Finally at 75%, time to gym

When the alarm sang out this morning my eyes popped open and I looked around a bit dazed.  The snooze button was hit, per the usual morning ritual, and I rolled over to cuddle with my man.  Five minutes later the alarm sang out again.  If you don’t have an iPhone I don’t have to tell you that an iPhone alarm does not wake you up like beautiful humming birds in the morning, but instead more like a rooster crowing annoyingly feet from your ears.  None-the-less I popped out of bed after the second alarm.

After days of waking up sick I finally felt as if I was 75% back to normal. From Sunday through last night I had been weighed down by really bad chest and head congestion coughing up mucus and sneezing up a storm.  I really gave my little pug a run for her money in the snorting and snoring contest this week, but now I am starting to turnaround.

Feeling a little more on top of my game and realizing that I was moving into a much more positive space physically and emotionally I realized today was my day.  Rain or shine its time to stop making excuses and get to a normal exercise routine.  I’ve been obsessing over this for the past few months, but I’ve always had priorities that kept me from the gym.  Priorities like finding a new apartment, making time to view apartment, packing up my old apartment, moving, work, being sick and needing rest, fitting in a social life or whatever else had been in front of me.  Now, with the move and being sick out of the way, I really have not excuse to not start attacking the workout routine I have set for myself.

I wrote yesterday all about my move and how it’s the starting line to the next phase of my life.  I’ve not had 5 days of rest and now it’s time to start functioning again.  I’m excited.  The horizon has a lot laid out in front of me.  I don’t feel like I have to brace for anything that’s coming my way, instead I feel like I can embrace everything headed towards me.  I want my world to be nothing but dancing, moving and being happy.  I’m so sick of the drama that encompassed me up until I moved. I’m changing and now I feel it’s time to not just change my physical location or the people around me, but the way I live my life.  I’ve repeatedly noted things I want to start doing in my life to direct me toward a more positive atmosphere. They include:

Phase 1: write more (which clearly I have begun doing)

Phase 2: Exercise more

Phase 3: Socialize more with real friends

Phase 4: Family

All of these phase have been made possible by the support of my friends and family.  I know Robbie (follow him on twitter @RobbieGVT) sends me text messages daily to encourage me to run, as does my mother and my friend Luis (@Oskrnyc on twitter). My man encourages me to write at home.  My family reaches out to me to let me know they are there and support me through this phase of my life as I break free from my past and find my future and many friends are by me taking me out to have fun. I’m changing. Little by little.