Test your HIV/AIDS Knowledge – World AIDS Day 2012

This Saturday, December 1st, is World AIDS Day 2012.  World AIDS Day is a day with many purposes.  For me it’s about three major things:

  1. HIV Prevention
  2. Fighting stigma associated with HIV/AIDS
  3. Remembrance

Today I want to focus on prevention.  Part of prevention is education and knowledge.  So I ask you, how HIV aware are you?  Do you know how most new infections are contracted?  Do you know who is most at risk for HIV?  Do you know whether or not babies born to HIV+ mothers are more likely to be born with or without HIV today?

To test your knowledge on HIV/AIDS and to learn a few vital facts about HIV/AIDS today I urge you to take a quiz about HIV awareness at http://www.hivawarequiz.org.uk/ and then let us know how you did.

Having a clear understanding of HIV/AIDS is a vital part of preventing new infections.  Take the quiz and I guarantee you will learn at least one new thing.  Then share the quiz with your friends and family to help spread HIV/AIDS education and awareness.