It’s Saved! An iPhone Survival Story.

iPhone_Water_Damage__Ireland_dublinAs my eyes opened this morning I realized that my boyfriend, Blair, and I had fallen asleep watching movies the night before.  There I laid on the couch in the living room with the sun pouring in the window to greet me.  Finally I had gotten to sleep in and catch up on some much needed rest.

Typically I would have enjoyed the peacefulness of the sun shinning in on me, but it was time.  48 hours had passed since I had dropped my iPhone in the toilet, dried it off and dropped it in a Tupperware container full of rice in hopes of drying it out and saving it.  It is the second iPhone in two weeks that I had potentially broken, so my anxiety was high and my optimism low.

Slowly I swung my legs over the edge of the couch allowing myself to sit up.  As my eyes darted around the room I caught sight of the Tupperware full of rice which hid my phone within it’s depths.

As if in a trance, my feet carried me to the container which I grabbed and took into the kitchen.  Without hesitation I took the lid off the container and pulled the iPhone out from it’s hiding place.  My index finger hit the power button and for a second nothing happened. I inhaled deeply as fear spread throughout my body. There is no way I could afford to replace this phone for a second time if it doesn’t work and the rice trick failed.

Not giving up hope I hit the power button a second time.  Then I saw the screen light up with the symbol of a battery and a thin red line at the bottom of the battery.  Okay, all hope wasn’t lost! The battery was just dead.

I grabbed my charger and plugged the phone in to charge.  Realizing I had yet to sanitize the phone since dropping it in the toilet I placed the phone on a paper towel and walked away for thirty minutes to let it charge.  I had to pull from my strength to remain patient for 30 more minutes. After waiting 48 hours to see if I had saved my iPhone, what was another 30 minutes?

After an episode of Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network, one of my many television guilty pleasures, I ventured back into the kitchen.  Slowly I approached the phone and hit the home button.  Then it happened! The phone came to life flashing missed calls, missed voice messages and missed text and iMessages. The phone was working!

All I had to do to save my iPhone that was completely submerged in water was quickly dry it off, turn the power off, put it in a container or uncooked rice for 48 hours and all was resolved. If this ever happens to you just follow those three simple steps. I promise you stand a good chance of saving your phone!

Now hours later it is still working so maybe my luck is changing? I’m not to sure yet and refuse to feel safe. There is some negative energy up in this apartment to cause me to break my phone twice in a week, not to mention I broke a plate and other negative things like that.  Maybe a cleansing is in store.

I’ve never heard of cleansing the negative energy from an apartment or home until I moved to Los Angeles, but two different people in my life have suggested I look into it.  Stay tuned. Maybe I’ll give it a try and get in touch with my west coast hippy traditions.