Trump, The Childish Politician

20150817-Donald-TrumpThe first votes have been counted. Iowans have caucused and their voices have been heard. Good Lord people are not happy about it. On the Republican side we have Trump is claiming outright fraud. On the Democrats side of the aisle we have Bernie Sanders considering a recount.

The entire night I was biting my fingernails and gasping for air as the results trickled in. As I watched the commentators on CNN discuss the different voters they spoke with I thought one thing. We really need to educate our citizens. I kept asking myself so many repeated questions. How are people arriving at the caucus sites undecided? Do they not educate themselves before arriving? How can people support candidates with no political experience and no experience in how Washington works? How do people not understand how congress works and how the president works with congress to get their initiatives passed?

When they finally were announced I realized one thing. Education needs to be an even bigger focus of our nation than it already is.

The night resulted in Donald Trump losing the Iowa Caucus in a huge upset to Ted Cruz with Rubio right behind him in third place.

GOP Iowa Results

It came as a surprise to him, but not just to him. It came as a surprise to the media, the Republican’s and many others. Trump was polling ahead of the other candidates and had his ego telling him he would win. So what happens when Donald Trump loses something he expects to win? He throws a tantrum.

This is the problem with non-politicians running for political office. They don’t get the realities of elections. Polling isn’t the reality of how election results will turnout. You can’t depend on what polls say. In 2008 Hillary was expected to lose New Hampshire and she won. You never know what will happen in primaries or elections and a true politician knows that and handles it with grace in public.

None-the-less we got to watch the equivalent of a petulant child meltdown in public and on social media over the loss of 1 out of 49 state primaries/caucuses. Never in my life have I seen a politician behave this way.


First off, yes Ted Cruz is flamboyant, but when did politicians start using insults like that? And when did we start wanting people who aren’t politicians in political office? People with no experience in politics, without experience running a country, running government jobs, in a powerful government position. It makes no sense. He is an embarrassment. Name a first world nation whose leader behaves like this in public!

He continued with a rant on fraud, yet has no proof of fraud.




20150817-Donald-TrumpListen Trump ( and Sanders for that matter), Iowa is one state. When you lose the first state out of many you need to be mature about it. You need to show you have the political chops and know how to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move on to the next primary.

Childishly lashing out is pathetic. It’s for the school yard, not for national politics. The fact that Trump is still playing well on a national political stage is beyond me. It scares me to death and it leads me to believe one thing… We need to invest more in our education system.

How did we get to a place where so many people are voting for a man with no experience and leading a campaign based on hate, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, ignorance and inexperience… lack of education. How are people still supporting Trump for president after watching his childish meltdown post Iowa Caucus? Lack of education is the only answer I can come up with. If you knew that a president of the United States should never act like that then you wouldn’t vote for him.