Whoopi, Nicholle, Raven and Michelle to Save The View!



The ViewIt’s season 19 of The View and I am finally starting to see it coming back to life. I realize that the ratings don’t say the same thing, but I can’t help but feel a little bit of joy inside lately. As I open up my Twitter app on my iPhone or Facebook on my computer the past couple of weeks I have started noticing more and more GIFs, videos, memes and articles being posted referring to things that have happened lately on The View.

anigif_original-23846-1436332055-4 (1)Just the other day I shared a GIF of Raven-Symone giving Candace Cameron Bure some wicked side eye during their debate as to whether a bakery should have the right to discriminate against a lesbian couple or not.  Everything about the discussion and the view of the two of them disagreeing grabbed my attention. I hadn’t even seen the episode, but I knew everything about it because of the attention their exchange had grabbed. I had seen tons of people posting about their debate on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That’s what the show needs!

Then I opened up CNN where I saw an article about Whoopi Goldberg tearing into anyone and everyone who has been hating on her for defending alleged rapist, Bill Cosby. Albeit, I think people should give Whoopi crap for defending him, I love that the show is stirring up some controversy and getting some press.

I’m starting to be reminded of The View I once fell in love with back in 2006 when I first started watching it during Season 10. Back during season 10 the ratings were strong and the cast was moving along swimmingly. Sure the show had just lost Meredith Vieira to the Today Show and Star Jones to her own ego, it was able to continue it’s strong standing.

It had Joy Behar bringing in the liberal opinions and hilarious antidotes, Barbara Walters bringing in her sound mind and experience, Elisabeth Hasselbeck adding a conservative twist to the mix and even Rosie O’Donnell adding controversy to the table.

I tuned in everyday to see what was going to be discussed. I couldn’t wait to see if the women would fight. I sat on the edge of my seat to see what topic they would tear apart with their differing views and varied opinions from both sides of the political spectrum.

Then they started losing the game. They lost Elisabeth. She was one of the few conservatives I could stomach. They lost Rosie after one year, but I was okay with that even though I ate up every bit of her fight with Donald Trump and her fight with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. They lost Barbara eventually, but I was also okay with that because she was too stuck in her ways. Then they lost Joy Behar. That’s when I started to give up on the show. I couldn’t stomach it at all.

The show took on Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy, and others just to kick them to the curb quickly. There was promise with these two. They are stars on their own, but together on the show they were all stars even if the ratings didn’t show it.  ABC never gave them the chance. One season for Jenny wasn’t enough to see how the audience would respond. The View should really have been renamed The Rotating Door.

Yet, now I think they may have the right people around the couch.

Whoopi Goldberg sits at the steering wheel making sure the ship continues to move forward. Not giving two winks what people think, she is sure to share her view with the audience on any topic that is covered.

Nicolle Wallace sits on the panel adding a conservative voice that no other show like The View has to offer. She comes from a political background as oppose to a television background having worked as the communications chief during the presidency of George W. Bush. I don’t agree with her much, but at least she adds something different to the mix, which I can respect. It’s not even that I respect it, it’s that I need it to enjoy the show.

Very recently they’ve invited Raven-Symone to join the show. She is young, hip, and has a fluid sexuality. She brings something to the show that The View and The Talk haven’t had yet… Youth and attitude! I have been living for her eye-rolls!

Now they have confirmed their final permanent co-host as Michelle Collins. Another young comedian with a mouth that can’t be tamed. Thank goodness! She has a pop culture mind and has won awards for her celebrity fan blog.

All four current co-host bring different things to the table. All four have the strengths and skills to bring the show back from the dead. It’s now up to ABC and the producers of The View to allow these women to have the time to do that. It’s time for The View to sit tight and let the show marinate and simmer a bit. And at the very least, it’s time for The View to appreciate the attention they have been getting these past few weeks whether it has been good or bad!

I’m holding out hope for the original show. I’m holding out hope for The View!