Senator Ted Cruz – 2016 Presidential Run Announcement

Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz

After Hillary Clinton made her official announcement that she will be running for President in the 2016 Presidential election here in the United States I realized I had to do my homework. You can’t preach your passions unless you know what you are preaching for… and against.

I decided I had to watch every candidates announcement. I began with Senator Ted Cruz. He made two announcements. There was a 30 second video on Twitter and a speech at a university.

As a liberal it felt like I was getting my eyes clawed out. No, jokes aside it honestly felt like I was watching a televangelist. Was I at church, actually I kind of was. I was taken to Liberty University in my home state of Virginia where Ted Cruz was trying to court the religious fanatics.

He didn’t even try to appeal to the left or center. Even with his intonation he rubs me the wrong way. He make me feel like I’m listening to some conservative preacher man.

Don’t get my wrong, I don’t have anything against religion. I am a Christian myself, but I don’t like being preached to by a politician. Fine, you chose Liberty University to announce your presidential run at, but does that alone tells me you are alienating a huge portion of the American populace by choosing this location.

Out of all the Republican candidates for President Ted Cruz is one of the scary ones. He is a religious firestorm and conservative hell-razor.  Senator Cruz taunts us with his willingness to shut down the federal government if things aren’t going his way.

That’s exactly the behavior we need to get away from. I am so sick and tired of politicians in Washington thinking they can hijack our nation. It’s time for a President that can negotiate and play both sides of the aisle.

Sen. Cruz also posted a 30 second video on Twitter announcing his run for President that I find equally as offensive. His campaign isn’t focused on mending America. Finding a middle ground or anything of that nature. His run for Presidency is about uniting conservatives.

“It’s going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make America great again…”

I think Ted Cruz would be the worst President from a liberal perspective because he only has a one party mindset. He also would be horrible for the Republican party because he would cause further division in the country. Further fighting and polarization.

 Twitter Announcement: 

 Liberty University Announcement