What type of sick person would glue razor blades all over playground equipment?  What is going through a person’s head when they make the decision to do this? This is exactly what happened in East Moline, Illinois according to CNN. Sadly, before the razor blades were found a 2-year-old sustained minor injuries.

The father was luckily able to treat the injuries himself and then notified the police of the issue.  Obviously the police did the right thing by responding the scene and removing all the razor blades from the park.

Yet, I’m still left with a sick feeling in my stomach.  The police officer mentions in the interview that it could have just been kids playing a prank.  Well, I sure as heck hope it wasn’t a prank. What on earth would give a kids the idea that putting young children in danger would be funny? What are we teaching our children today?

If it wasn’t a group of kids playing a practical joke then it was someone who purposefully glued the razor blades onto the playground equipment with the sole intent of hurting children.

So which is worse? The idea that a group of kids could have found this funny or that there could be some sick person out there that may do this again?

I’ll tell you this much, anytime I am at a playground with my nephews or nieces I’ll be checking the equipment before letting them play on it.