Trump Boycotts Fox News – News Channels… Boycott Trump!

imagesizerDonald Trump Boycotts Fox News

I can’t speak for everyone in this country, but I can speak for myself. It is my opinion that Donald Trump is nothing but a joke. He isn’t a serious candidate and it is time that the mainstream media starts treating him as such.

Today he announced that he would be boycotting Fox News for what he deems unfair treatment.


Unfair treatment in his eyes seems to be when media outlets don’t ask him specific questions he wants to be asked or when he is grilled for his idiocy. What Trump doesn’t seem to get is that he is no longer an entertainer. He is no longer a businessman. He is now a public figure, a politician running for office.

This was also seen earlier when he threatened to sue Club for Growth with a lawsuit after a political attack ad was aired against Trump. It wasn’t his campaign that threatened to sue, but his company. Donald Trump is still differentiating the two. What he needs to realize is that when you are running for the President of the United States of America you are running for President of the United States of America. Your company is no longer at the forefront and you can no longer sue when you don’t like how things are going.

You can no longer run away from news outlets that you disagree with. You can no longer act like a child. You need to start acting like a grown man and you have to start acting presidential.

Donald Trump has shown us he is unwilling to do this. He will keep attacking other candidates as if he is in a school yard fight in the worst part of the worst city in the country. He will continue acting like he is above the world because he has the money to do so.

He will keep feeding the world with racism and bigotry just adding fuel to the fire instead of trying to create positive change for one of the best countries on the face of this planet.

If Donald Trump doesn’t want fair coverage of his campaign and wants to boycott Fox News, a conservative media outlet that would probably give him the most fair coverage out there as a GOP candidate then I ask Fox News to oblige. Stop covering Donald Trump.

In fact, I ask all media outlets to stop covering Donald Trump. CNN, NBC, MSNBC, BBC, Huffington Post, NPR and every other major media outlet should stop covering Trump. I don’t care about your ratings. He is a joke at this point. He is a racist without a conscience. He attacks your reporters with complete disregard to their race, gender, religion and wellbeing. Look at how he treated Megyn Kelly.

It’s time we stop giving him a platform and let him ramble on Twitter. It’s all he is worth. Silence the Orange Monster!