Say it ain’t so Mr. Einuis!

Caught_Red_Handed_by_naybabeSay it ain’t so Mr. Einuis!  I was hoping as the investigation continued and details about this case were released we would learn that this entire ordeal has been a misunderstanding.  A large part of me still holds onto this hope.

Last week when I heard Mr. Einuis was arrested on charges stemming from allegations made by a 14-year-old boy claiming Mr. Einuis was soliciting him inappropriately my heart was broken.

Having known Mr. Einuis I have to say I would never have expected such a situation.  He taught me in band, marching band and color guard my senior year of high school so I spent a lot of time around the man.  These acts seem extremely out of character for the man I once knew.  I simply didn’t want to believe it until I felt there was so much evidence I wouldn’t have a choice.

What has been in the media for the past few days has been very vague.  They’ve not released a lot of information about what evidence was found and resulted in this arrest. With that in mind, I continued to believe, innocent until proven guilty. Mr. Einuis, guilty or not, has the same basic civil rights that we all do.  He should get a fair investigation and fair trial.

Today, the media has started to release a bit more information.  As evidence is starting to slip out into the public domain I have to say my standing behind Mr. Einuis is starting to slip away.  I wanted to stand behind him and say that he is innocent and I haven’t heard anything to convince me otherwise.  Now I am starting to shake on that stance.

After a recent NBC Washington article I have to admit, it isn’t looking good for Mr. Einuis and his defense.  The article shed some light on the days leading up to Mr. Einuis’ arrest.  He wasn’t just arrested because some allegations were made.  He was arrested because it sounds like they caught him red handed.

According to NBC 4 Washington:

A Fairfax County Police detective later took over the teen’s online persona and was contacted by Einuis, court documents state.

During their conversations, the undercover officer says the suspect “spoke about liking” the teen and wanting to “make out and touch.”

At one point, the teen’s parents said the suspect approached the teen with handwritten note that read, “SHRED WHEN READ,” the affidavit states.


If this is true then my heart has turned from being just broken to also being angry and disappointed.  No child should be put in the position that this 14-year-old boy is in.  While Mr. Einuis still deserves a fair trial and to be seen as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

What a sad day. I hope this kid gets the help and attention he deserves.  I hope, if found guilty, Mr. Einuis gets the penalty he deserves.  Also if found guilty, I hope Mr. Einuis’ wife gets all the love and support she needs.  We have to remember that this situation is affecting and touching many people.  Not just the one or two names we are seeing in the press.

Lastly, if this isn’t true and Mr. Einuis is an innocent man I hope the West Springfield High School community can come together to support him as he reenters his life after this ordeal.

Only time will tell us what the truth is and time goes by slowly.