Refugees are human beings. We should accept them into the US!

downloadIt’s no secret that I wholeheartedly believe that the United States should accept Syrian refugees and help them resettle here in the land of the free, the brave and the land where you can dream of a better tomorrow.  Since the Paris Attacks in November which were then followed by the attack in San Bernardino the debate as to whether the US should accept Syrian refugees has ignited a firestorm across the country.

Some fear that terrorist will use the refugee resettlement program as a way to sneak into our country while some of these people still realize not all Muslims or Syrians are terrorists. Others fear all Muslims out of a pure xenophobic and discriminatory belief system want to enter our country with negative objectives in their hearts (which I couldn’t disagree with more).

I was recently presented with a question and I wanted to give it some steady thought and dedicated time before I hastily responded. I was asked the following:

Okay so lets assume we have 10,000 refugees come into the country. But let’s be conservative and not get crazy with the numbers. So lets not suggest that 10% or even 5% of the refugees sympathize with ISIS. Lets say just 2.5% sympathize. That’s only 250 people.

Do you feel 250 members in a 2nd Amendment country is a good idea knowing that 22 other Arab nations have not taken a single refugee for fear of national security issues. (Google how many the Saudis have resettled refugees).

I should start by saying this is from a Twitter follower who I do not know in person, but have grown to respect over time, even though we sit on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Now with that said we can continue.

The person that asked me this question approached me with a correct number. The Obama Administration is prepared to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next year. After that first sentence I leave any understanding of where the rest of the question or figures come from. This person and I disagree on a lot of points being that I come at everything from a liberal slant and he comes from a conservative slant. He isn’t going to be shocked to find out that I am baffled here with the rest of his question, at least I think he won’t be.

“Lets say just 1.5% sympathize. That’s only 250 people.” Here he, along with a lot of Americans and conservatives, have a natural assumption of a few things:

  1. That refugees aren’t in fact fleeing war-torn areas where their families are being murdered, tortured and bombed. These people seem to think the refugees aren’t trying to escape a world that those of us living in a privileged first world country could never imagine.
  2. The other assumption that there are 250 people aiming to enter the country through the Refugee Vetting Process is absurd because of the length of time the vetting process takes and because of the volume of refugees. To put a number like 250 or 500 or even 5 refugees are likely to be terrorists via this process is an impossible figure to come to in my opinion. There is no basis for that assumption or conclusion in my opinion.

There are 4.2 million Syrian refugees. 850,000 of which attempting to move to Europe, 10,000 of which Obama wants to allow into the United States. They then must go through a minimum of an 18 month vetting process. With ISIS’ need to cause immediate fear and terror my belief is that the refugee vetting process isn’t going to be the direction they would take. Not to mention single men and women or couples without children who have traveled to areas of unrest will standout in the very in-depth vetting process singling them out to our government which I have full faith in.


2nd Amendment

This Twitter follower and friend also asked me if it is appropriate to allow possible terrorists sympathizers into a “2nd Amendment country” and at the same time supports the 2nd Amendment like a lot of conservatives. In one instant he retweeted this:


If you are a liberal you can probably tell where I am going with this, but let me get my thoughts together here. Let’s start from the bottom up. If we took control of our out-of-control gun crazy country we could ease the fear my friend here has of this being a 2nd Amendment country and possible terrorist sympathizers gaining access to guns. If Republicans and the NRA would stop standing in the way of bills, such as the one trying to make it illegal for people on the no fly list to buy guns, then we would be making huge strides in making this country safer. We would also be making giant leaps in helping to prevent terrorist sympathizers, both from abroad and homegrown, gain access to guns.

We need to close the gun show loophole by requiring criminal background checks on all purchases taking place at all events where firearms are being sold. We need to make sure all gun sales in America are being tracked and all those purchasing guns are being given background checks and being monitored for our safety. The safety of the American public. We need to ban military style weapons. Since when did you need an assault rifle to hunt for deer or birds? You don’t!

We can have our 2nd Amendment, but it’s time we take a hard look at the realities of the 2nd Amendment and what it entails. Why do we need to be an armed country as if we aren’t under constant threat of invasion? Do you know who is in constant threat of invasion and assault in their homes? The Syrian Refugees if they can’t flee Syria and have to stay in their homes over run by ISIS.


No Arab Nation is Taking Syrian Refugees:

Turkey has taken 1.9 million refugees overwhelming the country. Lebanon has taking 1.1 million refugees increasing the population by 25%.  Jordan has taken 629,000 refugees while Egypt has taken 132,375 refugees. Neighboring Iraq, a war town country itself has taken another 249,400 refugees. The United Arab Emirates have taken in 250,000 refugees.

The simple fact is that many Arab nations are accepting Syrian refugees. In fact The countries that are, for the most part, are members of the 1951 UN treaty on refugees and have been holding up their end of the deal. The Gulf countries not participating have given their responses with claims of helping over 500,000 refugees via funding of the other Arab nations, non-classification of refugees as refugees and other responses along those lines. Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, or Bahrain accept Refugees flat out? You’ll have to pick up the phone and give them a call. In the meantime though I’d take a good look at the way the world is coming together and helping humanity. A handful, four countries, aren’t participating in a movement doesn’t mean we have to join forces and stick our nose up at those in need.