Drifting along some more, but pushing forward

Today my mind is focused. It’s focused on getting stuff done. I’m still trucking along with little sleep. My eyes still have yet to shut and stay shut for longer than an hour to maybe three hours per night.

None-the-less it isn’t weighing me down today. Admittedly it’s now 10 minutes until 2 and I’m just now waiting at the subway station to begin the tasks I had set out to work on all weekend. Although, I guess tackling all my tasks I had set for the weekend in one afternoon during the last remaining hours of the weekend is better than not accomplishing them at all. I’ll tell myself that at least…

I was supposed to start packing up the apartment on the Upper West Side Saturday, but all weekend I couldn’t seem to pull myself to head over there. I just didn’t want to deal with it. Partially because I spent the first 1/2 of Saturday hungover working off the LGBT networking happy hour I went to Friday night. From there starting at 3:30 Saturday I was occupied conquering the hair of the dog and grabbing cocktails, food and fun with some of the girls and then some of my guys. Also, partially I hadn’t motivated myself because the thought of physically moving feels like a nightmare to me!

I’m beyond excited to be moving apartments and officially charging into this new chapter of my life, but the thought if packing and carrying all my possessions is daunting.

Luckily my mind is running today and it’s focused on accomplishing goals. Today is packing up what I can and carrying as much of my things as possible to queens this afternoon. The way I see it, the more I move in advance of the move, the less overwhelming the big moving day will be when I have to move all my furniture and kitchen supplies.

After I complete this round of moving preparations I will return to Queens and finally get outside and run.

I’m starting to think that this November 10th marathon is not going to happen. I won’t decide until October, but regardless I want to get back in shape.

I wrote recently about my mental struggle with my weight. The only time I mentally struggle with my weight is when I am not working out regularly, but if I am working out three to five days a week then I don’t care how much I eat. It doesn’t cross my mind. So it is important for me to get into some sort of exercise routine. When I get that figured out I won’t worry about my weight and how much food I take in on any given day.

So today I am setting out with a slightly more aggressive attitude. I hope I can carry it through the entire next week and charge through this move. One step at a time.