One way technology has changed for the worst

see eeverythingThe unfortunate part about getting older is the fact that I can remember the times before technology.  Technology has definitely made life easier as its continued to progress, but it has also taken away some of my favorite aspects of things like the internet.

Young kids today don’t remember the days of dial-up internet and AOL having the monopoly on the market as far as providers go.  LiveJournal and chat rooms are pretty much a thing of the past thanks to more public sites like Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress.  This is great in many ways.  I love these sites, but it is awful if you were one of the people who enjoyed the privacy from time to time given back in the earlier days of the internet.

popular-social-networking-sites-privacyYou see, before everyone and everyone’s parents got on social media I use to love having a place to turn to where no one I knew would read what I had to write.  They would hear my issues I felt I couldn’t share with family and friends and give me an outsiders perspective. Yet, I didn’t have to just write in a journal for no one to read.  I could write anonymously about everything on my mind and get feedback.  I had a place to vent.  I had a place to turn to.

online-privacyToday, most of us realize there is no such thing as privacy when it comes to the internet.  Your Facebook account is flooded with family, your twitter account is followed by everyone you know and your blog is publicized by sites like Google.  This is great 90% of the time when you want to be heard by the masses, but what about when you need to breathe. What about when you need to share your feelings but don’t want your family reading what is going on?

imagesTechnology is supposed to open us up to the world at the stroke of a few computer keys… but then why do I feel trapped by it today?  I have nowhere to turn when I want to speak my mind and get feedback from those of you who read regularly even though I haven’t met you.  Your unbiased opinions are helpful to me and I do appreciate them.  I just wish I could solicit them still. employers-privacy