I need a temporary unfriend button for FB over the Refugee Crisis!

images (1)I can’t decide what is going to be harder. Getting through the election cycle or getting through the Refugee crisis and related debate. Either way I have realized that I am way to passionate about both topics for my own good.

I wish Facebook had an “I’m angry unfriend” button that allowed you to click unfriend out of anger, but didn’t actually unfriend the person.  It would just put the person in a queue for you to look at later once you had a chance to cool down and decide if you want to unfriend them later. It would save me a lot of grief.

My biggest issue has come not from disagreements or political debates. Disagreements happen everyday for me. If you follow me on social media you can probably tell I am slightly opinionated. Okay, I am extremely opinionated. I am so left of center in my beliefs I debate fellow democrats on a daily basis so you can imagine how often I debate republicans.

No, disagreements don’t do me in. It’s when people cross a line with the language they choose to use while disagreeing with me. For the past two days I’ve been going toe to toe with someone in my life who I am close with over Donald Trumps suggestion that the United States should start a national database to register all Muslim Americans and that we should not accept any Syrian Refugees into the United States.  I strongly believe refugees should be welcomed in America after the vetting process.

After rounds of debating this person I finally decided to let her have the last word because I could tell she was just as incoherent in her thought process on this subject as Donald Trump himself. She didn’t understand how making Muslims carry ID cards indicating their religion would be no different than how the Nazi’s made the Jewish people wear gold stars during World War II. I just wasn’t getting through to her. Sometimes you just have to step back from a debate.

Then this morning her friend chimed in to let her know she schooled me and that she put everything into a good perspective. Her views in support of Trump were a good perspective. They flat out told me that the Syrians should “pull up their big girl panties and stay in their region and fight their war.” Really, innocent men, women and children should suffer bombings by terrorist? That’s a good perspective? They also told me that immigration reform should only support Latinos. It should support Latinos, but why only Latinos? Who are these people?

I couldn’t ignore these messages as they started to flood in today.

In an onslaught of questions back to them I was called an asshole, by the friend… not by the person I am close to. That was the straw that broke the camels back for me. You don’t call me a curse word because you don’t share my opinion. You don’t resort to that type of language because you can’t keep up with a debate or defend your opinions besides to say “I don’t know why… it’s just what I think.” The next point they made was that we would feel safer in movie theaters if we didn’t let Muslim Refugees into our country. Newsflash ladies… the shootings in American movie theaters have been carried out by white men! Hello!

Both ladies were on a one-way ticket to unfriend and block town.  It’s like vomit to me. I see an insult of that nature and my mouse finds itself hovering right over the unfriend button before I can control it. Once you click it there is no turning back. Before you know it your friend, your cousin, your neighbor or colleague has been unfriended.

Once you have calmed down you then realize… you will have to deal with that decision. Had you just not unfriended the idiot you could just ignore the entire situation. Why can’t there be an option that allows you to temporarily unfriend people while angry?! It would save me a lot of grief.

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