15 MORE computers seized from home of Laurence Einuis & The facts we know.

images (4)If you are sitting in prison accused of wrong doing let me give you some advice.  Don’t open your mouth and say anything that can incriminate you further to anyone except your lawyer. It’s the only time you know you are speaking in 100% privacy. I thought this was known by everyone.  When in prison you can’t trust the other inmates, the guards, what you write is subject to review and your phone calls are subject to monitoring.

Why in the world did Mr. Einuis open his mouth this week?  What am I talking about? Apparently, while on the phone with his wife, he asked her if the police had seized computers tucked away in his garage.  They had not.  Unfortunately for him the call was being monitored by a guard and now police have seized the computers in the garage.  15 computers to be exact. I am sure they are very thankful for Mr. Einuis tipping them off.  I hope he is kicking himself!

When Mr. Einuis was arrested on June 5th for soliciting a minor, a 14-year-old boy who was a student at the school where Mr. Einuis taught band and marching band classes a lot of us were in shock.  It was the school I attended. He was the band director I had my senior year of high school.  I have repeatedly stated that I didn’t want to believe the accusations against him.  Even when a second alleged victim stepped forward a part of me wanted to continue to defend him.

Now I have to open my eyes to reality.  Why would Laurence Einuis ask his wife about these specific computers unless he had something to hide? What scares me more is what the police may find on these computers.

Mr. Einuis was arrested for inappropriate text messages that involved soliciting a minor. My question is if these computers hide other communications with students or if they hide more.  My mind is running wild.  I have a million what ifs.  What if he tricked other students into sending him inappropriate photos over the internet by posing as a younger guy? It’s possible! Or what if he just has 100 emails exchanged with former students all soliciting them for sex?  Or what if they have nothing and he just was worried about the cost of losing 15 computers?

You want to ask why he owns 15 computers, but if I remember correctly he worked in the technology field before following his passion of teaching teenagers how to make beautiful music. I still have to defend his owning the computers.

What about everything else? Living on the other side of the country in Los Angeles now I know I am not receiving all information.  I am fortunate enough to have plenty of old friends and family in the area keeping me updated, but the story still seems extremely strange. What I know so far:

  • Mr. Einuis was arrested after he sent a string on late night text messages to a student. The student was 14 years old and his father found the text messages. The father turned the phone over to the authorities who continued the conversation with Mr. Einuis as if they were the 14-year-old student.  This is CONFIRMED.
  • Mr. Einuis followed up on those text messages by giving a note to the student trying to tempt him further into inappropriate behavior. This is CONFIRMED.
  • Mr. Einuis then texted the students phone number a few days after the first conversation with the undercover officer that was posing as the young teenager. The text said he wanted to kiss, touch and other things. This is CONFIRMED.
  • Mr. Einuis was arrested 4 days after the father of the 14-year-old boy notified police. This is CONFIRMED.
  • A second alleged victim stepped forward. The police and media, as far as I know, have not released any details about this victim. As an outsider of the investigation we don’t know how old the alleged victim is besides the fact that he is under the age of 18.  We also DO NOT know what the victim is accusing Mr. Einuis of having done. This is PENDING.
  • Police seized a number of items including a couple of computers from Mr. Einuis’ house the first full week of June. This is CONFIRMED.
  • Mr. Einuis asked his wife about computers in his garage that the police didn’t know about while speaking to her on a phone while in prison. A guard heard and 15 additional computers have been seized. This is CONFIRMED.
  • We do not know what is on the computers. This is PENDING.

downloadThis case is strange. A mystery. Especially if you know Laurence Einuis.  He isn’t the type of man you would expect to be caught up in a story like this.  The farther it goes on the more confusing it gets as a person following the story closely.

I mentioned in a pervious blog that I feel like this is a personal case.  A former colleague of Mr. Einuis’ has since made me feel a bit better by explaining why I have every right to take it personally.  Now, I am just frustrated.  Mr. Einuis, you seem more and more guilty every day.  You are acting like an idiot and not thinking anything through.

What I want moving forward:

  • More facts and details. This case affects hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Former colleagues and students of Mr. Einuis’, their families, his family and many others.  I think we are all asking, “what the heck?”
  • I also want him to not ask his wife stupid questions. Think about it. Her husband has been accused of inappropriate behavior with a minor and the story keeps growing.  I think it’s amazing that she even is still supporting or talking to him.  She is a strong woman.  I was pleased to learn that she has some good friends with her right now.  I feel for her.  I don’t pray often, but she is in my prayers.
  • I want any victims, if these accusations are found to be true, to get all the help and support they need.
  • I really want this all to be a dream, but I’ve come to the realization that they aren’t going to rule this a misunderstanding and just release Mr. Einuis. Nope, he is going to court. Especially if he keeps making himself look more and more guilty.
  • Lastly, I want Mr. Einuis to be held accountable to the full extent of the law if found guilty.  I’m just getting angry now, as a former student who did look up to this man even if we butted heads from time to time.

Let it end!

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