Devin Shepherd goes crazy – CBS Big Brother 16

Straying from my typical desire to recap every thing about every episode of Big Brother Season 16 all at once, I feel like for the moment I just need to address one main topic that has been a thorn in my side for the past two episodes (Scroll to the bottom for an episode recap for the Sunday, July 8th episode. Big Brother 16 episode 6). Yes, I could have taken a break from my 4th of July festivities to recap the past two episodes, but why bother? I have way more to say about Devin Shepherd at this point in the game than I do about the actually game play so far.  For me, we are still in the easy and boring phase of Big Brother where there are just too many houseguests.

First though you need to know the basics of where we were at going into Sunday night’s episode of July 8th.

  • 1 houseguest has been eliminated – Joey
  • 4 nominees were put on the block to compete in the Battle for the Block – Nicole, Hayden, Brittany, and Paola.
  • 2 house guests won HOH – Amber and Devin
  • 1 new alliance was formed – The Nerds have grown into the Weirdos adding Hayden into the alliance. The new members consist of Nicole, Christine and Hayden.

If you missed it, Joey was voted out last Thursday with some contestants saying she showed some of the worst game play in Big Brother history.  While blue haired Joey has plenty of reason to feel a bit blue and I can kind of see where her critics are coming from, I just don’t fully agree.  Joey’s mind and heart were in the right place, unlike a lot of her houseguests.  Sadly for her, her execution  of this good plan wasn’t a strength of hers.

It’s not even her fault.  Once again we are seeing the same old boring situation play out in the Big Brother house and she tried to take it on head first.  She tried to create good television in my opinion. A season of something we don’t see often in Big Brother.  Women coming together to take on the game.

Why do we need another season where the men control the house, the “weaker” men and the women follow their orders mindlessly and no one stands up  to them because the entire house is supporting the male-driven tyranny within the house.  I applaud Joey’s efforts although not her methods, to give Big Brother viewers a different type of game this season.

Isn’t that the point of Big Brother 16, the season of all the twists? I thought the point was to give the game new life.  When I first learned of all the game twists that Big Brother creators were adding to the game I thought that they realized the game needed to stop being the same old thing over and over again. Year after year, we see male alliances parade around like hooligans.

HOH Competition last Thursday, July 3rd: Going into Sunday night’s episode that was one of the many reasons why I have been completely over on of the two HOHs of the week, by default, Devin Shepherd.  Can I just tell you, my heart stopped when Julie announced he would be claiming the throne of HOH after Cody was disqualified from the competition for slipping before he hit the buzzer. It’s not like it did much to the dynamic of the game.  Cody and Devin are in the same alliance. It’s assumed that they would have nominated the same players anyways.  The other HOH who was crowned last Thursday was Amber.

The issue for me is that Devin has let “the power” he holds in the house to go straight to his head when he wasn’t HOH.  Now that he is HOH he is turning into an embarrassment for himself and his daughter.

Bullying:  For someone who wants to set a good example for his daughter he needs to reconsider his bullying ways.  I don’t care if he eventually apologizes for whatever it is he does, his behavior isn’t even defendable.  Especially his behavior toward Joey, Donny and Brittany.  Three people who really aren’t threats to his game, but he has let his mind get the better of him and has taken bizarrely drastic actions to confront them. I definitely do define his behavior toward his fellow contestants, Brittany and Joey, to be bullying.

He stomped around the house just to yell at Brittany because the house was a mess.  She left one bottle of lotion in the kitchen, which was filthy from dirty dishes and personal belongings that were left there by all houseguests.  None-the-less he dislikes Brittany so searched for her so she could take the brunt of his bullying weighs. I think yelling at her for the entire house being messy is nothing more than bullying your target.

Devin thinks Brittany is apparently a threat because she questions his irrationality, which he views as questioning his character and integrity to boot.  None-the-less and in her defense, he is crazy and I would question him too.  Not to mention his stories just aren’t adding up any more. The dude is losing control of his game.

The most recent beef he has toward Brittany and why he has put her on the block for elimination is because of how she responded to his House Meeting. That’s right, crazy Devin called a house meeting without discussing the meeting or thought behind it with his alliance, yet again.  Devin! What are you doing? You are in an alliance. Stop making personal moves and start thinking strategically and with The Bomb Squad!

Devin’s House Meeting: Devin called a house meeting that was attended by everyone except for Donny.  Devin felt the irrational and emotional need to come clean with the entire house about why Donny was nominated for eviction during the first week of the game.  It wasn’t because Donny was a threat, it wasn’t because he fell out of the first HOH game before the others in the house like Caleb and Frankie had told everyone, it wasn’t for any of the reasons that the house had already thought.

Devin took full responsibility for the nomination of Donny during Caleb and Frankie’s HOH telling the house that Donny was put up for elimination because of Devin himself.  He was paranoid and thought Donny was a threat.  The fact that Donny is such a great guy, and he truly is a great guy, made Devin realize that he had crossed a line he didn’t like having crossed.  He felt it set a bad example for his daughter so he had to come clean to ease his conscience.

Sorry buddy, but if you can’t live with a lie then you are playing the wrong game.  By telling the house the truth you have labeled two of your strongest allies and alliance members in the house as liars.  You have contradicted them, thrown them under the bus, and pointed out that they can’t be trusted. Since Frankie and Caleb were the HOHs who nominated Donny, along with Paola, Brittany and Victoria, you have now put a target on their backs because their nominees were strategic and not circumstantial like they had claimed.

This is all that Brittany was pointing out after the house meeting.  She simply pointed out that her having been nominated for the block during week one wasn’t circumstantial like Frankie and Caleb claimed if the nominations were decided by Devin and the others after strategically basing the nominations on their fears for who was strongest in the house. Brittany pointing this out isn’t her questioning Devin’s integrity.  It’s her calling him out on the fact of being full of it.

What type of example are you setting for your daughter Devin?  You are telling her that stabbing those who trust you in the back is okay as long as it makes you feel better about yourself.  Newsflash, that’s not how life works or a lesson I would want to teach my children. Frankly, I wouldn’t go on Big Brother to try and teach my children any lessons.  I just wouldn’t let them watch the show if I felt my child was too young to understand the difference between real life and a game on television.

It’s like Frankie said, if Devin want’s to be successful in this game then he needs to stop telling the truth every ten seconds.  He is making it impossible for his alliance to continue playing with him.

Battle of the Block: My hope was that after the Battle for the Block, which pitted Nicole and Hayden who were nominated by Amber against Devin’s nominees of Brittany and Paola, that Brittany and Paola would have won and taken HOH away from Devin.  Sadly, thanks to Devin’s evil ways this did not happen.  In his all to open of ways, he told Nicole and Hayden that they weren’t the targets this week.  With Amber sitting behind him like a scared rescue dog, he explained his plans for controlling the house this week.

Devin’s plan was straight forward.  Hayden and Nicole would play hard, apparently because he told them to, so that they would win the Battle of the Block and he would convince Paola to throw the competition.  This would insure his target, Brittany, would continue the week on the block.  He was successful!

Nicole and Hayden won this question and answer game by default.  Their points were won in large part by Paola and Brittany making inaccurate answers.

Now it’s time for Brittany to step up.  We can see she won’t back down to Devin’s bullying and intimidation.  I’m so happy to see her taking a strong stance against him.  If she wins veto I think Devin will be in for some trouble.

Joey has already made some waves in the house calling out the guys for controlling it before her early dismissal from the game. If Brittany wins HOH I guarantee you she, along with Nicole, Donny and I’m pretty sure Frankie, Derrick and Cody, will be out to get him.  He is pissing people off, stirring the pot and enlarging the target on his back every day.

Devin’s Criminal Past: I could take my hatred of Devin to another level. Earlier this morning I saw an article describing Devin’s criminal past and run-ins with the law, but I have to say that none of it sounds worthy of reporting on.  No offense to the writer of that article of course.  I simply mean when writing about game play in the context of my blog there isn’t a point to it. If he had something more on his record or in his background beyond petty shoplifting or one DUI I would probably blast his out of the house faults, but I don’t see how they are relevant.

He is plenty crazy on his own inside of this house. I hope all of his fellow houseguests are braced for a week of Devin on a power trip because that is exactly what they are in for.

Recap of Sunday Night’s Episode (Sunday, July 8th, Big Brother Season 16 Recap)

  • Nicole and Hayden won the Battle of the Block
  • Amber was dethroned as HOH
  • Devin became the Head of Household
  • Brittany and Paola remain on the block