I love(d) my FitBit until I needed help

nike_fuelband_vs_jawbone_up_vs_fitbit_flexHave you joined the FitBit revolution?  Honestly, I think it’s worth joining.  I’ve used both FitBit and the Nike Fuelband.  While they both track much of the same information I have found that FitBit just is a better device with a better dashboard and until today have had no complaints for the past 6 months.

What is FitBit?  It’s a product that monitors the steps you take in a day, calories you burn, your sleep habits and much more.  You can also manually track your food intake, water intake and compete with friends.

The competition with friends and family is one of my favorite aspects of FitBit and why I wear mine everyday. It works exactly how it is supposed to for me.  The social aspect really motivates me to walk a little farther and push a little harder each day.  If not for anything else, to not have my best friend in Virginia “taunt” me.

Over the past few weeks I’ve really been hitting the best numbers.  My average weekly steps was balancing between 90,000 steps and 100,000 steps.  That is until yesterday.

I wear the FitBit Flex.  It’s a wristband tracker that goes everywhere with me.  Yesterday the battery died and when I went to charge it I was unable to. This started a week ago when I tried to charge it. I had to hold the battery into the charger until the Flex was charged, but this week that wouldn’t work.  To make matters worse for me, the tracker started deleting steps.

I rushed to the help section of their website for help and found out that FitBit has already concluded that my charging issue could be caused by one of the following issues:

  • Dirty charging contacts.
  • Faulty charging sources (e.g. USB port or plug).
  • A defective Fitbit charging cable or base station.
  • The Fitbit tracker is not accepting a charge

I figured, well at least this is something that has happened to others and I can try the fixes they included in this article (you can find the help article I am referring to here). Following their instructions I cleaned the Flex and the cable, I tried different USB ports on my computer and wall USB ports and I even restarted the tracker like was suggested.  Nothing was fixed and more steps were deleted.

By midday yesterday I had hit about 12,000 steps.  When I got home later in the evening I was able to get just enough charge into my Flex to sync my daily steps that it was able to track before dying, but then the unimaginable happened… my FitBit Dashboard showed only 7,000 some steps meaning it had taken steps away from me!

I gave up and tried to contact FitBit support.  No phone number is available so I completed their online form and created a case.  First I just noted the charging issue. An hour later I updated the issue with the fact that I am loosing steps.

From there I went to bed.

This morning I woke up to find that my FitBit dashboard showed me as only having covered around 2,000 steps yesterday.  I immediately updated my case again.

Now 2:00 pm PST the next day I sit here with still no response.  What happened to allowing customers to call for help?  At the very least have a faster response time to your online help forms.

I love FitBit and how it has positively changed my health and life, but so far I am very unimpressed with their customer service.

When my Nike Fuelband broke I had a new one within 24 hours since they discovered it was a faulty product.  They responded immediately and had a customer service number to call.

I may like the FitBit better for its dashboard and broader tracking abilities, but customer service needs to step up their game if they want customers like myself to keep cheering them on, recruiting new users and using their product daily.