An open letter to Christian Homophobe Christine Weick

o-ANTI-GAY-facebookDear Christine Weick,

Earlier today I read an article about your Mother’s Day protest on the Huffington Post. I’m referring to the protest where you stood on a street corner holding a sign that stated, “thank your mom today for not being gay.” When I read it my first thought was to feel sorry for you.  That is also my last thought.  Obviously you are missing a few very important things.

First: Mother’s Day is about celebrating mother’s for all the good they do in this world. That includes you if you are a mother.  While I don’t agree with your beliefs I would never send a letter to your children saying “thank your mom for being ignorant.”

No mother is perfect, but for this one day we focus on the perfect sides of our mothers and all mothers. Even if we disagree with one thing like homosexuality.  Mothers sacrifice every day for their children whether they are gay or straight and whether their children are gay or straight.  Sexuality is one small aspect of a person. I thought someone who is educated in the bible would know just how big life and the world is.

I also have to ask, did you have something better to do with your Mother’s Day that might have been a bit more Christian? Why weren’t you spending your Sunday with your children? If you don’t have children why weren’t you spending your day with another woman who has helped shape your life? If there is no other woman in your life why weren’t you at church or elsewhere volunteering your time to help give mother’s who have less advantages in life than we do celebrate mother’s day? That’s what I would have done.

Two: That leads me into my second point.  You claim to be Christian, but you seem to have a completely misguided and cherry-picked view of what God thinks and what the bible teaches. You are quoted in this Huffington Post article as having made the following statements in regards to your anti-gay protests and stance against same-sex marriage:

Truth is hate to those that hate the truth, and this is the truth.

There’s a hell for people who don’t repent…same-sex marriage is the core degradation of our society.

James-2.13-mercy-over-judgement-300x300Really? Same sex marriage is the core degradation of our society?  Do you realize that the bible actually says “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it” (James 2 Verse 10). No sin is greater than another. All sins are equal.  Do you really think that same-sex marriage is the worst part of American society and the thing that is degrading our society the most?  You think same-sex couples getting married is worse than murdering a person or better yet, the ultimate sin of damnation and rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ? I’m pretty sure the last one is probably a bit more serious being that god makes the final decision on who gets into heaven and allows us to repent.  If you reject Christ you aren’t likely to repent so that would seem worse than homosexuality.  Although no sin is greater than another, so even my statement is inaccurate.

Another fair point I’d love for you to address is why you think you have the right to judge others and claim to know exactly how God feels on specific topics.  Remember in the bible it also states that you should “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” (Matthew 7 Verse 1).  I realize you have already been judged and will continue to be. Obviously Jessica Prince passed judgement on your disgusting behavior.

Thankfully I am not a church goer so I am confident that I am not a hypocrite by judging you.  With that said, you are a hypocrite. You can’t pick and choose what parts of the bible to follow. You really shouldn’t be judging and you definitely shouldn’t be deciding what sin is greater than another. If you truly read and support the teachings in the bible you would know, based on the two quotes from the bible above, that you in fact have some repenting to do yourself now.

Three: To use a cliché for a lack of a better way to state my point, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  Maybe looking at the venues in which you try to share the gospel and teachings of the bible could help you reach more people with the word of God while not pissing the world off. You’re bound to convert more people to Christianity and to convince more people to repent if you approach them in a respectful way.  We can all disagree, but we should be respectful and your recent Mother’s Day protest was not respectful.

It’s embarrassing for you and for all of Christianity when you march out on street corners acting like a Christian tyrant.  God didn’t come down to you and ask you decide what sin is the core degradation of society.  You may have your opinion, but to state it as a fact. Well, only God can do that. Only God can condemn a person and God… My God loves all he has created.

I beg you to reread the bible and educate yourself so you don’t keep making a fool of yourself.