CBS Big Brother 16 Season Premier Part 2: 8 New House Guests and the Twists!

Photo by CBS Big Brother
Photo by CBS Big Brother

I have to start with the twist this season. Big Brother has completely reinvented the game.  Out with the old and in with the new.  If these contestants came in thinking they had a game plan on how to strategically win this game they are going to have to spend any resting time scrambling to figure out how to combat the new rules.

First off, there are going to be two Heads of Household each week.  Each HOH will select two people to go up on the block for eviction.  That means a total of four people will be at risk of going home each week.  The four on the block will then compete in a new game called the Battle of the Block. That means those who the first HOH, Frankie, nominates will have to battle who the second HOH, Caleb, nominates.  The winning set of two will be safe from eviction and can step down off the block.  Their win will then take away the title of HOH from whoever nominated them.

Say what?  The house guests must be freaking out, but as a viewer I couldn’t be more excited.  The show was getting to a point where the smarter players were coming in knowing exactly how to manipulate the other players, win games and basically how to steamroll through the show.  It was becoming a bit of a carbon copy year after year.  Yes they tried bringing back All Stars, which I loved, but the actual game play remained the same. Now we are in for a treat.

How will these changes affect game play?  How will it change the way alliances work? No one is safe unless you are everyone’s favorite. At least that’s how I see it right now.

In addition to a shocking announcement about HOH and the Block Julie Chen also announced the Team America surprise.  Team America will be a secret alliance chosen by the viewers.  The team will consist of three of the people in the house. The first is our blue haired Joey.  I guess she has won over America’s hearts very early in the game.  I would love to see Frankie on this team.  Mostly because I have wanted Frankie and Joey to team up. I think they will be fun to watch.

Lastly, last night’s second part season premier introduced us to the remaining eight contestants.  Here is what I think so far:


brittanymartinez_bioOkay, just stop it right there.  There is no way this gorgeous 29 year-old is the mother of three children.  As Cody said, “her body is bangin.” Well, he said something like that anyways and it is true.  That shows some dedication and drive. It takes a lot of effort to keep a tight body after childbirth, especially after birthing three children.  She must have some strength in her.

Brittany is also recently out of a ten year marriage.  That should add an interesting element. I’m guessing we are going to see a lot of homesick tears for her children and some emotional mood swings.  Just a guess, I’ve been through a divorce.  It’s only natural.

Other than that I didn’t get much from her.  I think, if anything else, we should watch her for signs of forming a showmance.


calebreynolds_bioMy first impression of Caleb was that I immediately thought he was going to be a close-minded, self-centered, douche-bag of a guy. I think I am only partially right.  He didn’t seem to close minded when Frankie jumped on his back for a piggyback ride.  Yet, he does seem really confident and cocky.  His personality is confusing for me because I love his, cut the bullshit, personality.  At the same time he comes off as a bit full of himself.  He is going to be fun to watch as he interacts more with the other cast mates.

As far as the game goes, well he is going to have a pretty large target on his back right out of the gate. He won HOH and did it in the most cocky of ways. As everyone else struggled to hold on to a rolling log he held on with one hand and made jokes scratching his ear and teasing the other players. I guess, if he is that strong and he has the brains to match he is in line for the money. Let’s just hope he has the brains to match and surprises me by being a consistently nice guy.

None-the-less I think we can count on his delivering on his promise to be a lion and roar.  I can’t wait to see him roar!


christinebrecht_bioMy barista from Arizona.  I’ve written a lot about baristas and coffee as of late.  You would think she would have caught my fancy right away. Well, as far as Big Brother goes she didn’t catch my attention.  She is quirky, cute and seemingly a good person.  Don’t we already have that with blue haired Joey?

She describes herself as being hilarious. That’s when you know your humor isn’t funny, but annoying. If you have to tell people you are hilarious you most likely aren’t. Sorry sweetie.

When it comes to game play I don’t see much hope for her either.  She seems like a sweet alternative chick who is in love with the game. I do appreciate that about her. I mean no ill will toward her personally when I say she just comes off as a weak contestant. I don’t see a lot of physical strength and not a lot up top.

I hate writing about these people so early in the game. I hope she proves me wrong!


derricklevasseur_bioThe cop from Rhode Island.  He stands a chance at playing a good game.  He has some strength, although guys like Caleb, Cody and Devin blow him out of the water.  He has training under his belt that can help him read the other competitors. That will definitely come in handy, especially since he lied about what he does for a living.

Other than that I don’t have much to say about this guy.  He isn’t one of my favorites, but I don’t dislike him. My guess is that he will be a floater. He isn’t a threat, but he isn’t weak. Good luck Derrick!


haydenvoss_bioThe surfer who currently lives in Long Beach, California.  He immediately showed us he is friendly and can play a decent social game. I don’t think he is even trying. He just has that goofy personality.  Work with what you got kid.

He also proved to us early on that he can really bring it in the physical competitions having given Caleb a run for his money in last night’s HOH competition. I’m not that interested in Hayden as a cast member, but I have a feeling he will be around for a while.  He should play it careful though because he has already put a target on his back with the other strong physical competitors in the house.


jocastaodom_bioDon’t get me started on this woman.  Her personality makes me want to vomit.  First, what was that reference to sleeping with random men and women about? Did I miss something or miss hear something? And I get it, she is a motivational speaker and minister. What she really is, is annoying.  She just wants attention. It’s obvious from the way she talks to the flashy pointless bow ties she wears. I kind of count her as the pointless cast member. Get her out early and stop wasting our time. I’m also sick of her fake smile. It was episode one and I was ready to scream. She just rubbed me the wrong way.

I also saw no game in her. Yes she is a fan of the show, but who cares. She didn’t seem to work fast to find alliances or friends.  She doesn’t seem to have much physical strength. She is a wash in my eyes, but we will see. Maybe she will prove me wrong.


This girl is pretty funny, mostly because I don’t think she means to be.  She is attractive in an exotic kind of way.  She seems a little lost in the house, but obviously does want to win.  She attempted to form an HOH alliance with Frankie, but that failed when she was the first to fall out of the HOH game. I didn’t get much from her, besides that she is pretty social.  I think we have another social player on our hands. If not a social player then a pretty floater. The guys will probably keep her around for a while.


zachrance_bioHis picture should tell you all you need to know about this guy.  I first thought Cody was going to come off as a douche, but he actually came off as a pretty nice guy.  I think thought Caleb would come off as the douche, and while he did in his way, he still came off as a nice guy.  Zach on the other hand gave me the impression he was going to be a douche and then he came off as a douche.  Very self-centered and egotistical. I guess he knows what he has to offer since he describes himself as a con artist to be funny.  He could make it a decent distance in this game if he can at least get the guys banded together, otherwise with all the new twists in the game I see him going home early due to his personality.