FINE! If honest, I could never stop watching SYTYCD

6a00d8341c2c4f53ef01348560c70a970cFINE! I can’t hate So You Think You Can Dance.  It’s a great show, with a great vibe and typically great judgement.  I said it before and I’ll say it again.  There are a few very specific reasons I watch this show.

  1. I obviously am a big fan of Mary Murphy and Cat Deeley.  How could you not be?  So often on reality shows you can get the feeling that the judges and host are being fake. They are just there for the paycheck.  That is certainly not the case when it comes to So You Think You Can Dance.  You can tell that they love their jobs. It’s visible how much those involved with the show want to see talented young artist succeed.  How could I not appreciate that?
  2. The show isn’t about humiliating contestants, it’s about celebrating them. With other reality shows like American Idol I often feel disgusted, particularly early in a season, by how the show will highlight horrible performers.  That isn’t really the case when it comes to So You Think You Can Dance.  While they do show unique artists from time to time, they celebrate each persons passion over their lack of talent.  I appreciate that they take a celebratory approach to judging and when it comes to editing the show.  More television programs should follow this method.
  3. Up until recently the show has seemed to focus on being a positive influence and using dance as a way to encourage healthy living, artistic expression and the uniqueness of individuals.
  4. The passion that you see from all contestants at all levels is infectious. I can be sitting on my couch fuming after a long days work and still laugh or smile when I turn this show on.images (1)
  5. It’s a show that truly celebrates the good in the world and diversity.  Diversity by way of dance forms and diversity by pushing the envelope in other areas like when two men performed a beautiful duet last year.

It’s all these great things that upset me about Justin Bieber’s participation in the show.  Not only does he seem enthused by the show and his role on it, but he frankly seems high.  There was a reason why it was reported that he was going to take a year off of working.  He needs to get his act together.  I wish, in true SYTYCD fashion, the show wouldn’t have hired him in support of this performer getting his life in line and being a positive contributing part of society.

When I turn this show on I don’t want to see his glazed and baggy eyes telling me what I should and shouldn’t be voting for.  I want to see someone with passion for dance who can make me excited about dance crews.  I want to see someone who is inspiring and a good role model for our youth. Dance is a healthy expression. It can keep children off drugs, off the streets and out of trouble. So I still have to ask why. Why choose someone to be on the show that represents all things bad?

I can’t stop watching the show. There is too much good in it for me to allow one bad move on the shows part to force me to stop watching it.  I just hope the show creators, directors, whoever is in charge realize that Bieber is not a good person to be associating with. I’d say it’s time to cut him loose.