I Have The Worst Luck!

iphone4-white-cracked-glassOne week ago today I had an accident with my iPhone as detailed in my previous blog.  To summarize what happened last week for those of you who didn’t read my last posting (shame on you by the way) my iPhone screen shattered after I dropped it on my bathroom floor. After an hour of panic and steaming emotions my colleague came up with a resolution to my dilemma.  She happened to have an extra iPhone 4s for Sprint which is the exact phone I broke and the telephone carrier I have a contract with.

All was resolved!  I paid my colleague $50, activated the new phone and for good measure cleaned out the data from my old phone.  After it was cleaned out I had my colleagues destroy the old phone completely to make sure no one could get access to any material that may have remained on it.

You would think my situation with the iPhone would be resolved and in the past at this point.  It’s been exactly a week after all and I already have a replacement for just $50, which is a far cry from the $200+ resolution that Sprint offered me.  Yet everything isn’t great a week later.

images (1)Don’t get me wrong, obviously it was great, but then what is coming to be known as my Thursday morning curse struck again. One week from the exact day that I broke my previous iPhone I did the unthinkable. Good luck was not at my doorstep this morning.

This morning my boyfriend Blair left for work early.  When he does this I tend to enjoy turning on some music in the bathroom while I get ready. I’ve never been much of a morning person so the music helps me wake up and get me in a good mood.  It’s as if the music washes away the exhaustion I feel in the mornings, particularly since I gave coffee up in the past week and have to fight the lack of caffeine in the morning as well.

As I always do when my boyfriend leaves me to my own devices in the morning I walked into the bathroom with my iPhone in hand.  I plugged it into the charger and placed it on the windowsill.  From there I reached for my toothbrush when I unexpectedly felt a tug against my left arm.

This is not a photo of my phone in the toilet but one I found using Google… Just to clarify

Although the following sequence of events lasted no more than a few seconds it felt like an eternity.  My eyes darted to my left arm where I saw I had caught the iPhone charging cord and pulled it.  The iPhone itself was left teetering on the edge of the windowsill.  Before I could act it fell to the tank of the toilet.  It then bounced off the porcelain tank and cartwheeled down into the toilet bowl.

Gasping as if I had just witnessed a murder, I drove my hand into the toilet to retrieve the phone.  Not a single thought passed through my head as to whether the toilet water was clean or not and that is saying something since I can be a bit of a germaphobe.

dr-cell-phone-frisco-txWith both my hand and my new iPhone dripping with toilet water I ran to the kitchen fighting back tears.  I grabbed a paper towel as if my life depended on it and rapidly soaked up all the excess water.  Then I got the largest bowl I could find and poured some rice in the base of it.  From there I dropped the phone on top of the rice and then filled the rest of the bowl with more rice.  The phone was completely covered with it.

Having some experience with dropping electronics in water I knew the only hope I have in saving this phone is leaving it in a thing of rice and hoping that it soaks up all the liquid inside the phone before it is truly ruined.

Knowing that I had to leave the apartment in 3 minutes or else I would be late to the office I decided to move the phone and rice to a container of Tupperware so that I could take the phone with me to the office. Why? I have no clue, because everything online says to save an iPhone that was submerged in water you must leave it in a sealed container of rice for 36 to 48 hours. I guess I thought having it near by might make me feel better.

ID-100104309Only time will tell if the iPhone will survive, but the real question is how can one person have bad luck like this so repetitively?  I feel like pulling a Jennifer Love Hewitt from I Know What You Did Last Summer and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer moment and walking out into the middle of the woods so I can throw my arms out screaming things like:

Why me?!

What did I ever do?!

If you want me come and get me!!!!!!!!

Fingers-crossed that the phone still works when I remove it from the rice in 48 hours and that my bad luck disappears and is replaced by some good luck.  I think it’s my turn to have things turn up roses.

If you’ve ever owned a smartphone then you know just how upsetting it is to lose it.  You feel naked and as if something important is missing.  You almost feel trapped, especially when you don’t have a land line like me.

It would be great if I could catch a break on this one… I guess for the next 48 hours I just have to keep telling myself to try and stay calm, although that seems a bit overrated.