The Girl Broke My Heart

While sitting at home after a long tiring day at work I found myself being a bit moody.  As I typically do when I am in a mood, I turned to music to process my thoughts.  Also in my true typical fashion I found myself multitasking and perusing various news websites like

Looking over the headlines on CNN my eyes came to a standstill on one random headline that read, “Teen tickets police officer“. Okay, I figured I’d take the bait and click the link.  Immediately I was directed to a video.  After a brief advertisement the news clip I intended to watch began.

The video starts pretty much as you expect it to.  The cop parked in a fire zone that said no parking.  A fourteen year-old girl found the police officer to have parked his patrol car illegally among other violations like not pulling into parking spots headfirst as required in the lot.

She wrote a paper ticket on loose-leaf paper charging the officer $10 which he was instructed to pay to the management office, notice that she didn’t ask for the $10. It’s obvious this girl was taught to do the right thing. First she tickets a cop for breaking the rules in her apartment complex parking lot, then she charges his find for the management company since they own the lot and she doesn’t.

The cop, being a true hero as our service men are, decided he would pay the ticket with a catch.  Instead of paying the management company that owns the lot $10 he got the girl a $40 gift card to Toys “R” Us.

Of course, after watching the video I thought that the cop was sweet and it was a nice story.  Nothing much to take home from it, but it is a decent human interest piece. Yet, like the video had a catch when the officer gave the girl a $40 gift card to Toys “R” Us my emotions about this simple video also came with a catch.

I felt a bit of heartbreak for the girl.  You see, if you haven’t watched the video then you are missing one small statement that is made after she received the gift card. The girl has never been to Toys “R” Us and couldn’t have been more excited.

We often take for granted the good lives we lead.  Getting caught up in our own personal stresses, angers and daily annoyances we forget that there are kids who haven’t even been to Toys “R” Us.  Makes me rethink complaining about not having anything to wear.  You see, I’ve been to Toys “R” Us.  I’m fortunate enough to have been to pretty much all stores I have ever wanted to go to.

This little girl made me realize that I need to be the best person I should be.  I need to follow the rules.  What rules, well I don’t know, but I’m sure I break some from time to time.  She also made me appreciative because I do have a good life even when I feel like I am in a funky mood.