Rehoboth Beach 2012

I almost never post pictures on this blog.  Instead I tend to write about my thoughts and post songs that go along with my thoughts.  After a fabulous weekend prancing around Rehoboth I couldn’t help but post all these pictures.  Sure they have been blasted on Instagram and in turn posted on Twitter and Facebook, but this way they can be permanently linked for me.

Rehoboth Beach was the perfect experience for me.  It was a town of diversity, which was much to my surprise.  Everyone was genuinely friendly regardless of age difference, sexual orientation, race and/or gender.  There was something to do for everyone from laying out on Poodle Beach for the gays to taking kids to the arcades and mini-theme park for families.  Bars were plentiful and restaurants were scattered about everywhere.  I had a blast letting loose and escaping the city for a couple days.

Without a doubt I will be going back.


A song appropriate for pictures at the beach in Rehoboth (although I wasn’t with my baby like the song sings, but instead was traveling with friends). Under the Boardwalk by The Drifters.