Happy Birthday @Kramer10!!!!

photo (8)In the large scheme of things I haven’t known him long.  Less than a year I would say or maybe exactly a year.  Regardless, it’s a year I wouldn’t ever take back.  There are people who venture into your life and you realize one day that they are special.  Not just another social acquaintance that will come and go, but a person that will weasel their way into your heart.

That’s what I got when I met Kramer, Michael Kramer to be exact.  (As well as our partners in crime @Oskrnyc and @astinajerov).

And now it’s his birthday and he is sitting in NYC working away while I am hundreds of miles away in Los Angeles. If I believed in sins I would say it’s a sin that we are all not together to toast him on his birthday. A day when we celebrate someone we respect, adore and love.

Happy birthday to one of my dear friends. I wish I was there to celebrate and even more so wish you would finally realize that you and all the other boys should move to Los Angeles.

With that all said, I decided I would have drink for you, in honor of you and to toast you.  Here is the pictures to prove it. Happy Birthday My Love and friend!

PS: I really am not a stalker or trying to turn your birthday to be about me… (Typical I know haha)

photo (10) photo (9)