Did you miss last night’s Big Brother? Catch up with this quick recap! Episode 4

Donny after winning Miami Lice on Big Brother 16! Source: CBS.com
Donny after winning Miami Lice on Big Brother 16! Source: CBS.com

Big brother is a time commitment.  I don’t think anyone will argue that so I realize that not all Big Brother fans watch all three weekly episodes.  You are in luck because I try to never miss a beat, which isn’t easy when it comes to a game that takes place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What happened on Wednesday’s episode (July 2nd) was pretty surprising if you don’t watch the live feeds or read spoiler blogs.  The episode started with the house celebrating Brittany and Victoria’s triumphant win in the previous episodes Battle for the Block.  Yet, while they drink champagne and toast in the kitchen Paola and Donny were bonding in one of the bed rooms.

Donny, well Donny really is an interesting character.  Paola, the self-described selfish person can’t help but want what is best for Donny because he is such a good guy.  She sees what I see while watching the show.

That’s why I was a bit surprised to see Devin continue to spiral out of control throughout the episode swearing Donny is a threat to The Bomb Squad.  Devin swore beyond reason that Donny has a military background.  If he does he is one heck of an actor because he just gives off innocent groundskeeper to me.  Obviously Frankie agrees with me as well.  None-the-less I typically think sensitivity is a weakness in a game like  this, but for Donny I see it as a strength.  He may not be able to move Devin’s stone heart, but if he can connect with someone like Paola I think he will be able to use that strength throughout the entire season.

With that off my chest let’s dive into what you really missed last night. The first topic I have to discuss is the alliances in the house.  What is going on with this cast?  Are they all mental?

To recap, we have seen the formation of the following alliances:

The Crazy Eights: Formed during the airing of episode 1, the first 8 houseguests who entered the house vowed to ban together as the first alliance.  This alliance, if you can even call it that, has fallen apart for the creation of more strategically formed alliances.

The Double D’s: Devin and Donny agreed to form a secret partnership.  The idea was that no one would suspect them to be working together.  Frankly, that was a pretty good plan until Devin decided to no longer keep up with this alliance.  While Donny thinks they still have some what of a bond, you can tell even he is a little skeptical of Devin.  This was the second alliance to form and crumble within the first 4 episodes of the season.

El Quatro: This was the first attempt at an all girls alliance made before the second 8 house guests were introduced.  It consisted of Paola, Amber, Joey and Nicole.  In theory, this could have been a pretty solid alliance, but was again formed too early.  There wasn’t enough momentum or urgency to keep them banded together or strategizing together.  As soon as the remaining houseguests joined them in the Big Brother House  El Quatro seemed to fade out of the light.

The Nerdy Girls: Nicole and Christine have formed a bond. I don’t know that you can even call it an alliance, but it’s clear that they have each other’s backs. They will be helping each other from beginning to end, even if this isn’t the only alliance they are both in.

These two are growing on me.  I didn’t have much to say about them besides the fact that they appear to be floaters, but I am starting to change my thought process.  Christine is smart. She is positioned well in the house. She has the protection of The Bomb Squad for the time being and has a very close friend in Nicole.  Two things I believe are necessary to be successful.

We got to watch these two as they stumbled around in the dark one night.  Jumping and screaming, it became evident that Nicole’s fear of ghosts has rubbed off on Christine.  Doesn’t make much sense, but it was cute.  Don’t worry girls, you aren’t in a haunted house. You are just locked in a sound stage.

The All Girls Alliance: Joey wanted to reawaken the feeble El Quatro Alliance and expand it to include all of the other girls.  With most of the girls in the bathroom, excluding Nicole and Christine, Joey tried her hardest to rally her troops.  Unfortunately for her no one seemed interested and Nicole and Christine ultimately seemed annoyed they weren’t included in the original discussion.  Joey  accidentally alienated herself even though she had a great idea.

To her misfortune Amber ran straight to Caleb to let him know of Joey’s plans.  Amber is part of The Bomb Squad now after Devin invited her in last week.

While I think it would have been better for Amber’s game to advocate for the All Girls Alliance so that she could be the stealthy watchful eye for The Bomb Squad I think it was too early to even try to form this alliance.  There were too many factors playing against Joey’s idea.  It’s sad because I think an All Girls Alliance is extremely necessary for the show.

The Bomb Squad: I’m still not fully clear who is an active member of The Bomb Squad and if it will even last beyond the first couple of weeks.  At most it seems like a group for Devin and Caleb to use to pad their incredibly large egos.

This alliance is made up of Devin, Caleb, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Amber and Christine. This alliance is basically half of the house. It can only last but so long before they have to start turning on each other. Regardless, they have the power right now and they are out for blood. They don’t seem to have much reason behind their targets besides a need for drama and excitement.  I bet they just get bored in the house.  Why else would they see Donny as a threat?  Bored paranoia is my simple guess.

The Veto Competition:

The competitors: 

  • Three Bomb Squad members: Caleb, Cody, and Zach
  • Victoria
  • Paola
  • Donny

The Game: Miami Lice

Objective: Players had to jump into the gigantic tub of soapy water, dive under a brush, search for letters on the back of fake lice and spell the longest word possible.

The Results:  A lot of embarrassment. From the beginning of the competition everyone seemed to be in shock of how slow Donny was moving, but he had a plan.  Move slow and you wont fall.  Move slow and you will not lose your train of thought.  Move slow and you will win the race.  Slow and steady like a turtle was his method and it paid out in the end.

Paola was aiming for Calculator, but came up short in the end.  She just couldn’t locate all of the letters she wanted.  Caleb couldn’t find enough letters either.  No one really sent it home so Donny cleaned up in the end.

With his win he was able to remove himself from the block meaning we have our first back door opportunity in the Big Brother House of season 16!  Caleb, as HOH, had the option of nominating someone safe again or nominating a threat.

I immediately was hoping that he was going to nominate Devin for his stupidity, but that was a no go.  Instead, Caleb had to stroke his ego and pad his masculinity and nominate Joey. It was pretty pathetic actually.  He couldn’t just nominate her for trying to form an alliance of all girls, but he had to belittle her for her idea of an all girls alliance.

He kept asking things along the lines of, “how could she be so stupid?”  He couldn’t figure out why she would even think about forming an alliance against him. Well, I don’t know that the idea was stupid, I think the execution was.  Regardless, she is on the block and it isn’t looking good for her.

Joey’s hair may not be the only thing that is blue for her this week… her mood may be a bit blue soon too.

Zankie Watch

There was, yet again, no hint at the budding relationship between Frankie and Zach on last night’s episode.  I guess I get it.  The potential showmance has nothing to do with the veto competition so why bother with it right now.  For all the show knows, there isn’t anything beyond cuddling going on between Zach and Frankie so waiting a bit to make a think out of is probably smart.

My hope is that Julie brings it up in tonight’s live episode. Here is to hoping!