I wish Rosie O’Donnell would step up her feud with Donald Trump again!

Rosie-ODonnell-Mike-Tyson-Live-On-Stage-Opening-Show-Las-Vegas-Nevada-April-14-2012For as long as I have been aware of who Rosie O’Donnell is I have had a love and hate relationship as far as my opinion on her has gone.  Yet, as I look back at who she is and what she stands for I don’t know that my judgments of her have been fair.

Rosie has had an impressive career that I have rather enjoyed over the years.  To top it off she has taken the fruits of that labor and funneled a lot of the money she has earned into charities without expecting recognition for her charitable work. In 2006 Tyra Banks pointed out on her show that most people don’t realize that at that point Rosie had given over $100 million to charity.

I personally work in the nonprofit world.  It’s my belief that if you have the means you should give back to your local, national or global community. As long as you have a passion, you should support that passion and help make the world a better place. Something Rosie has done time and time again.

She has human issues from health to family troubles. That’s no different than any of us. The only difference is her issues get dragged through the media. So yea, I probably have been too hard on her.

I think my issues with her in the past have stemmed from her harsh outward persona.

With that all said I have always appreciated her public feud with Donald Trump. I still remember watching her fight with Trump begin in 2006 when she shared her opinions on him after the Miss USA drama of Tara Conner’s drug use. Not to mention her decision to also call him out on his bankruptcy filings and similarities to a snake oil salesman.

Year after year, Donald continued to jab at her. Mostly on Twitter. My guess is because he knew if he attacked her it would get him in the press. Funny enough if you look at the timeline of their “feud” most of the time Rosie takes the high road. She tells him to get list, take a hike or just calls him an ass and leaves it at that. Good for you girl!

Following the first republican debate of the 2016 presidential primary season after Donald Trump again insulted Rosie she simply replied on Twitter by saying, “Try explaining that to your kids.”

The primary season had just begun. No one in their right mind, besides some red necks I’m sure, were taking Trump seriously in this debate. I don’t think Trump was taking himself seriously at the time. Of course she didn’t have more to say of her feuding partner.

Now, months later Trump has proven himself to unfortunately be a real candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. It makes me sick to even write those words!

According to Edge Media, when Rosie was recently asked about Trump’s campaign she simple had to say:

It’s a nightmare…That’s my quote

I want to say, good for you girl. Stay above it and stay out of it so he doesn’t attack you. Rosie has enough going on. She has some major issues going on in her personal life and she doesn’t need drama with this crazy man.

With that said, someone needs to stand up to Trump. We have a man with one of the largest platforms in the country, if not the world, spouting of the worst rhetoric we have heard in a long time coming from a presidential candidate.

From xenophobic comments, to racist comments, to islamophobic comments Trump is doing nothing but further dividing a nation in turmoil. In a time where our country finds itself divided we need a leader who can bring us together. We need a leader with compassion in their heart. That is not Trump. We need a leader that can see the bigger picture. We need a leader that can pull people of all backgrounds regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion and socioeconomic status to the table. This is something Trump cannot do. He feeds hate. He feeds anger. He feeds divisiveness and distrust.

Rosie has an interesting opportunity. A voice that a lot of people don’t. She is well versed on the issues and politically involved up until recently. She is experienced in the talk show world and in battling Trump in the public arena.

It’s obviously not her wish or desire to debate Trump or engage with him and I respect that. None-the-less I do wish she would take a stand and use her voice and platform to say enough is enough. She is a strong woman. An impressive woman and a woman people listen to. A woman I respect and I think others do too. Trump is out-of-line and it’s time we put an end to a presidential candidate spouting off:

  • Racist commentary in a time of racial unrest in our country. In a time when we are seeing increased protest, racial violence and dissatisfaction across our nation.
  • Xenophobic comments in a time when we are having a public debate in the face of a global humanitarian refugee crisis. We may not all agree on what the solution is, but having a political candidate yelling and feeding fuel to the fire from one of the largest podiums in the country is hurting our nation more than helping.
  • Nazi like commentary which sets us back decades and pushes forward Nazi sympathizer mentalities and supports KKK and skinhead type organizations across this country is unacceptable.
  • Islamophobic commentary that should never be spoken by a presidential candidate. No candidate should ever single out a specific ethnicity or minority group. We are a nation of immigrants that welcomes all people. If Trump is too ignorant to realize that he shouldn’t be running for president.

I’ve wished for weeks that the right person would step up and take him on in the media. I’ve wondered who that would be. Could it be the Republican Party? No, it can’t be because Trump will just keep threatening them. Could it be Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? No, neither of them could do it to the fullest extent because they have to keep a certain reputation as candidates. Could it be someone in the media? No, Trump goes after the media and we saw what he did to Megyn Kelly.

I do wish Rosie would challenge him. Maybe she could take some of the spotlight off of his campaign. Maybe she could make him look stupid to those who support him. Maybe I am just desperate for any opportunity to take him down because he is almost scarier than George W. Bush getting a third term.

It feels like Trump has a strangle hold on our country. Everyone from the media, to his fellow candidates to celebrities and anyone else with a voice that will be heard seems afraid to challenge him. I’m sick of this dictator. He does not represent America and what we stand for. It’s time we speak out against him. He is a nightmare is not enough anymore even if his candidacy could be the best thing for the Democratic Party.

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