Trump Considers 3rd Party Run

161618_600It’s happened. Apparently Donald Trump and I think alike! Has hell frozen over? Nope, he just realized that maybe the Republican party isn’t for him and the Republican party has realized maybe he isn’t right for them. It’s about time.

According to an article on Politico Donald Trump has said he may possibly run as a third-party candidate if the Republican National Committee does not start treating him with the respect he seems to think he deserves. Sorry Donald, you deserve the respect of a cartoon duck.

Yesterday I wrote my opinion on how I think that Donald Trump should run as a third-party candidate. I don’t think he represents the GOP in any way. I’m not a republican so I shouldn’t speak for the party, but none-the-less I grew up surrounded by many republicans and I think a lot of republicans speak with more dignity, grace and respect than Donald Trump does.

There are a few issues if he decides to splinter off from the GOP though.

1. Republican’s will continue to point fingers at the Democratic Party claiming that Trump was a plant. That is a far-fetched rumor. Republicans have created the atmosphere of hate and the conversations of anger and disgusting snark. They need to take ownership of that and change their messaging.

2. Republican’s will be split during the 2016 election. It will take a long time for them to regroup. That is a problem for the republicans, but it is a wonderful thing for democrats. All in all I think that is a great thing for my politics.

3. Trump won’t go away after the primary season. He will continue through to the general election and he has the financial resources to do it without a party behind him.

Donald Trump is a disgusting human-being. He loves to hear himself talk. His ego is larger than the state of Texas and as long as the media continues to cover him he will continue his hate speech. Until more news outlets take a stance like the Huffington Post to only view him as entertainment the more he will continue to be a jerk on national television.