It’s time for the Republican Party to Take back the Party from Trump and the Tea Party!

we-shall-overcombWho does Donald Trump represent? There has been a lot of conversation around this question lately. Some people say he clearly represents a majority of the Republican Party. If he didn’t then how is he playing so well in the opinion polls lately?

Some established Republicans claim he is a plant by the Democrats. An embarrassment to make the GOP look bad and to take attention away from Hillary Clinton. Personally, I think that is a joke.

I believe the truth is that Donald Trump believes he is a Republican, but in fact he isn’t. He belongs to a party of his own. A party we saw starting to form years ago. A party ignited by the right leaning extremist ignited by the Tea Party movement.

The problem in American politics is that we are tied to a two party system. That means when a crazy zealot like Trump comes out neither established party or their leadership wants to associate with him, but he is naturally going to try and align himself with one or the other. What else can he do?

His popularity soars for two reasons:

  1. because he already has a highly recognizable name, plenty of money to help him and an ego larger than his comb-over; and
  2. because the politics of hate has already been instilled in a majority of the voters who have flocked to his presidential campaign after years of hate speech instilled in them by Tea Party politicians. These voters have watched candidates like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Eric Cantor, Ben Carson and others like them preach hate instead of issues to better America since about 2009.

The Tea Party Movement gave a voice to many conservative issues, but instead of giving a civil voice to issues it gave a voice of hate. It gave screaming. It gave yelling. It has driven an angry divide in our country that frankly is scary. It gave a select group of Americans Donald Trump.

When you have someone like Donald Trump, a man who has run for president in the past looking to get attention from anyone that would give it to him, the Tea Party is exactly the place for him to turn. He knows the followers of this movement just want someone to yell about the issues they deem important. Someone to moan and groan with them about their ignorant stances. He answered that call, but that isn’t how to get things done.

The issue with Trump and the Tea Party is that politics are not won by sticking a boot in your opponents rear-end. You when political debates and you when political issues with honey.

It’s time for the Tea Party to branch off from the Republican Party. It’s time for the Republican Party to distance itself from the Tea Party. Frankly it’s time for a three party system. The Tea Party Movement even has their favorite leadership gracing their website.

  • Sarah Palin
  • Dr. Ben Carson
  • Ted Cruz
  • Rand Paul
  • Lt. Colonel Allen West

A bunch of losers to be frank. They have a lot of reasons to be angry. Time to add Donald Trump to that list. Let him spit his fire and vitriol to his followers who even I, as a Democrat, do not believe represent the Republican party.

imagesI strongly believe it is time for the GOP to reshape their brand, reshape their image and step away from the politics of hate. Step into this century and shake away the hatred. You will never win over the younger voters if you stick with the hatred of candidates like Trump and Carson. Why do I feel the need to give the GOP some political suggestions? Because I love this country and I wish we could turn our debates back to civil discussion between educated individuals that have our best interest in mind, not just individuals like Trump who just want to hear themselves speak.