We are ready for the bickering among ourselves to come to an end.

Yet, we now have another wrench being thrown into things. Michael Bloomberg has yet again announced that he may want to run for president of the United states. This will cause an already crazy and chaotic 2016 race to grow even more chaotic, not to mention it will harm both parties in November.

Bloomberg has a history of upsetting voters, elections and constituencies in my opinion. In New York City when Bloomberg was Mayor and he was a bout to term out he decided he hadn’t had enough time in office.

While New York voters had passed two voter referendums prior which imposed a limit of two four-year terms for the mayor of New York City Bloomberg fought hard to overturn the voter referendums. As a billionaire I guess the will of the people didn’t matter to him. He was successful in overturning term-limits. This is something I found, at the time as a New Yorker, extremely un-American and undemocratic.

Do we want a president who thinks laws don’t apply to him? Do we want a president who thinks the will and voice of the people don’t apply to him? No we don’t. We also don’t want more confusion in the process.

I think everyone who wants to run for president should have the opportunity, but Mr. Bloomberg or former Mayor Michael Bloomberg has missed his opportunity this cycle.

Michael Bloomberg thinks the people are calling on him to run, but I hate to break it to him. No one is calling on him to do anything. In fact, the head of Bloomberg Media resigned in a  effort to show just how convoluted Bloomberg’s plan to run is and how he refuses to allow his possible bid to be covered fairly and openly by Bloomberg Media. 

cover-finalforMikeWith scandals already growing for him and he hasn’t even thrown his hat in the ring… I think he should quit while he is ahead. Let’s not forget that he has always been a Wall Street mayor. Has he been paying attention to the electorate? No one wants a president who supports Wall Street. Why frustrate voters more? Why waste money and jump in now? It’s time for Bloomberg to stick with what he knows, business and to stop trying to stroke his billionaire ego just because he sees it working for Donald Trump!