Dog training apps… not impressed… yet!

Same old thing on newer technology.  That’s how I sum up my initial feelings about the Dog Training App by Matthew Melville, which is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The app is free, or at least you have access to about 10 free videos to help begin your training including videos on the following topics:

  1. Sit: This follows the same basic principles I found in the Animal Planet Training Your Dog Book.  It tends to be the easiest thing to teach your dog. I taught Eddy, my newest dog, to sit without the app or book, but this app and the book do the same good job at walking you through the steps.
  2. Down: The method for training your dog to lay down also seems the same between this free app and the Animal Planet Training Your Dog Book.  Neither of them seems to work very easily.  I first used the book about 5 years ago on my first pug, Evian.  She is perfectly trained so I would venture to say the training tips are useful.  With that said, I find the video on the app for Down to be useless.

    While the method seems to make sense and the man in the video does a great job and showing us the principal behind the lesson it isn’t shown to us in a practical setting. The trainer is showing us how to teach a perfectly trained dog how to lay down.  What would be useful is if the trainer had an out of control puppy and showed us how he trained that dog from beginning to end on how to lay down.  If my dog listened as easily as the dog in the video I wouldn’t have had to download this app in the first place.  After all, it doesn’t seem much different from the book I had already purchased.

    None-the-less I am really glad the trainer was successful on training his perfectly trained dog on how to lay down (can you pick up on my sarcasm?).

    Maybe my dog is just an idiot, but he can’t seem to get this lesson down.  I’ve tried for days.  Everyone keeps telling me to be patient, but he just bounces up and licks at my hand for the hidden treat. He is not a fool! He knows the treat is there. Why lay down? He just won’t do it.

  3. Stay: well I’d talk about stay, but obviously I am focused on teaching Eddy how to lay down first.  He can lay down. I know it’s possible. He lies on my lap every time I sit down on the couch.  Why not when we are training?
  4. Wait: I also haven’t watched this video on the app yet. Why bother?  Eddy is already pretty good at waiting. Waiting to listen to me that is. He is setting a world record on that one.
  5. Come: Haven’t seen any of this one or the below…
  6. Leave Part 1
  7. Leave Part 2
  8. Heel
  9. Door Manners
  10. Road Rules

Do I just keep beating my brains out with this dog? I’ll keep trying this app and the book to get the best results.  Any suggestions on other tools, resources or techniques you think I should check out would be greatly appreciated!

The description of the app says:

Every dog owner would have to agree that having a well-trained dog would be at the top of their wish list.

This is true! I have to agree. This would be the top of my wish list. I just wish I felt more confident in this app. None-the-less I think I will be purchasing one of the additional packages to keep giving this training thing a fighting chance and this app a fair trial.

The second one is for anyone who has a dog that has some behavioural problems. This document that explains how your behaviour around your dog sends very clear messages to your dog. Once you are sending out the right signals, you will begin to win your dog’s mind, and the unwanted behaviours will disappear before your eyes! There are 7 very simple steps to earn the R.E.S.P.E.C.T of your best friend, and it’s only $0.99!