Seriously? I crashed my Jeep before pulling out of the driveway…

When I turned on my computer this morning and pulled up NBC News my eyes were immediately pulled to an article titled “Is Today Really the Most Depressing Day of the Year?” I will confidently answer this question without even reading the article.  My answer?  Well, I do in fact find this day to be pretty depressing, although it may be a bit aggressive to call it the MOST depressing day of the year.

When I woke up this morning I was dragging.  After a long vacation it was time to get back to reality. Sadly, my head was about two days behind me on this one.

All was going fine this morning until I got in my Jeep Grand Cherokee.  I take a lot of pride in my Jeep. In fact, just last week I took it into the shop and got all sorts of routine maintenance done (for about $400) just to make sure it was happy and healthy. I’ve always found that if you treat your car well it will treat you well in return so that’s what I’ve always done.  Until today that is.

Once I was in my Jeep I pulled my hot pink sunglasses down to shade my eyes and buckled my seat belt just as I always do.  I then turned the car on, put it in reverse and the car started moving.  I freaked out because I thought my foot was on the brake but it wasn’t so I quickly went to hit the brake as the car started to slowly roll backwards.  What came as an even bigger surprise to me was when the car raced in reverse because I accidentally jammed my foot on the gas instead of the brake.  The Jeep was at a bit of an angle so I naturally didn’t go straight down the driveway when this occurred.

As the car shot back I first found myself panicking. Never a good thing in times like this one.  Sadly, my brain was just not functioning at its fullest at this point in the  morning. I quickly looked forward and backward and realized my foot was on the gas and not the break in the matter of about 10 seconds, which was about 5 seconds too late.  By the time I got my foot on the brake pedal the damage was done.

I pulled forward a little and straightened out my Jeep before putting it securely in park and running to the back of it to see what damage my Jeep and the tree had sustained.  The tree was fine of course and luckily I just saw a small dent on the back bumper.  Nothing I couldn’t live with, although I was pretty upset.

It wasn’t until I got to work that I noticed the other damage to my car.  I guess I should have been just as worried about the front of it as I was the back because the tree planter that brushed the front of my Jeep managed to pull the bumper off on the left side.  Luckily not completely torn off, but enough to call for taking it into the shop as soon as possible.

Standing in the parking lot as I arrived at work the reality sunk in. My Jeep was most definitely not okay.  Even though I wanted to cry for most of the day I am glad this Jeep wasn’t my Jeep:

Jeep Grand Cherokee accident causes major fire






Or this one:








And I’m certainly glad I didn’t drive into the house with my Jeep like this guy did: