Smudging your home – Cast out negative energy

smudgeWhile innocently walking through my office Thursday afternoon my colleague stopped me to say,

You know Bobby, you sure are having some bad luck in your apartment. Maybe you should cleanse the place. Get rid of negative energy, spirits, etc. Just get some sage and sage your apartment as well as yourself and your boyfriend.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles I would have thought this person crazy.  In all my years growing up in the south and then living in New York City for six years I had never heard of “cleansing” your home with sage. After moving to Los Angeles though I have already taken part in the cleansing of a friends condo.

I didn’t really understand what we were doing at first beyond her saying she was blessing her new home.  She walked around the entire two bedroom condo with burning sage in her hand chanting as she waved it around making sure the smoke spread throughout the entire place while those of us with her followed her around.

I figured that this friend who was cleansing and blessing her new home was typically an eccentric person, so I didn’t question it.  It wasn’t until my colleague suggested I cleanse my apartment that I took the time to research what the meaning behind this was.

That’s when I learned that the act of cleansing/blessing your home with sage is called smudging.  Smudging is the burning of herbs, in this case white sage to remove negative energy indoors and outdoors to purify spaces and objects.  It’s an ancient Native American practice.

The second I heard it was a Native American practice I was sold.  I am Native American after all.  That’s right, this pasty faced white boy is a true blue registered Choctaw, but obviously my Irish shows the most.

I’ve always loved Native American spirituality over modern organized religion so I’ve decided after researching what it means to smudge your home I have decided, along with my boyfriend, to smudge our home.

Now that we know what smudging is how do you do it?

First you have to buy a bundle of white sage. You can actually buy smudge sage that is bundled specifically for this practice and can be found at stores like:

  • The Farmers Market at the Grove in Los Angeles
  • Whole Foods
  • Most organic grocery stores
  • Any store that features incents

Once you have purchased your sage you just head on home from there.  Once home enter your house and leave the door open. From there you light the end of the bundle of sage and wave it slowly around in the air until it begins to give off wafts of smoke.

Walk around your home as if your were following a clock moving to your left first.  As you move around your home say a prayer or chant casting out negative energy.  There are many different suggestions out there as to what you should be saying but a simple chant like:

I banish all negative energies from this house with the energy of love and light.

will suffice.

Once you return to your front door you can move outside to smudge your entry way.  Once you are done find a sage place like an outdoor fireplace, a fireproof pot or something along those lines to place the smoldering sage to let it smoke itself out.

This will rid your home of negative energies that can really be affecting your home.  It’s my hope that this helps save me from any more drama for the time being.  I could use a month without an iPhone breaking or falling in the toilet or an elderly family member falling in my living room or friends fighting at one of our parties.  I think everyone could use some positive energy in their lives and homes and this is one thing you can try to cast out negativity.

If only someone in New York had told me about this trick because I feel like my home there was filled with negativity for years.  Thank you California friends and colleagues for this idea!