I need outfit help! Gays to the rescue!

I love the stripped shirt and jacket look. Not the shorts.
I love the stripped shirt and jacket look. Not the shorts.

What is beach chic attire for a nice event.  Say you had to go to a wedding, fundraiser or other gala style event on the beach and the attire simply stated beach chic.  Where do you go from there?

Typically I would wear my grey three-piece suit to a wedding or fundraiser, but now I have a wrench thrown in my easy to prepare my outfit for these events plan.  I have to wear something appropriate to be standing in the sand.  I have to be beach chic.

My first thought was to go the way of the flirtatious gay sailor looking outfit.  Maybe some perfectly fitted white pants, a blue and white stripped top of some sort and something to dress it up enough for a semi-formal affair.

That just seems too obvious though.  With that thought jumping into my mind I started thinking about linen suits, but those wrinkle so much I would be screwed in it. I will be at this even for almost the entire day. At least from 3 pm to 12 am. Linen isn’t the best choice.

What am I left with? As I weed through my closet of black and grey clothing I realize I have to at least move to the other section of my closet.  Unfortunately that side is just filled with bold, bright and flamboyant colors that just don’t seem beach like to me.

If you were me and you had to get an affordable beach chick outfit, what would you do? Preferably something I can copy using clothes I may find at the H&M at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles.

Pictures below, tweeted are appreciated. Suggestions as well!