What is going on with the Republican Party. It’s time they split.


Every 4 years we have a presidential election here in the United States. For me, it’s like football season. It starts with the party primaries followed by the general election that ends with election night or my version of the Super Bowl!

When Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were fighting it out in the primaries back in 2007 and 2008 I honestly thought I would never experience an election as exciting as that one. Deep in my mind I thought to myself that there would never be an election that had me on the edge of my seat to the extent that particular election did. It was a pivotal year.

No matter who won the democratic primary it was going to change the country forever. For the first time a major political party was going to either have a black candidate or female candidate.  Not only that, but Hillary Clinton had a chance to be the Democratic nominee for president. As a super fan of hers I was ecstatic.

Hillary eventually dropped out and Obama took the nomination and eventually won the historic election (as well as my heart and vote). Now in 2015 I find myself on the edge of my seat again for two reasons:

  1. Hillary Clinton will most likely take the Democratic nomination
  2. The Republican Party is imploding

Frankly, I’m more enthralled with watching the republican party implode lately. Who in the world can wrap their head around what is going on with their primary? The party has an insane amount of candidates running for the nomination:

After 7 debates we have only seen 3 candidates drop out so far including Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Scott Walker. The rest are determined to keep pushing, keep spending money and to keep campaigning.

The most interesting thing to me is that they couldn’t seem more divided. How do they all represent the same party? First I sat at my dinning room table and thought about all the candidates. My basic knowledge on them makes me think I am looking at a range of candidates representing a variety of different political parties, but I’m not. That increases with the fact that not just one, but two candidates are now threatening independent runs including Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

I would almost suggest the Republican Party dissolve itself at this point. Why not? They are done, at least for this election cycle. If they were to consider it I would break the party into the following:


The Bigot Party:

I would say Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee would make up this party. I would describe the party as wanting to feed off the desperation of middle America and working class or blue-collar citizens. They thrive off of the under-educated and less informed. Anger is the life blood of this party and discrimination is the theme.

The members of the party stand for xenophobia. They don’t like people from different backgrounds, particularly those that come from Muslim countries or are of Latino origins (they take extra points away from you if you are from Mexico or Syria). All borders would be closed to anyone not white and not rich.

They believe in the separation of church and state only when it applies to religions that aren’t theirs. They do believe their faith should govern the country though. Their morals, religious Christian laws and doctrines should dictate the American Judiciary system according to their beliefs. This includes outlawing all things homosexual in nature.

International relations will be handled like Donald Trump and all of these candidates tend to handle all disagreements, like children in elementary school do, with a tantrum. For instance, if Trump and the Bigot Party were in the White House and Trump had a disagreement with Putin then Trump would probably call Putin on a secured line and tell him to “shut up or I’ll stick my $10,000 shoe up your booty.”

Everyone in the United States would be required to either own a gun or pay tribute to the NRA.


The Anti-Government Establishment Party

This party would be made up of Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum. Too much government is bad, that’s why they have decided to run for office and work for the government. Their logic is off, but whatever… that’s why they are Republicans in reality right?

They don’t believe in taxing the rich. They don’t believe the Environmental Protection Agency regulations are too restrictive. In their opinion the government should not have gotten involved in the marriage issue and definitely should stay out of business issues.

Ironically, even though they think the government should be smaller and out of our daily lives as much as possible they believe in school voucher programs and besides Rand Paul, they believe in increasing the size of our military.

Most importantly, they believe the government should control a woman’s right to choose and they will lie to see that right taken away from women.


The Huh? Party

This party is made up of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich. The party is a bit confused and out of touch with the rest of conservatives.  They are conservative none-the-less and most democrats dislike them, so they still enjoy calling themselves Republicans. They have a tough time resonating with the core of the party.

They believe in a pathway to citizenship of undocumented immigrants and don’t follow the negative rhetoric you hear from a lot of the others in the traditional Republican Party when it comes to minorities. They aren’t afraid to take a stand against the Bigots like Donald Trump. They were among the first to come out swinging against the bulldog.

None-the-less they have horrible stances on education and won’t do much for women. They fumble around on the campaign trail and you have to ask yourself why they are still running for office. They have horrible tax plans and would take this country downhill fast.


As the GOP considers the possibility of heading toward an open convention the Democrats look toward a likely win in the general election. Regardless of the fact that the Republican Party seems to be imploding and unable to negotiate within itself, I guess I won’t complain. I’m baffled though trying to figure out what they stand for.

When I sit in a room with a die hard Hillary supporter, a die hard Bernie supporter and a die hard O’Malley supporter at the end of the day I almost always find that we can all meet together on the issues. You can’t say the same for the Republican party, their supporters or their candidates this election cycle. Good luck kids.

See you in November!