What did you think of Julie Chen’s look during episode 2 of CBS’ Big Brother 16?

julieI’m a bit behind schedule and I need to catch up. Since CBS’ Big Brother is on three nights a week I have no time to waste.  Let’s get to it then. What did you think of Julie Chen’s look in episode two, part two of the season premier of season 16 of Big Brother on CBS? As a recap, she wore a flowing greek looking dress that radiated like the sun.  This episode she didn’t stray far on the color wheel, but I have to admit she nailed it again from head to toe.

First, pink is my favorite color and she already gets points for the hot pink color choice.  I also like the asymmetrical cut at the top. Very modern and fresh. The hair is sharp, polished, but still young and flirty.  If my vote counts for anything I think she hit it with a win yet again. Julie Chen is now 2 wins out of 2 episodes!

What do you think?