Who won the Dec. 15th Republican Debate? I think Jeb Bush

debate-showdownAs the December 15th Republican Debate approached I waited in anticipation expecting a fight to the death.  Thanks to the insane and nasty rhetoric coming out of the Trump camp, the volatile swings between candidates leading up to the debate and the desperation from all candidates as polling numbers shift around and the first primary approaches I figured it was going to be a 2016 primary debate to remember.

As a registered democrat I approach the Republican debate from a different direction than a republican. I approach it with a view of “who is the least scary of the group?” Or while judging the candidates I ask questions like, “who would do the least damage to the country?” Armed with questions like that I watch the debate intently and decide which candidates I would like to see come out on top.

When I say I want to see a specific candidate come out on top after the Republican debate I mean I want to see that candidate compete against Hillary Clinton and eventually lose against her in the general election. I feel I must make that clarification before I continue. Now with that all said my thoughts on the December 15th debate.

CNN declared a handful of winners from the debate including Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and Chris Christie. Obviously I don’t want to see a single republican take the White House in 2016, but I have to say that I agree with one of CNN’s declared winners and that is Jeb Bush.

After George W. Bush left office I couldn’t have imagined another Bush family member even having the guts to run for national office ever again. George W. Bush was an embarrassment to his family, to the republican party, to the country and to the conservative movement. I guess it’s a bit inappropriate for me to say he is an embarrassment for a party and movement that I am not apart of, but oh well I will take it upon myself to speak for others.

Up until this debate, Jeb Bush has held the line of being a bit of an imbecile. He has appeared tired, aloof, uninterested and frankly overwhelmed at the prospect of being president. I was fine with that. At the same time he has parted ways with his brother on many issues and I can support his stances on immigration, on supporting the Muslim community and a handful of other issues he spoke up about last night as he battled Trump with claws and fangs out. Frankly I was proud of the goofy Floridian clown.

Jeb needed to show his party that he has energy, he has fight and he has what it takes to not just beat Trump but to be president. He accomplished that last night winning the debate for me.

After last night I feel there were only three candidates on the stage that remotely appeared to be presidential:

  • Jeb Bush
  • Marco Rubio
  • Rand Paul

rand_paul_cartoon_ben_garrisonRand Paul doesn’t stand a chance at becoming president, but I would have labeled him as my second winner contrary to CNN labeling him as a loser. I get that the other candidates ignored him, but did CNN pay attention to the audience? The audience appreciated him from the second he walked onstage as did I.

Rand Paul opened the evening with an intelligent opening statement while managing to attack and condescend his competition who have shown a complete lack of intelligence. I wanted to jump off my couch and applaud audibly. In one statement he said:

“How do we keep America safe from terrorism? Trump says we ought to close that Internet thing. Like in North Korea? Like they do in China?…Rubio says we should collect all Americans’ records all of the time. The Constitution says otherwise. I think they’re both wrong.”

Come on now, Paul sassed those candidates as if he were a gay man! And he wasn’t wrong for it. We all saw Trump squirm and get booed when cornered on this topic later in the debate. Rand Paul almost sounded like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton in his opening statement with other statements like:

“I think if we ban certain religions, if we censor the Internet, I think that at that point the terrorists will have won.”


“As commander-in-chief, I will do whatever it takes to defend America. But in defending America, we cannot lose what America stands for,” he said. “Today is the Bill of Rights’ anniversary. I hope we will remember that and cherish that in the fight on terrorism.”

I wrote this the other day, but it sounded as if he was from a completely different party. All of the candidates sound like they are representing different parties.

Marco Rubio also looked presidential in many ways, but he terrifies me. I couldn’t stomach him as president. He is a man who takes a political office, but never performs his duties. He doesn’t believe in equality for all Americans and doesn’t believe in our rights of privacy or freedoms of speech. I pray every day that he doesn’t get the nomination, none-the-less if you asked me in 2014 I would have guessed that the Republican National Committee would have fought for a Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio ticket.

Now I think they should just hope to dropCartoon GOP-devolution Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina off the ballot to at least get some reality back into the race. Christ Christie is worthless too, I’m glad Rand Paul took a good swipe at him and his nonsensical actions with the bridge situation in New Jersey and New York. As a former New Yorker I have always hated Christie, his politics and his governing style.

I also must comment on Donald Trump and how he came out of the debate. Sadly, even though I disagree with CNN strongly and think Donald Trump lost last night I don’t think we will see a change in his polling numbers. He is untouchable. We are seeing something like never before. A candidates that can say anything he wants and get away with it. Trump can say the most racist, prejudice and insane things and his supporters will defend him because they are just as racist and prejudice and mentally unstable. Maybe that is why people think he won. None-the-less we saw him come undone as the crowd booed him a handful of times.

The crowd applauded as Jeb called Trump out for running a campaign of insults. The crowd booed Trump as he tried to change his positioning on national television when it came to his statements on shutting down the internet. I hope that means some republicans are starting to see through his bull and realizing he is just saying things to get attention. He is nothing but a “LOSER” to use one of his favorite words.

Let’s hope this debate will shake out the weaklings in the pack.