Disappointed in SYTYCD. Mug shots can be the new ad campaign!

The new face on SYTYCD
The new face on SYTYCD

justin-bieber-court justin-bieber-goes-to-jailI had hoped it was just the season premier, but after the episode that aired last night I am officially over So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD).  It’s sad to say it because I love this show.  From Mary Murphy’s upbeat spirit and infectious laugh to the passion I can physically feel radiating from the television as a dancer takes the stage, this is a show that has always made me happy.  They support dancers of all ages even allowing kids to get the experience of dancing on stage even if they aren’t old enough to audition.  I feel like they’ve set a good tone and have been good role models in the dancing and television worlds.

That is, until they chose Justin Bieber to appear on their show.  With countless youth watching this show how could SYTYCD put Justin in front of the camera. What lesson are they trying to teach here?  If you break the law countless times we will reward you!

Well that isn’t how I like to operate.  I appreciate seeing Justin in a sober state not surrounded by police or smiling like a goof in a mug shot, but was there really no other dancer or performer on earth that could have introduced the dance crews? I feel like this is an entirely new side of SYTYCD.  They no longer care about being family friendly, setting a respectable and good example for its viewers or upholding a certain level of dignity.

After 11 seasons I refuse to continue watching.  I’m disgusted with their decision and think the show should be ashamed.  If you want your show to be the symbol of how not to behave and succeed you have achieved it, but I really hope show creators take a second look at their choice.  Every time a new article pops up about Justin breaking a new law the show is associating with that.  Every time he illegally uses drugs and the show continues to support him they are telling kids it is okay to follow his actions.

Wake up SYTYCD. Our kids don’t need to be sheltered, but they also don’t need a family friendly show being a bad influence.