Mister Coffee

All my emotions and thoughts are tied into one thing leaving me at a loss of what to write about today.  So I am left with nothing else to do but write about one of the best friends I have had since college.  Who?  Well Mr. Coffee of course.

Yes, I am talking about the drink and no I am not crazy.  Let me tell you a thing or two about my dear friend Mr. Coffee.  Coffee has been there for me since I was reintroduced to a steaming hot cup in 2004 (I say reintroduced because I tried some here or there in my youth and hated it).  That’s right, like many people, I didn’t like coffee when I was young.  Then I went off to college and all of a sudden I embraced all things bitter in life.  Seriously though…. mmmmmmmm yea, Coffee.

That first cup came to me the night before an exam.  I needed support from somewhere to encourage me to pull an all night study session even though I was beat.  Someone, I don’t remember who now, placed a cup of coffee in my right hand.  I was desperate, so even though I hated coffee I placed the rim of that cup to my lips and let the first sip drip into my mouth.  It was like heaven on earth.  It was like a warm hug for my tongue as the bitter, and yet sweet, liquid splashed inside my mouth.  Then it seeped down my throat like a whisper of encouragement saying, “you’ll make is sweetie, just keep studying.”

Let’s cut the crap, Mr. Coffee is one of the best friends you could ever have.  He is supportive to the core!  Have no doubt, ff you’re having troubles sleeping Mr. Coffee will be there for you first thing in the morning to perk you up.  If you have to stay up later than your body will allow, you can count on your dear friend Mr. Coffee to stay up with you.  If you are cold and need something hot to warm up your insides once again your friend Coffee is there.  If you are hot and need something refreshing you know Mr. Coffee will step up to the plate and jump into some ice just to cool you right down.

I have to ask, Mr. Coffee, why are you so good to us?

Now, don’t take your friend coffee for granted.  It’s a relationship of give and take of course.  You can’t just walk out of bed and have a cup in hand (depending on the machine you use to make it of course).  No, you have to set up your french press or coffee maker, but it’s worth it.  All true friendships are about give and take… right?  Make sure you give in this relationship and make the effort because when you get back from your friend Coffee life is just so good.

As that black liquidy goodness pours down the back of your throat you know you are in for a treat.  From the flavor to the after effects of spending some time with Coffee… You know his support will stick around throughout the day and if need be he can pay a second or third supportive visit.  Any day you wake up thinking you will not make it through the day and every time you start to crash down your dear friend Coffee can be there.  Coffee really is like a superhero.  (Don’t judge, someone had to say it).

So to summarize, when you need help or support to get through the day listen to what we all learned as children.  Turn to your friends for support.  And in this case turn to your good friend Mr. Coffee.

Disclaimer – please don’t take me seriously. I am delusionally tired at the moment.

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