Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump?! Don’t blindly follow the comb-over!


Donald-Trumps-Hair_zpswqc4ev8gTrump talks politics like an uneducated ranting child, it baffles my mind that so many people in the United States of America actually are considering voting for this man in the next presidential election.  Once again I am looking at a candidate for president that has blinded the American populace with his words, but has done nothing of substance to actually warrant being president.

A lot of conservatives are eating up what Donald Trump says because he says what they want to hear. Sadly what they want to hear isn’t always possible in the real world.

JOBS: Trump, like many people in the United States, especially conservatives, wants to keep jobs in this country. He stated he would have gone as far as implementing a 35% tax on cars and car parts imported from Mexico if Ford opened new factories in Mexico shipping jobs from the U.S. south of the border. This may sound ideal to some conservatives. It may sound like a hard-line stance by the GOP candidate that could have forced Ford to keep factories in the U.S. Unfortunately it’s all talk.

It’s an example of how uneducated Donald Trump is and why he has no grounds to be president of the United States of America. He doesn’t even realize that the President of the United States doesn’t have the power to impose a tax of this nature. Only Congress has that power. Not only can he not impose a tax like that if he were president, but a tax like that would violate the North American Free Trade Act which George W. Bush signed into law.

Does Donald Trump know anything about national or international laws? We may want to ask that question if we are going to consider him for president… just a thought.

ISIS: Donald Trump wants to bomb oil fields in Iraq to undercut ISIS in Iraq. Okay Donald, if you succeed and the country is fully taken back by the Iraqi people how will the country recover from losing one of its greatest resources that you just bombed into submission? Instead of helping the country you have just taken away its greatest source of financial wellbeing. You have left the country poor and vulnerable. The government would be vulnerable to more takeovers and the people would be vulnerable, hungry and poor if the oil fields were bombed. There is no logic or long-term planning in his thought process.

OBAMACARE: Don’t even get me started on Obamacare. Donald Trump and conservatives that are anti-Obamacare will be anti-Obamacare no matter what FACTS you put in front of them are. Facts don’t matter to these people. Trump claims that congress is exempt from the law. Congress is NOT exempt from the law. Just travel over to factcheck.org and do some self-educating. The truth is that Congress members and their staff face additional requirements that other American’s don’t. They are actually required to get their insurance through the insurance exchanges now instead of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan.  Educate yourself people! Don’t blindly follow the comb-over!

RACISM AND XENOPHOBIA: Donald Trump has run his campaign on a platform of shock value targeted at minorities. Who can he hate today? I swear he must wake up in the mornings and decide, “Which nationality or group of people needs to be discriminated against or marginalized in this primary and election process to get conservatives out to vote?” We don’t need this in the white house. This is not how you govern a great nation. We don’t call Mexicans rapists, drug pushers or the like. We don’t stereotype and box in entire classes of people and we especially expect our leaders not to do that.

What really has grown to disgust me though is his xenophobic comments following the Paris Attacks. Donald Trump has turned from a racists to a Hitler clone right here in America. Calling for databases of Muslim in our country. Wanting Muslims to carry identification cards much like the Jewish people had to wear gold stars during WWII. I have to ask myself, how can anyone support this man in the face of this xenophobia?

Just throw him in the trash!
Just throw him in the trash!

CHILDISH: Lastly, why would anyone on earth want a country to be led by a child? It baffles my mind that anyone would want a man of this nature to represent us as a country. A man that verbally attacks women. A man that classifies entire races as rapists.  A man that refers to people as obese for snark and headlines, when he himself is clearly overweight. According to two different sites, one of which is www.heightweightnetworth.com Trump is 6’ 3” and 198 pounds. That puts his BMI just over 25 which puts him overweight himself. He is quick to shoot, but not quick to look in the mirror. It’s just like his screaming about illegal immigrants while he employees plenty of them at his construction sites. He fights and yells and throws tantrums like a 5 year-old. He is not presidential material.

We need a leader, not a child in office. Come on people! At least give the GOP a real candidate.